The Fake Heiress and Her Five Villainous Brothers

Chapter 19

Yuan Luoyi always thought that Su Xun was a peculiar little girl.

She appeared elegant and ladylike, but in reality, she was hypocritical and hot-tempered.

Since the first day of school, Su Xun frequently engaged in conversation with Yuan Luoyi.

At times, she would proudly display herself like a peacock, boasting about how cute she was, how many people liked her, and how she would become a superstar in the future, implying that Yuan Luoyi could never surpass her.

Other times, she would behave like an irritable cat, grabbing hold of Yuan Luoyi and pressuring her to become friends.

Without hesitation, Yuan Luoyi rejected Su Xun's advances, leading to all the girls in Class A forming a small group and cutting off communication with Yuan Luoyi.

Now, Yuan Luoyi has transferred to Class D, thinking that Su Xun would be quieter. However, she discovers that Su Xun still loves to talk to her.

In the corridor, Su Xun continues to kick the trash can, while Yuan Luoyi quietly walks away.

It's eight o'clock, and with the help of Yu Hua, they finally completed all their assignments. Although their handwriting was a bit messy, it should be sufficient to pass inspection.

Yu Hua says, "I'll take the bus home. Goodbye!"

Yuan Luoyi says, "Alright, see you tomorrow."

The two part ways at the entrance of the private school. After a while, a sedan stops in front of Yuan Luoyi. It's her older brother coming to pick her up.

Sitting in the car, Yuan Luoyi says, "Big brother, can I participate in the campus variety show at Star Galaxy Middle School?"

Yuan Ao is surprised because his sister has always been a quiet child who doesn't enjoy participating in activities. During family gatherings, she would sit in a corner silently eating.

Yuan Ao asks, "Do you want to become a star like Yuan Si in the future?"

Yuan Luoyi shakes her head and says, "No, it's for other reasons that I want to participate in the variety show."

"Can't you tell me?"

"I can't."

Her participation in the variety show is to gain influence, level up quickly, and unravel the mystery of the Yuan family's downfall. However, under the power of the system, she can't reveal all of this to Yuan Ao.

Lowering her gaze, Yuan Ao falls into deep thought. After a moment, he chuckles and says, "Alright, you can go ahead and participate."

Yuan Luoyi asks, "Will Dad agree?"

"If you explain the situation to him, he will agree."

"But I've already dropped to Class D now. If I participate in the variety show, it will affect my studies, and it will embarrass the Yuan family."

"Don't worry, Father doesn't care about grades. He has always despised the rote-learning education system. Otherwise, with his power, he could easily force you to continue studying in Class A."

"Oh... I see..."

"He is strict with you because the Yuan family has always been at a high position, and the higher you are, the colder it gets. When he was a child, he paid a great price for this. That's why he hopes you can become strong."

As if offering comfort, Yuan Ao rubs Yuan Luoyi's head gently and says, "Also, you have always been the pride of the Yuan family, my cherished little sister."

"You have extraordinary talent, and if you want to shine like the stars, nothing can stop you."

"I don't know why you suddenly want to participate in the variety show, but I know that your small hands can firmly grasp your goals."

Upon hearing her older brother's words, Yuan Luoyi's mood brightens significantly. It feels good to be believed in by someone.

Involuntarily, she grabbed Yuan Ao's hand, and it felt all bones, a bit cold.

And she made up her mind to pull Big Brother out of the fate of death with these little hands!

Just like a venomous snake overcoming its instinct to kill, choosing to protect a hamster, the hamster also overcame its instinct to escape and chose to protect these gentle venomous snakes.

The next morning, Yuan Luoyi saw a crowd of people at the school gate, with many journalists stopping students for interviews.

Yuan Luoyi opened the door and got out of the car, countless flashes were blinding, and the reporters swarmed around.

"Wow, can we interview you, classmate?"

"Are you a contestant in this campus variety show because you're so beautiful?"

"Do you have confidence in winning the championship?"

The driver, Xiao Feng, quickly got out of the car. At this moment, he turned into a bodyguard and took off his coat to shield Yuan Luoyi. "My young lady is going to school and doesn't accept any interviews. Clear the way!"

Xiao Feng's muscular physique didn't come in vain, and the reporters were intimidated. They knew that Yuan Luoyi had an extraordinary identity and could only reluctantly disperse.

Previously, the system maximized Yuan Luoyi's charm value at once, and now Yuan Luoyi finally felt its power.

Walking past numerous reporters, Yuan Luoyi entered the campus, feeling that there were noticeably more students staring at her.

They stared at Yuan Luoyi, their expressions hazy. Often, after more than ten seconds, they realized that their behavior was impolite, and they hurriedly averted their gaze and ran away.

On one hand, they were involuntarily attracted by Yuan Luoyi, and on the other hand, their survival instinct screamed.

Stop staring! Otherwise, Yuan Luoyi will unleash a massacre!

Yuan Luoyi was used to this. At Star Galaxy Middle School, everyone either feared her or provoked her.

During break time, students in Class A were playing and laughing, while Yuan Luoyi sat alone in her seat.

The more noisy they became, the lonelier she felt.

But now it's different. Yuan Luoyi left Class A and joined Class D, and became friends with Yu Hua. Her good days have just begun.

As usual, Yuan Luoyi didn't go to the classroom but turned into the "Delicious Snacks Canteen". She could skip classes, but she couldn't skip meals.

When Yuan Luoyi finished showing off a pineapple cupcake, the principal appeared.

He rushed over in a disheveled state, and because he was walking too fast, his glasses almost flew off his nose. "Yuan Luoyi! The opening ceremony is about to start! Why are you still here?"

Yuan Luoyi said, "I'm eating snacks. Can I not go to that ceremony?"

The principal grabbed Yuan Luoyi's wrist. "No, you must go. Hurry, it's almost too late!"

So Yuan Luoyi was forced to give up her delightful snack time and was stuffed into the school bus, rushing to the opening ceremony venue.

The students in the bus were extremely nervous when they saw Yuan Luoyi. They were from Class C, the ones most afraid of Yuan Luoyi.

They firmly believed that when Yuan Luoyi was in a bad mood, she would randomly choose a student from Class C as a punching bag for fun. And now, Yuan Luoyi obviously wasn't in a good mood since she hadn't eaten properly, which made them extremely nervous, as if facing a great enemy.

However, Yuan Luoyi exuded a strong charisma, causing a fierce internal struggle within the students of Class C. One moment, they found Yuan Luoyi amiable and approachable, and the next moment, they found him eerie and terrifying.

"Bang! Bang! Bang!"

Several boys vigorously slapped their own heads, attempting to prevent their minds from splitting.

Finally, the school bus arrived at the venue, and the students scattered as if escaping for their lives. Only one girl with a ponytail hesitated for a moment and waved goodbye to Yuan Luoyi.

Yuan Luoyi also waved back at her, and the girl seemed hesitant, as if wanting to say something. However, the other girls from Class C called out to her, and she had no choice but to leave.

The principal escorted Yuan Luoyi to the waiting room for participants and hastily departed.

Yuan Luoyi looked towards the hall, which was packed with people. In the front row, there were high-end cameras set up, accompanied by reporters and photographers. In the middle and back rows were students who came to witness the ceremony, arranging their own chairs in an orderly manner.


Suddenly, the door of the room was pushed open, and Su Xun appeared at the doorway. "Yuan Luoyi, you finally arrived. I've been waiting for you."

She walked in, took out a white hamster pendant from her pocket, and said, "Is this yours? I found it in the corridor of the private school yesterday."

Only then did Yuan Luoyi realize that she had lost something and stepped forward to retrieve it.

Intentionally, Su Xun took a step back, creating some distance, and spun the pendant around her index finger, smiling as she said, "I'll give it to you, but you have to answer a question for me first. Yesterday, at the private school, you actually saw it, right?"

Yuan Luoyi replied, "You mean your vomiting, throwing away the gift, and kicking the trash can? Yes, I did see it."