The Fake Heiress and Her Five Villainous Brothers

Chapter 108

After placing the urn containing the ashes and the sealed bag with the strands of hair from the real culprit on the table, the fifth brother Yuan Rui suddenly leaned closer to Yuan Luoyi, peering through his gold-rimmed glasses. His bright eyes fixed on Yuan Luoyi with pure curiosity.

"As a scientist, you truly drive me crazy as an experimental subject. If I could, I would love to keep you locked in a lab for continuous study, you adorable little Time Traveler. Can you really disappear after death...?"

Yuan Rui reached out his hand toward Yuan Luoyi.

At the same time, the second brother Yuan Fa, third brother Yuan Yong, and fourth brother Yuan Si cast cold stares at Yuan Rui.

Once his curiosity was piqued, Yuan Rui's behavior would deviate from human norms, posing a certain danger to his sister.

Yuan Rui shouted, "Put down your weapons, I just want to touch her! I need to prove something!"

The three brothers then withdrew their murderous intent.

Yuan Rui plucked a strand of Yuan Luoyi's hair and pulled it hard. The hair fell off, but Yuan Luoyi felt no pain.

With his palm open, the black strand of hair began to lose its color, gradually turning transparent, and finally vanished completely within a second.

Yuan Rui said, "Just as I suspected, as a Time Traveler, you cannot leave behind anything. You cannot intervene in the outcome of this space-time. In summary, you are innocent - you are not the one who killed our mother."

He returned to his desk and picked up the sealed bag.

"When our eldest brother gave me this hair, his mental state was already quite poor. To obtain this evidence, he killed many people, and there were also those hunting him down. He said his body was nearing its limit and asked me to compare the DNA as soon as possible."

"On the night our mother died, all the surveillance footage captured you, and all evidence pointed to you. But our eldest brother didn't believe it."

Yuan Luoyi still remembered her eldest brother at that time, unable to sleep through the night, overwhelmed with guilt over his sister's death, tormenting himself, seeking revenge tirelessly. His bony back was covered in scars, as he continued to try to prove his sister's innocence...

Yuan Rui continued, "Unfortunately, he was killed before I could complete the analysis. He had gotten too close to the real culprit, taking on the most dangerous task for us..."

"If he could have heard the comparison results, he might not have died. Because your DNA and the real culprit's are 99.99% identical - you have exactly the same appearance."

Upon hearing about the strikingly similar DNA, Yuan Luoyi's heart skipped a beat. She asked, "Is the real culprit my twin sister?"

Yuan Rui replied, "That's where the oddity lies. You weighed 6 pounds and 7 ounces at birth. If you were twins, your weight should have been around 3 pounds."

"After pondering for a long time, I decided to analyze the strontium isotopes again."

His expression suddenly became excited, "This is an interesting little thing. Influenced by the ocean, different regions have different strontium isotope levels, so people living in different areas carry different levels too."

"The strontium isotope level in your ashes is much lower than in this hair sample. You two grew up in different areas, and based on the strontium isotope level in the hair..."

A map was spread out on the table, marked with various values. Yuan Rui pointed to a small island by the sea, saying, "I've found the approximate location where the real culprit lived."

Glancing at the map, Yuan Si's expression darkened, "Grandfather's villa is there."

Yuan Rui affirmed, "Correct! The real culprit was likely raised personally by our grandfather!"

Yuan Luoyi's breath hitched.

Some previously puzzling points now became clear. If the real culprit was raised by their grandfather, she must have inherited the power of the Yuan family. That's why she was so familiar with the Yuan family and could mobilize tremendous family resources, controlling countless surveillance cameras and spending vast sums to buy people's loyalty.

Tracing back further, it was their grandfather who initially swapped the real heiress with a fake one. Only he had the ability to carry out such a complete deception on Yuan's father and mother.

In this world, only he could pull off such an elaborate ruse!

Yuan Rui said, "It seems our grandfather truly dislikes us and wants us all dead."

"But it's also strange. With his power, he could have directly waged war against us. Yet he spent so many years taking such a roundabout approach. He's almost dying of old age - even if he wins, it brings him no benefit. Why would such a brilliant man engage in this losing endeavor?"

"I called you all here today not only to see my adorable little sister and confirm my suspicions but also to ask you something."

"What exactly does our grandfather want?"

The room fell silent as everyone pondered and reasoned.

Yuan Si and Yuan Jianghai had the most contact with their grandfather but still couldn't see through him.

Their grandfather was a player at a higher level. If he wanted to appear kind and amiable, others would perceive him as such. Sitting in a wheelchair, he always smiled, his feeble body concealing an extremely evil soul.

After tossing the question to his brothers, Yuan Rui felt relieved, having completed his task. Even the great science could only reason this far.

He approached an alcohol lamp, removing the lid. Inside a glass beaker, instant noodles were boiling, the noodles a bit too soft.

He looked at Yuan Luoyi, "Want some? This is my specialty!"

Before Yuan Luoyi could respond, Yuan Si hurriedly said, "Don't eat it, he often keeps animal carcasses in those beakers."

Yuan Rui protested indignantly, "But I've sterilized them! Completely safe! Sister, give it a try. I've mastered temperature control on the alcohol lamp to perfection!"

Yuan Luoyi shook her head vigorously. No matter how delicious, she couldn't bring herself to eat it.

Nearby, the second brother Yuan Fa fixed his gaze on Yuan Rui and said, "I have a question."

Yuan Rui asked, "What is it?"

Yuan Fa asked, "Why haven't you broken down yet?"

Yuan Rui laughed, cold and sickly.

"Your statement is inaccurate. I did break down for a period. Those few days were truly bizarre - my head ached terribly, and whenever I saw living beings, I just wanted to cut them all open, remove all the dirty parts, leaving only clean bones."

"I couldn't think straight, unable to distinguish hallucinations from reality. My emotions were often out of control, and my experiments kept failing."

"Especially when I thought about our sister no longer being here, I wanted to kill people even more."

"But my only value is my brain. If I didn't recover, I wouldn't be able to complete the task our eldest brother entrusted me with. So I gambled with my life."

Yuan Rui rolled up his sleeves, revealing needle marks all over his arms.

He smiled and said, "I've tried all kinds of medicines, I really almost died in this office, but..."

A small glass bottle about three centimeters in size was placed on the table. Yuan Si said, "This little thing is actually quite effective. At least it relieves half of my headache, and that's enough for me to complete the task."

Yuan Fa looked at the brand on the bottle, "It's a medicine produced when my grandfather was in charge of the Yuan family's business..."

Yuan Rui said, "Yes! He was a terrible grandfather, but a decent boss. He developed quite a few new drugs that have benefited humanity to some extent. This medicine has saved many lives."