Surprise Resignation of Female Substitute Secretary

Chapter 27

The video call was hung up, and Su Tao put down her phone, glanced at Xie Jin, moved forward to dodge, and took the opportunity to pick up a fork and stab a piece of cantaloupe.

Just as she was about to put it in her mouth, Xie Jin leaned over and took a bite.

He squeezed in and sat next to Su Tao, pointed at her phone, and commanded indistinctly while chewing on the fruit: "Call back."

Su Tao leaned back to keep her distance from him, turned her head to look at him, "Xie Jin, you should know when to stop."

Xie Jin poured himself a cup of tea nonchalantly and took a sip. He said languidly: "It was you who slept with me last night, calling out someone else's name. And you tell me to know when to stop? Can't I ask for an explanation?"

Fortunately there weren't many people in the restaurant, and it was an open environment. The natural background noise of the flowing water masked their conversation, but Su Tao still covered his mouth in warning: "Keep your voice down!"

Su Tao lowered her voice, "I was drunk last night, and you weren't. Even if I...couldn't you have stopped me? I'm not accusing you of taking advantage of me, yet you try to invert right and wrong."

"I didn't stop you? I almost jumped into the swimming pool! I pushed you away and you pounced back, again and again, until I was exhausted and could only let you have your way."

Xie Jin exaggeratedly recounted last night's events, as if Su Tao was some villain who forced chastity, defiling his pure and innocent flower.

Su Tao wanted to protest several times, but found herself at a loss for words, because damn it, she didn't black out and remembered every detail of the dream clearly.

Although exaggerated, what he said was the truth.

"The main point is, who were you dreaming about last night? Call back, I have the right to know as a victim."

Xie Jin barely stood his ground and started locking moral shackles onto her one by one.

Su Tao gazed at him for a long time, took out a card from her wallet, turned it over and slapped it in front of him, "Hush money, don't ever mention this again!"

Xie Jin looked at the card on the table in surprise, then back at Su Tao's stern face. He hooked the corner of his mouth and picked up the card, waving it tauntingly, "Thanks for the allowance."

At the entrance of the restaurant, Jin Chuiwen waved goodbye to Xie Jin, who glanced over indifferently and arrogantly, making it hard to imagine his roguish appearance just a minute ago.

Xie Jin took out his phone and pulled up a QR code. "I have a dinner appointment later. I'll send you a video, add me on WeChat first."

Su Tao put her phone in her bag, "...No need."

After a few seconds of stalemate, Xie Jin had to put his phone away.

As he walked out of the restaurant, he looked back at her, shaking the card in his hand meaningfully and arching his brows with a smug smile.

Su Tao slapped the table, feeling that he was becoming more and more shameless.


The revolving restaurant on the top floor of the seaside has a 360-degree view of the sea. There were four people at the table, all big shots in finance and entertainment.

After trying to arrange a meeting with Xie Jin twice unsuccessfully, they finally heard that he had come to Nancheng, so they also flew over to treat him to seafood while discussing a cooperation project.

When it was time to pay the bill, some wanted to pay, while others had already pre-swiped their cards. Xie Jin's expression was stern and he didn't say a word as he watched them.

Everyone knew he had a bad temper, but didn't know why he was so uptight about paying the bill.

In fact, Xie Jin was the youngest there, but whenever he spoke or made a decision, it was always with an aura of arrogance that brooked no dissent.

Everyone was used to it by now, given the stature of Tianxin Group and Xie Jin's boldness.

No one wanted to offend such a ruthless man.

"I'll pay for this meal," Xie Jin's low voice left no room for objection.

Everyone relaxed. They had thought it was some big deal, but it was just a meal that he was oddly fussy about.

They all yielded and withdrew their attempts to grab the bill, "deferring" to him.

Finally satisfied, Xie Jin straightened his luxury watch and elegantly took out a card, deliberately waving it around for everyone to see before placing it on the bill tray.

After showing off, he spoke nonchalantly, "It's spending money from my wife."

Everyone: "..."

He was so eager to pay just to show off this card?

Was he boasting that his wife was rich?

Or hinting that they prepare a generous wedding gift?

The others were all married men who managed to balance family and play.

They totally didn't get what he was showing off.

Also, Xie Jin was after all the fifth son of the Diamond King. Many socialites had publicly proclaimed Xie Jin as their only marriage criteria.

If only his temper was a little better, the number of women chasing him could probably fill a football team.

So why did he seem to care so much about his wife?

Beside him, Jin Chuiwen lowered his head, pursed his lips, trying hard not to laugh.

He could tell the moguls didn't understand his boss's childish behavior at all.

But if they knew the card was from someone who wasn't even his wife, and was in fact hush money, would they laugh themselves unconscious?

Afterwards, Jin Chuiwen was rendered even more speechless by his boss's behavior during shopping, no longer finding it amusing.

"Can I use this card to pay? The one Tao'er gave me."

"What are you buying? Can I use a card? Okay, use Tao'er's."

"Signing up for a membership? Use this card."

"Chewing gum? Buying with card."

Since Jiang Wan was also filming at the Rainforest Park, Su Tao bought some coffee to visit the set.

She had barely exchanged a few words with Jiang Wan when the mobile banking SMS notification services began informing her one after another about transaction amounts.

Su Tao gritted her teeth and muted her phone before continuing her conversation with Jiang Wan.

"I've been so busy recently, shooting all night every day, and haven't had time to contact you. I didn't expect you to take the initiative to visit my set." Jiang Wan smiled gently, her smile conveying gratitude.

Seeing the dark circles under her eyes that not even concealer could hide, Su Tao sighed softly. "Are you tired? How much longer do you have to shoot?" She snatched the coffee from Jiang Wan's hand and replaced it with the thermos her assistant had just put down. "Don't rely on coffee alone. Think of your stomach. I feel like you've lost another circle since I last saw you."

Looking at the thermos in her hand, Jiang Wan's lips suddenly twitched as she lowered her head to hide her eyes.

"What's wrong?" Su Tao was baffled. She didn't think she had said anything offensive. How did she upset her?

"It's nothing." Jiang Wan raised her head again. Her smile had already concealed the fleeting lapse from a moment ago. There was no sign of the earlier emotional fluctuation. "I heard from Qi'er that you wanted to sign him?"

Su Tao heaved a sigh, smiling wryly. "I was very sincere, but Jiang Qi doesn't seem too satisfied with me."

"Oh?" Jiang Wan sounded surprised. "But I often see him chatting with you on WeChat. I thought you two had already reached an agreement."

Chatting on WeChat? She had kept messaging him to make appointments before, and later kept discussing plans and future arrangements. But he barely replied. It was like she was talking to herself.

"I'm the one messaging him. He doesn't seem to like chatting with me and seldom replies. I don't know if I'm disturbing him."

Jiang Wan nodded in agreement as she sipped her water. "He doesn't like chatting on WeChat and never adds strangers. I heard a lot of girls from his school wanted to add him on WeChat, but seems like he didn't add any."

This point did surprise Su Tao. Wasn't he into flirting with girls? And he looked like a playboy, yet he doesn't like chatting on WeChat? She had thought he just didn't like chatting with her.

"I messaged Qi'er. When he gets here later I'll try to persuade him. I really hope he'll sign with you."

The crew called the actors to their positions, so Jiang Wan put down her water and left to work after telling Su Tao to take a seat.

Su Tao had prepared a lot of data analysis, hoping to find a breakthrough with Jiang Wan.

She didn't expect to not need a breakthrough at all, since Jiang Wan supported Jiang Qi signing with her.

Not even five minutes later, Jiang Qi appeared wearing a white hoodie, ripped jeans and white sneakers. The hood was over his head, topped with a baseball cap. Two fashionable chains dangled on his chest, jingling loudly.

Su Tao wanted to take a picture of his outfit and show Xue Ge. This was real hip hop style. His sunglasses and earrings were just gaudy disco uncle aesthetics.

Hands tucked into his hoodie pocket, he walked over to Su Tao with a cold face and sat down in Jiang Wan's previous seat. He took off his hat, ran his fingers through his enviable lush hair, and casually flipped it a few times in a very cool way. He leaned back cockily in the chair and looked sideways at Su Tao.

"Well, if it isn't the busy executive Su?"

Ignoring the sarcasm in his words, Su Tao smiled gently, coaxing him. "I was wrong last time. Don't hold it against me."

Jiang Qi lowered his head to fiddle with his chains, looking nonchalant, but his words revealed how much it bothered him.

"That day, I went to your studio. No one was injured at all. Everything proceeded normally."

Having said that, he raised his head to look at Su Tao, waiting for an explanation.

Su Tao was surprised he had actually gone to the studio to check. She stalled for a bit before explaining, "I was tricked that day too."

"By your ex?"

Su Tao's expression froze. She lowered her head slightly, touching her nose, trying to hide her embarrassment.

"I guessed right." Jiang Qi stated.

After a few seconds of silence, Jiang Qi spoke first. "Then trick him back."

Su Tao: "?"

"Get him to meet you, then stand him up. I'll forgive you if you do. What do you think?"

Su Tao looked at the arrogant boy in surprise, pondering his motive for suggesting this but not understanding it. "Why? What's the benefit for you?"

"Revenge! He tricked me into being stood up once, so I'll do the same to him to quell my anger." Jiang Qi said matter-of-factly.

Su Tao frowned, looking very reluctant. "That's too childish, isn't it? If a dog bites you, you shouldn't bite the dog back, right?"

Jiang Qi stood up, looking like he was about to leave. He looked down at the conflicted Su Tao condescendingly and said sharply, "Up to you. If you don't want to sign me then forget it."

This brat!

Su Tao endured and decided to placate him first. "Sit down, let's talk slowly, don't rush."

"No need to talk slowly. He tricked you too, didn't he? Don't you want revenge?" Jiang Qi suddenly leaned in close to Su Tao, startling her into shrinking back. She almost fell over but he grabbed her arm. "Or is it that you still harbor feelings for him and want to get back together?"

"Impossible." Su Tao immediately refuted his last remark. Her tone softened again. "I just feel it's too childish. If a dog bites us, we shouldn't bite the dog back, right?"

Jiang Qi seemed pleased by her words. His eyes curved into crescents, baring his little white teeth. "So you're comparing him to a dog."

Seeing his attitude had softened, Su Tao tried to persuade him further but was promptly silenced.

"You have one minute to call him. Time's ticking."

Su Tao sighed helplessly. She was starting to regret wanting to sign this bratty kid. All that sunshine boy charm was fake. Not cute at all.

Under Jiang Qi's "supervision", Su Tao still called Xie Jin.

"Tao'er?" Xie Jin's delighted voice came through the phone. Su Tao could almost see his grin.

Steeling herself and thinking of the awful things he had done, Su Tao blurted out, "Are you free later? Let's go to the beach."

"Really? Okay, I'll head over now."

After hanging up, Xie Jin's joyful tone still echoed in her ears. Su Tao looked at Jiang Qi and asked weakly, "Okay?"

Jiang Qi nodded satisfactorily.

During breaks in Jiang Wan's scenes, Su Tao went over Jiang Qi's contract with her point by point.

Su Tao and Xie Jin had discussed many plans for Jiang Qi's performing arts career and benefits, including guaranteeing that he could work a certain amount of time each year without interfering with his classes. There were also additional interest learning plans that would get him good teachers and seniors in the industry, and promised he would have ample resources.

In short, the company would support him fully. As long as the child was handed over to her, he would have a splendid life and shining future.

Jiang Wan finally finished listening to all the terms. Her watery big eyes suddenly looked at Su Tao as she gently asked, "Is it true that you'll provide time for rest and study?"

Su Tao was surprised, not knowing why she would doubt this. "Of course. You know Gu Yiyuan right? He's currently in a period of rapid career advancement. But every week I forcibly stipulate that he has to spend two days going to acting and voice lessons. If entertainers want to go far, they have to constantly improve themselves. Actually all work is the same now. The times when one year of experience was worth ten years is over. You have to keep learning in order to maintain competitiveness."

Jiang Wan listened attentively to Su Tao, continuously nodding her head. Hope lit up in her eyes for a moment before rapidly dimming. "If I had met you earlier, or you had entered the industry earlier, that would have been good."

"Huh?" Su Tao didn't hear clearly because she had spoken too softly. She seemed to recall something and looked around, "Your agent isn't here right?"

She also didn't know if her agent would rush over to stop her from poaching Jiang Qi if he knew.

"He doesn't follow me on set. He has other artists to manage," Jiang Wan spoke listlessly.

Jiang Wan's assistant came over holding a phone, "Sis Wan, the car is here. We should get going."

Jiang Wan knitted her brows, seemed to think of something, then swallowed back what she was about to say. Apologetically she said to Su Tao, "I'm sorry Su Tao, I forgot I still have a schedule today. I have to go now. Take care of Tao Tao sister a bit Qi."

Before Jiang Wan could finish speaking, she picked up her skirt and quickly headed to the dressing room.

"She's still filming a drama. She should be able to come back tomorrow morning."

Hearing Jiang Qi's words, she seemed to vaguely understand the strange behaviors Jiang Wan had exhibited.

"Your sister's contract with her agent only has a few more months right?" Su Tao's clear eyes looked at Jiang Qi, the corners of her eyes smiling.

Jiang Qi knocked Su Tao's head with the contract in his hand. "You're still trying to poach my sister?"

Su Tao felt this brat was getting more and more bold. She was about to scold him when her phone rang. It was Xie Jin.

She looked at the time. More than an hour had passed already. She was in no hurry to answer, glancing at Jiang Qi. "It's good now right? You can sign the contract now?"

"Make him wait a little longer," Jiang Qi lazily sat in the chair, assuming the posture of a rich man.

Su Tao gritted her teeth, calling Xie Jin with a heavy heart. "I...still have something to deal with. You...don't wait for me."

He didn't even have a chance to speak before the call ended with a "du du du..."

Xie Jin blankly put away his phone. She was willing to meet him. Did that mean she wanted to forgive him and they could return to how they used to be?

Cherishing this beautiful wish, Xie Jin waited at the seaside. From the blazing sun until sunset.

The sea breeze had blown his bangs into a pompadour, revealing his smooth forehead. Fortunately his features could carry off any hairstyle.

Xie Jin stood facing the wind. Along with his current cold expression, he attracted frequent glances back.

He called Su Tao's number again. Before he could speak, her gentle voice like a spring fountain came from the phone. "Sorry Xie Jin, I'm afraid I can't make it today. Don't keep waiting."

He didn't even have a chance to say a word before the call changed to "du du du..."

Xie Jin blankly put away his phone again. He had waited at the seaside for three hours but her last call made his heart even colder.

What he actually wanted to say was, no matter how late she was, it was fine. As long as she came, he would keep waiting.


Night had already fallen by the time Su Tao returned to her hotel room holding the contract.

That damn kid Jiang Qi still refused to readily sign, insisting on finding an auspicious day and time.

Did he think he was getting married? Auspicious day and time!

Su Tao wearily flung herself onto the bed. Her line of sight happened to look through the window at the room diagonally across.

Pitch black. She picked up her phone to check the time. 7:30 pm already, and he still wasn't back?

She had told him an hour ago that she couldn't make it right?

Although Xie Jin had done many bastard things, she just had to ignore him. This kind of retaliation really wasn't necessary.

She didn't like conflict or blazing revenge. For those who had hurt her, she would silently delete them from her life. Not giving them another chance to hurt her was enough.

Su Tao shook off the chaotic thoughts in her brain. Today was Monday. Jiang Qi had delayed her, so the regular meeting was also postponed.

She changed into loose home clothes and opened her laptop to connect with all the team members online.

Suddenly there was a knock at the door. Su Tao looked at the video conference that hadn't fully connected yet. She temporarily left her laptop to open the door.

As soon as the lock was opened, a bony hand forcefully pushed open the door and slipped in, then locked it again behind him.

Xie Jin's eyes, dark as night, stared fixedly at her. The corners of his lips hooked up into an enchanting smile, like a demon facing a delicious meal. "Little Taotao, stood me up?"

After Su Tao's initial surprise, she recalled the connected video call and swiftly pulled his arm aside, shifting them both two steps to avoid the camera. She grabbed his arms, trapping him between the wall and her body.

Xie Jin, who had been "pinned to the wall," narrowed his eyes slightly. The anger from when he first entered dissipated as he leisurely looked at her. "Want more? Didn't get enough last night?"