The Fake Heiress and Her Five Villainous Brothers

Chapter 18

Unfortunate events unfolded.

Due to the excessive unruliness of Class D, the grade team members will come to inspect the homework tomorrow.

Yuan Luoyi and Yu Hua discussed and decided to go to the private academy together to do their homework. This way, they could mutually reference and collaborate to complete their assignments.

When school was dismissed in the afternoon, Yuan Ao came to pick up Yuan Luoyi, but he didn't expect that she would bring a new friend along.

Yu Hua said, "Hello, I'm Yuan Luoyi's new classmate, Yu Hua. We're going to the private academy. Could we hitch a ride with you?"

Yuan Ao silently scrutinized the thin boy standing before him. It was good news that his sister had made a new friend, but as her older brother, he needed to confirm whether the boy posed any harm.

His sharp gaze felt like needles pricking against the skin, and Yu Hua couldn't help but tremble nervously.

Yuan Luoyi noticed and said, "Yu Hua is a good kid."

Yuan Ao's gaze shifted to Yuan Luoyi, his expression softening a bit, before looking back at Yu Hua. "Let's go together."

Yu Hua breathed a sigh of relief. "Thank you."

Inside the car, Yu Hua placed his hands on his knees, sitting upright.

Yu Hua stole a glance at Yuan Ao. He was wearing a black shirt with the top button fastened, which complemented his fair skin. He was typing on a tablet, and the tapping of his fingers resembled the graceful movements of playing the piano.

This was Yuan Ao, the infamous killer in the business world that everyone knew about.

The Yu family and the Yuan family had business dealings, and Yu Hua often heard legendary stories about Yuan Ao from his older brother, Yu Bai.

In the cutthroat business world, where everyone resorted to any means to become winners, Yuan Ao stood undefeated year after year. Those who dared to challenge him would either end up bankrupt or imprisoned, amassing great wealth for the Yuan family.

However, Yu Hua never expected that such a formidable person would display such gentleness when facing his own sister.

Thinking about this, Yu Hua couldn't help but envy Yuan Luoyi. With such a powerful older brother, she must feel secure.

Soon, the car arrived at the private academy.

It was a building with a Jiangnan architectural style, featuring white walls and dark blue-black tiles.

It was a free study room established by Star Galaxy Middle School, equipped with tea, fruit drinks, and snacks. If students encountered problems they couldn't solve, they could ask the duty teachers for help.

However, Yuan Luoyi didn't like coming to the private academy because it didn't have air conditioning.

The principal believed that studying shouldn't be too comfortable, as it could breed laziness. So, the private academy didn't install air conditioning. Yuan Luoyi felt that it was simply to save on electricity bills.

Based on this alone, the principal became the most detested person among all the students in the school.

In the sweltering summer days, passersby near the private academy would often hear students wailing and complaining, with phrases like "It's so hot" and "We want air conditioning" being frequently mentioned.

Yuan Luoyi slung her backpack over her shoulder, reluctantly leaving the cool car behind.

Yuan Ao asked Yuan Luoyi, "Can I pick you up at 8 o'clock?"

Yuan Luoyi replied, "That's fine. By then, the homework should be finished."

She hugged Yuan Ao as a farewell gesture. Clearly, this affectionate act made Yuan Ao feel good. At least now, his sister wouldn't be scared to tears by him anymore.

As Yuan Luoyi entered the private academy, the students who were whispering to each other immediately fell silent and returned to their seats, picking up their pens to do their homework, avoiding eye contact with Yuan Luoyi.

They were discussing the protagonist of the rumors, Yuan Luoyi herself. First, she had scored 0 in English, but then managed to score 100 in the makeup exam. Finally, she voluntarily transferred to Class D. These actions were considered extremely strange.

One senior student speculated that since Yuan Luoyi was from the Yuan family, every move she made must have deep meaning. The significant difference in her grades and her recent actions might indicate a major strategic purpose. However, he hesitated to draw any conclusions and believed that further observation was necessary.

Of course, Yuan Luoyi, the center of attention, was unaware of these rumors. She looked around the private academy and sadly discovered that all the good seats were taken.

She placed her backpack in a corner and sat down, giving a nod to Yu Hua, indicating him to sit beside her.

Nervously, Yu Hua said, "Yuan Luoyi, will Sen Junxuan be angry if I sit next to you?"

Yuan Luoyi glanced back at Sen Junxuan, who was staring at her. Without saying a word, she knew that Sen Junxuan was furious. He was gripping his ballpoint pen so tightly that it seemed it might break. Yuan Luoyi used to sit next to Sen Junxuan during normal times.

Yuan Luoyi patted the seat, saying, "Don't worry about him. We're not friends anymore. You sit where you want."

Trembling, Yu Hua sat down.

"Snap!" Sen Junxuan snapped his ballpoint pen in half.

No response to his messages, no answer to his calls, and now she was sitting with another guy!

Since childhood, Yuan Luoyi had always followed Sen Junxuan around, obediently listening to him. This had made Sen Junxuan feel superior. But now that Yuan Luoyi suddenly ignored him, he felt extremely uncomfortable.

A girl beside them noticed that Sen Junxuan's pen had broken and immediately offered him hers.

Due to his good looks, many girls had unrealistic fantasies about Sen Junxuan, considering him a gentle prince charming. Only Yuan Luoyi knew his true nature.

Normally, Sen Junxuan would refuse such gifts from girls, but today he accepted it.

"Thank you," Sen Junxuan deliberately spoke in a loud voice, hoping Yuan Luoyi would hear.

The girl who gave the pen blushed instantly. "You're welcome."

Sen Junxuan paid no attention to the girl's reaction. His gaze was fixed on Yuan Luoyi, but she was engrossed in a cheerful conversation with Yu Hua, completely oblivious to what had happened. This made him even angrier.

After a while, a little girl entered the private academy. She had long braids that swayed at her waist, wearing a snow-white dress and carrying a light pink backpack.

She was Su Xun, the artistic committee member of Class A.

Yuan Luoyi had always had a difficult relationship with her. On one hand, Su Xun favored by the teacher, often suppressing Yuan Luoyi. On the other hand, Su Xun always tried to compete with Yuan Luoyi in everything.

Su Xun had once said, "Everything you have now will eventually be mine!"

At that time, Yuan Luoyi didn't take it seriously. But now, thinking back, it seemed like the words had a deeper meaning. Could it be that Su Xun was the true heiress of the Yuan family?

Yuan Luoyi immediately denied this thought. The children of the Yuan family were cold and emotionless, while Su Xun was a normal person, displaying clear emotions of joy, anger, sorrow, and happiness.

In the study room, Su Xun scanned the surroundings and said in frustration, "I came late, and there are no available seats."

Three boys immediately stood up.

"Su Xun, sit with me!"

"No, sit here with me. I have a window and good ventilation!"

"It's not good to be close to the window, there are a lot of mosquitoes. Sit here with me instead!"

After considering for a moment, Su Xun chose the best spot and placed her backpack down, saying, "Thank you."

The chosen boy looked proud, as many boys secretly regarded Su Xun as their future wife and competed for her attention every day.

One of the boys took out a box of snacks and said, "Um, these are homemade cookies from my family. Would you like to try them, Su Xun?"

Su Xun smiled sweetly and replied, "Of course, I'd love to try them. After all, you brought them specifically for me."

She picked up a cookie and exclaimed, "They're delicious!"

"Then these are all for you!"

"Thank you!"

"Su Xun, are you participating in the campus variety show?"

"Yes, I am."

The boys became excited and said, "You will definitely be the first! We will support you!"

Su Xun blushed and said shyly, "Thank you, guys. By the way, Yuan Luoyi, are you also participating in this variety show?"

Yuan Luoyi treated Su Xun as if she were invisible.

Su Xun felt sad and said, "Hmm, being ignored."

The boys were angry but didn't dare to show it because the Yuan family had great influence. "Ah, forget about her. That's just her personality. Let's talk about something else."

Su Xun felt disappointed and said, "Okay."

Yu Hua, who had been observing the situation, raised an eyebrow and said, "Wow, this is so fake. Why can't these boys see through it?"

He looked at Yuan Luoyi seriously and said, "She's never going to be the first. You will definitely be the champion. You're... much cuter than her."

Yuan Luoyi remained silent as she was busy copying her homework since it was almost eight o'clock.

Feeling a bit thirsty, Yuan Luoyi went out to get a cup of juice. The long corridor was empty.

Suddenly, Yuan Luoyi heard Su Xun's voice. She walked over and saw Su Xun vomiting into a trash bin.

"Ugh... It's so disgusting. He even tried to give me snacks. I hate sweets the most. This guy is so stupid."

Su Xun took out the snack box and threw it into the trash bin, her young face filled with resentment.

She suddenly became temperamental and started ruthlessly kicking the trash bin. "A bunch of idiots! They want me to greet them with a smile! I'm so annoyed!"

Yuan Luoyi silently watched Su Xun venting her emotions and sighed, "Ladylike" Su Xun was still the same as before, a person who was inconsistent in words and actions.