The Fake Heiress and Her Five Villainous Brothers

Chapter 89

Considering the terrible relationship between him and his father, Yuan Chan had no desire to respond to his own father.

But today was a special day, so Yuan Chan stopped in his tracks: "Father, I'm going to get married."

Yuan Jianghai asked, "When will the ceremony be held?"

"In an hour."

"To whom?"

"Haven't you already investigated her?"

Yuan Jianghai sneered coldly, "Ah...that female assassin...she's a bit too wild and untamable, not suitable to be the new lady of the Yuan family. The ladies from prestigious families that I recommended to you are far more gentle and refined. You could choose a good woman from among them."

Conversations with his father always tortured his nerves. Yuan Chan regretted acknowledging his father. He should have ignored him as usual and headed straight for his beloved girl to enjoy their sweet time together.

Yuan Chan said resolutely, "In the whole world, only she can be my wife."

Yuan Jianghai said, "You have my blood running through your veins. Do you have the ability to love?"

This statement enraged Yuan Chan. Some unspeakable dark events from the past surfaced in his mind, and his expression darkened. "I'm not like you!"

Inside the room, the atmosphere dropped to freezing point. As outsiders, The Su Couple felt bewildered witnessing the confrontation between Yuan Chan and his father.

"Knock, knock!"

Yuan Jianghai tapped on the armrest, and a group of bodyguards in black surrounded Yuan Chan.

Yuan Jianghai commanded in a lowered voice, "You are not allowed to get married."

Scanning the people around with cold eyes, not a single one capable of fighting, Yuan Chan said, "Or what?"

"Or else, don't come back."

"Ha, suits me just fine. She's quite good at making money. She has a lot of properties under her name. She said after we get married, she'll provide for me and even give me money to support my weapons research."

Yuan Chan exclaimed, "She really knows how to make me lose my mind. At first sight, I was captivated. The more I see her, the more my heart flutters. I don't know why this feeling of love at first sight happens so many times when I lay eyes on her."

Pushing the bodyguards aside, Yuan Chan strode forward. As he neared the door, he stopped again and turned to gaze at his fuming father, saying, "You better not introduce any more women to me. She said if I ever divorced her, she would kill me."

"You know, she's skilled in her profession, honest and true to her word. Once she's after someone, they can't escape or hide."

"You wouldn't want your only son to die like that, would you?"

After saying this, Yuan Chan hurried away, unable to wait any longer. Based on his survival experience from the dating period, if he was late for the wedding ceremony, that sweet girl might stab him several times. So he had to hurry.

After his son left, Yuan Jianghai's anger was evident. He looked at a male servant and said calmly, "You can pour me some tea."

The male servant's face turned pale. He carried a silver tea tray over to Yuan Jianghai, picked up the glass teapot, and began pouring.

Yuan Jianghai said, "I told you to report all of his whereabouts to me. Why am I only learning now that he's going to marry that filthy woman?"

The male servant's breathing became rapid due to fear, and his hands trembled uncontrollably, spilling tea out of the cup.

A pale, withered large hand covered the male servant's hand, instantly steadying his motion.

Yuan Jianghai took the teapot, precisely controlling the water flow, stopping when the cup was seven-tenths full. He placed the teapot back on the silver tray, his movements elegant and gentle, without making a sound.

Meanwhile, the male servant was sweating profusely out of fear.

Yuan Jianghai said, "You can go now."

The male servant's voice trembled, "Lord Yuan, I..."

His gaze suddenly revealing a murderous intent, Yuan Jianghai said, "Don't make me repeat what I've already said."

Other male servants came forward and pulled him away. He pleaded with his eyes.

Over the years, he had been extremely loyal to the Yuan family, dedicating everything to them. He could die for Lord Yuan, but Yuan Jianghai never gave waste a second chance.

After dealing with the issue, Yuan Jianghai looked somewhat dejected. In this world, his son was his only concern, yet their father-son relationship had deteriorated to this state.

Turning to the tense Su Couple, Yuan Jianghai asked, "Do you have any children?"

Su Jiejian said, "We have two daughters. The older one is 13 years old, and the younger is 2 years old."

Reminiscing, Yuan Jianghai sighed, "Having daughters is good. They're especially obedient and caring towards those around them. I used to have a daughter too, but she passed away a long time ago."

"If she were alive, she would have grown up to be an obedient and well-behaved woman."

"The most genuine love in this world must be familial love. Whenever I think of her now, my heart aches..."

Yuan Jianghai pressed a button on his wheelchair, and the mechanical whirring sound began as the small wheels started turning. He moved towards The Su Couple, carefully observing them.

"You two make a good match, both talented and attractive. You must be very affectionate with each other in daily life."

Su Jiejian smiled shyly, "We also argue quite often."

"Your two daughters must be outstanding as well."

"The elder daughter always ranks first in her exams. The younger one is too young to tell, but she seems to have a bit of a temper."

"She'll surely be outstanding. It's in the bloodline. With good parents, the children won't turn out bad."

Yuan Jianghai's expression suddenly became gloomy. "This time, I thought he was deliberately trying to anger me again, but it turns out he's serious. It's a good thing it's not a man. A woman can still bear children, I hope she doesn't contaminate too much."

The Su Couple showed perplexed expressions.

Yuan Jianghai continued, "Marital love being as strong as gold is a good thing, but it's also a curse. If one dies earlier, the other will suffer pain until death."

He grabbed the wrists of The Su Couple with his bony, large hands. The icy cold touch made Su Jiejian shudder, and he pulled hard, causing the couple's hands to overlap.

Yuan Jianghai smiled and said, "I wish for you to leave this world at the same time, so you don't have to experience the pain of separation by death."

At that moment, The Su Couple still didn't know what this meant.

Five years later, they fell from a high-rise building together, holding each other's hands tightly, smashing into pieces and dying instantly.

After receiving investment from the Yuan family and becoming overnight billionaires, the Su Family lost everything they owned in one night...

Time flies, the stars revolve.

Inside Star Galaxy Middle School, there was no one left.

The security guard pressed a button, and the school gate slowly closed. At 7 AM tomorrow, it would open again to welcome students into the campus.

Yuan Luoyi sat in her family's car, gazing at the fleeting scenery outside, her heart unable to calm down for a long time.

Tomorrow morning, the news of Ms. Su's disappearance will spread throughout Star Galaxy Middle School, but no one will be able to find her, as one cannot survive the cruel and gory sounds.

Now, a new possibility has emerged – that the Yuan family has been wiped out by the Yuan family itself...

Yuan Luoyi had only met her grandfather Yuan Jianghai a few times. He was in poor health, always taking medication, and had a strained relationship with Yuan Father. To take care of his illness, he later moved to a villa by the sea.

However, he was very kind to Yuan Luoyi. Whenever he saw her, he would give her toys and cakes.

When Yuan Luoyi was five years old, Yuan Jianghai was already very frail and had to carry a respirator to move around. His pale, large hands embraced Yuan Luoyi and held her in his bony arms. He smiled, warm and approachable.

"They are fortunate, for you are the most perfect child in the world."

"You were born to be loved."

"So I shall bless you with endless, sincere love for the rest of your life."