Surprise Resignation of Female Substitute Secretary

Chapter 10

Xie Jin still maintained the posture of holding up his arms, the anger around him seemed to freeze at this moment, staring at her in a daze.

After a long while, as if he still hadn't come to his senses, he still asked hoarsely in a daze, "What do you mean by ending?"

"Ending means breaking up." Su Tao tidied away the letter in her hand, glanced at him lightly, and was ready to walk past him.

As soon as Su Tao moved, Xie Jin realized her intention and quickly grabbed her wrist, forcibly trapping her in front of the desk.

His voice was even hoarser, staring at Su Tao, and said word for word, "You can't threaten me with a breakup."

Su Tao lowered her eyes to avoid his intense and bloodthirsty eyes. His appearance was as if he wanted to swallow his prey into his belly, even Su Tao felt a little scared.

"Xie Jin, we were so happy together..."

Her lips were bitten, blocking her words, breaking through the raging anger above her head, as if to tear her apart.

Finally, the prey under his mouth was too quiet, and the irritable lion finally noticed something wrong. He slowed down his actions and opened his eyes.

What met his eyes was her eyes closed as if she was ready to die, with two lines of clear tears flowing out.

Since the action stopped, Su Tao opened her eyes. Her wet and bright little deer eyes carried an innate innocence and looked at him. The redness and swelling of her lips oozed blood, as if declaring his previous outrage.

His rage was instantly replaced by distress. He lowered his head and gently kissed the wound. Su Tao hurt and turned her head away, and the tears that had accumulated in her eyes flowed down in rows.

Xie Jin raised his eyes, and his long and thick eyelashes were also stained with moisture. His hoarse voice didn't come out the first time. He forcibly swallowed, and his dry throat could make a sound, "You said you would resign and I endured it. Breaking up can't be talked about casually."

Su Tao still had her head tilted, casually wiped away the tear stains with the back of her hand, and her voice was calm and she didn't cry, "I just saw you meeting with Qin Xuexi."

Xie Jin's pupils suddenly widened in shock, then quickly concealed his emotions.

Originally, Su Tao was just suspicious, but now seeing his expression, she could confirm it.

"You already have one foot on two boats, and you won't let me mention breaking up?" Su Tao smiled mockingly, moving the wound on her lips, and frowned.

"I didn't!" Xie Jin quickly denied, "It was just business."

He had never been so flustered before. Su Tao suddenly felt ridiculous.

She used to always think that she was the only one who could arouse his emotions.

Now she realized it was Qin Xuexi.

"It was really just business," Xie Jin held her face in both hands, forcing her to look at him, "Wu Xieyu asked her to deliver the document."

Speaking of this, Xie Jin suddenly realized something and stopped.

"Wu Xieyu? President Wu from Ruixi? Qin Xuexi works at Ruixi?" Su Tao's clear eyes still had traces of tears, and her frowning brows were getting tighter and tighter, her gaze full of interrogative doubt.

She wanted to work at Ruixi so much back then. She wanted to start as an agent or public relations officer.

She even secretly submitted her resume and was notified to go for an interview.

But in the end she was still discovered by Xie Jin and intercepted.

At that time, she thought it was because he couldn't bear to be separated from her and didn't want to live apart.

Now she couldn't help but doubt.

Was it that he couldn't bear to be separated from her, or that he was afraid she would meet Qin Xuexi at Ruixi?

"Xie Jin," Su Tao suddenly smiled, her eyes, which had just dried up, were filled with tears again, "You make me feel like I've always been a fool."

"Don't think too much, I have nothing with Qin Xuexi, don't you believe me?" Xie Jin stretched out his thumb to wipe away her tears.

"I don't believe it anymore." Su Tao slowly shook her head.

Xie Jin was still saying something, but Su Tao closed her eyes and didn't want to see or hear.

She used to ask him so eagerly, thirsting for a good explanation from him. But now, she didn't want to hear a word.

She didn't know if her heart was completely dead.

Now, she really didn't want to hear anything about him and her.

"Little Taozi, I thought you wouldn't easily believe those obviously fake rumors."

Heh, so it was still her fault?

The office phone rang, Xie Jin put it on speakerphone, it was Tian Yingying's voice, "President Xie, Chairman Gu from Yingfeng Video whom you made an appointment with yesterday has arrived. Shall I bring him to your office?"

"The small meeting room." Xie Jin replied concisely in a low voice, then hung up the phone.

Su Tao's cold and slightly mocking eyes irritated Xie Jin. Seeing the wound at the corner of her mouth, he suppressed the irritable emotions in his heart.

Holding her face in both hands, he slid down along her arms and forcefully held her hands.

"Calm down here, don't go out, be good and wait for me to come back."

Xie Jin left the office, and Su Tao slid down from the desk and squatted on the ground covering her face.

When Xie Jin came back, he looked at the time, it had been two hours. He remembered Su Tao's empty and cold eyes before, and inexplicably felt uneasy in his heart.

Suddenly he was afraid to open the door and find no one inside.

The hand close to the door trembled slightly. The door was unlocked and easily pushed open.

On the sofa, there was a curled up slender figure.

Xie Jin let out a breath of relief, gently closed the door, and slowly walked over. She was asleep.

Her tranquil sleeping face made her look like an immortal who was aloof from the world of mortals.

He shook his head, feeling ridiculous about his uneasiness before opening the door.

He was actually afraid that his little Taozi would disappear.

How could she leave him when she loved him so much?

He took out the ointment he had just bought and squeezed it onto his fingers. He suddenly realized that his fingers were very cold.

He applied it to his own mouth, then gently covered it to apply the ointment to her lips.

The person under his lips was awakened. She was not sleeping soundly to begin with.

Her fingers touched the sticky place at the corner of her lips and were grabbed by a cold palm, "Don't touch it, it's ointment."

Su Tao withdrew her hand, and looked at his hand in surprise again. Why was it so cold today when it was always so warm?

"Little Taozi," Xie Jin's voice softened, as if negotiating, "If you really don't like being my secretary, then do something else."

Su Tao's surprise flashed by. She wondered why he suddenly changed his mind, and then heard him continue: "You can choose any position within the company, Chief Financial Officer, HR Director, Marketing Department, Sales Department, Publicity Department, you can do any of them."

Su Tao: "..."

She was silent for a few seconds, took a breath to refute, but was stopped by him.

"No rush, think about it carefully, calm down. If work tires you out, we'll go on vacation, and these days you can think about where you want to go."

Su Tao looked at him making what he thought was the biggest compromise and concession, smiling silently, full of speechlessness.

Xie Jin thought he had coaxed her well, and the corners of his lips also turned up.


Near the end of work, the front desk called to say that someone claiming to be Su Tao's brother was making a racket downstairs in the lobby insisting on coming upstairs.

Su Tao's eyebrows wrinkled slightly, and her face became gloomy. She told the front desk to let the person take the call.

The phone relayed the arrogant voice of a teenager: "Su Tao, you blocked me!"

"What are you making a fuss about?" Although Su Tao's tone was still calm as a rippleless sea.

"You saw my message, right? I'm commandeering your car." Still the annoying tone.

"I already sold the car."

Su Tao's consistent calm tone made Su Yangxing bristle, "You loved that car the most! I won't let you sell it!"

"Finders keepers."

A familiar warm palm was placed on the back of her hand, and the handset was snatched from her hand.

Su Tao was startled for a moment, not knowing when Xie Jin had come out of the office.

He had just put the landline handset to his ear when an angry roar of a man came from it, "Su Tao! Come down now! I want to see you!"

Xie Jin's eyes turned into sharp blades, sweeping toward Su Tao, and asked in a low voice, "Who are you?"

The other end of the phone suddenly went silent. After a few seconds, a weak voice came, "Brother-in-law."

In Xie Jin's office, a handsome teenager with yellow short hair and eyebrows that resembled Su Tao sat obediently on the black leather sofa with his legs together.

Su Tao stood by the window with her arms crossed, looking at the endless stream of traffic outside, not knowing what she was thinking.

Xie Jin sat on the single sofa with his arms naturally resting on the armrests, his steady boss sitting posture exuded a natural oppressive aura, "What are you making a fuss with your sister about?"

Xie Jin's gloomy face didn't even need a heavy tone to make Su Yangxing shrink his neck.

"It's my dad's birthday today. I wanted to get my sister to come home for dinner." Su Yangxing finally honestly said the purpose of making a fuss.

Su Tao had already left home for a year. After arguing with her father last time, she never went home again.

"If you want your sister to come home, speak nicely. Why drive her car to annoy her?"

Su Yangxing glanced at Su Tao by the window. He scratched his head awkwardly and said, "I spoke nicely to her, but she still ignored me and even blocked me."

The last sentence was said with great grievance, bowing his head and pouting his lips. If you didn't know better, you would have thought he was the one being bullied.

Hearing the word "block", Xie Jin's eyebrows twitched slightly. He glanced at the still silent Su Tao, and suddenly understood Su Yangxing a little bit.

If Su Tao blocked him...

Xie Jin withdrew his gaze, shook off the momentary suffocation in his heart. How could he possibly be blocked by his little Taozi? His little Taozi would never ignore him.

"I will definitely go back for Dad's birthday. When do you need me to find you?" Su Tao said lightly, moving her eyes back from the window and falling on Su Yangxing's face, "You know I hate it when people touch my stuff."

"I like your car." Su Yangxing's temperament was hard to change. Although he was much more restrained in front of the intimidating Xie Jin, he was still willful and stubborn, "You'd rather sell it than give it to me."

Frost condensed in Su Tao's clear eyes.

Which of her belongings did he not like? Snatching them since childhood, as long as it was hers, there was nothing he wouldn't snatch.

With his back to her, Xie Jin didn't notice Su Tao's current low mood. He waved his big hand, "Then give that car to you since you like it."

Anyway, whatever car she liked, he could buy it for her.

Su Tao suddenly turned her head to look at Xie Jin. For the first time, a crack appeared on her face that was always as gentle as jade.

"Who allowed you to make decisions and give away my car?"