The Fake Heiress and Her Five Villainous Brothers

Chapter 109

"Slurp! Slurp! Slurp!"

After finishing his work, Yuan Rui happily slurped his instant noodles. Usually, when he was absorbed in research, he'd forget to eat, and now he was starving.

Seeing this, Yuan Luoyi felt a bit hungry too.

Yuan Rui noticed and said, "I'll cook a pack for you later."

"No need..." Yuan Luoyi replied.

The other three brothers sat at the round table, discussing their grandfather Yuan Jianghai, the head of the Yuan family, who was too mysterious.

Yuan Si said, "He taught me some things, like how to control people's minds and how to do business. He wanted me to inherit the Yuan family, but at that time, I had no ambition and just wanted to sleep all day, so he let me become a celebrity instead."

His second brother Yuan Fa asked, "When you were at the beach villa, did you see a little girl who looked just like our sister?"

Yuan Si recalled, "No, there was only him and a bunch of servants in that villa. Those people were brainwashed by him thoroughly and were willing to die for him."

Yuan Fa's brows furrowed tightly.

Something seemed off, but he couldn't figure it out now. He had just taken medicine, so his headache had eased a bit, and his thinking had become clearer. Perhaps he'd be able to make sense of this series of events later.

The third brother Yuan Yong, who had been silently listening, said, "I've been out for a long time, and my comrades told me about his deeds. He has a bad reputation; most of the Yuan family's misdeeds were done by him. He's ruthless when it comes to killing and covering up."

Yuan Fa said, "The current head of the Yuan family may not be him. He's too old and too ill. It's probably the person who looks like our sister. We can't ascertain her whereabouts, so killing her won't be thorough."

At this point, the brothers fell silent. When they truly encountered her, would they be able to swing their blades at that face?

Now, their minds weren't very clear, and the culprit could easily take away their love for their sister.

They thought it was a reunion and would joyfully embrace her, but death would be the response.

Yuan Luoyi was also pondering. If their genes were 99.99% identical, and her birth weight was 6 pounds 7 ounces, not twins, could she be a clone of herself?

But then, shouldn't they be 100% identical?

Yuan Luoyi asked, "Fifth Brother, is a 0.01% difference considered a lot?"

This triggered Yuan Rui's teaching mode. At the university, due to his handsome appearance, concise and humorous language, and never giving written exams – only interviews where students could freely argue and reasonable answers earned high scores – he was deeply loved by students.

Every time he taught a class, many students from other classes would come to audit, and the classroom seats weren't enough, with many students standing in the hallway to listen.

Now his sister was asking him a question, so of course, he would explain it thoroughly.

Yuan Rui said, "Let me give an example first. The genetic similarity between gorillas and humans is 99%, and just a 1% difference leads to different species."

"Through genetic testing, I know that she and you have the same appearance and similar intelligence."

"As for the differing gene segment, the academic community hasn't reached a consensus yet. Some say it governs pain perception, while others say it governs moral sense."

"However, you two are both from the Yuan family bloodline, but I've searched through hospitals and couldn't find your biological parents' genes after checking many Yuan family members."

Yuan Luoyi suddenly remembered something. She had also done a genetic test when she was 18 years old.

Back then, she was still afraid of her brothers and had a distant relationship with her family. She also didn't have a happy time at school, facing constant small rejections and malice.

Suddenly one day, she had a splitting headache and a maddening urge to harm others...

So she dropped out of school and locked herself in her room, not wanting to hurt anyone or interact with anyone.

Yuan's Father found many psychologists, but none could cure Yuan Luoyi.

He often got angry, drank alcohol, and even argued with Yuan's Mother, saying she spoiled Yuan Luoyi, which made her so fragile that she gave up on school at the slightest setback.

This dragged on for two years, and Yuan Luoyi felt her condition worsening, with evil thoughts she couldn't control surging forth. She felt no beauty, only loneliness and pain accompanying her.

One day, Yuan's Father forcibly broke through the locked door.

"You've been resting for a long time now. Why don't you go to school?"

"I don't want to."

"Then what do you want to do?"

"I want to die."

In an instant, the usually strong and strict Yuan's Father seemed to have been struck a heavy blow. He buried his face in his hands, muttering in anguish, "It's my fault..."

After a moment, Yuan's Father regained control of his emotions and took out a genetic test report, coldly announcing, "You're not my child. You must leave."

And that day was June 27th. Yuan Luoyi took her prepared luggage and left home. That night, the real culprit came to the Yuan residence, killed Yuan's Mother, and Yuan Luoyi was arrested.

Recalling carefully, Yuan Luoyi didn't know Yuan's Father's eventual fate.

Yuan Luoyi asked, "Fifth Brother, how did Father die in the end?"

The atmosphere in the office changed.

Their mother's death was a tragedy for everyone, but their father's death was like a mountain suddenly collapsing, leaving everyone unable to react.

Yuan Rui said, "He committed suicide by jumping into the sea. When his body was retrieved, it had already severely decomposed, so his exact time of death couldn't be determined."

This was news Yuan Luoyi never expected, as Yuan's Father had always been very strong-willed. She couldn't imagine what could have happened to make him so devastated that he took his own life.

Yuan Rui looked at his sister from another time and space, his emotions complex. He wanted to keep her with him, but he also knew she had to go back and change the Yuan family's tragedy.

He said, "Here, you didn't complete your studies, but you could have gotten into a decent university."

"After you go back, study hard and enroll in the university where I teach."

"I'm not a very caring good brother; I stay in the lab all day and neglect you. But I'm a pretty good professor, and you'll like my classes."

Yuan Luoyi asked, "No need to dissect small animals?"

Yuan Rui laughed and said, "Do I have the funds to buy small animals for you all to dissect? Corpses are expensive. I wish students would come to class with a human corpse each to dissect and learn, or maybe have them dissect each other and then suture them back up as long as no one dies."

Yuan Luoyi said, "Then it's a deal. When I grow up, I'll enroll in this university."

Yuan Rui said, "Alright, consider it settled."

This time, they would do their utmost to ensure this sister survived past the age of eighteen.


Suddenly, all the lights went out, and the room was swallowed by darkness in an instant.

Almost simultaneously, the brothers converged around Yuan Luoyi, forming a circle with her at the center.

The second brother, Yuan Fa, took out his phone, illuminating his stern countenance, and said, "No signal."

Yuan Luoyi was very familiar with this situation; it was just like when Teacher Su was murdered!

The real killer must have come to silence them!

The brothers were fully aware of the danger they faced.

Yuan Rui said, "There's a fire escape elevator with its own motor at the end of the hallway, not connected to the main power supply. Let's head that way!"