Surprise Resignation of Female Substitute Secretary

Chapter 9

#Jiang Wan's wardrobe malfunction# was trending rapidly on social media.

Jiang Wan was a hot topic celebrity who attracted attention wherever she went, and photos from her event still circulated online.

Of course, no revealing photos of Jiang Wan herself were captured, thanks to Su Tao's timely coverage.

Su Tao's face was also captured in the photos spreading widely online.

Some netizens even asked, who was this staff member next to Jiang Wan? She's so pretty.

Before Su Tao's identity was exposed, the trending topic suddenly plummeted in speed.

Su Tao, who was tallying up receipts during a break, briefly checked Weibo on her phone. Without thinking, she knew this was Xie Jin's doing.

In less than an hour, several colleagues from the PR department showed up outside Xie Jin's office door. They all looked anxious and frightened, as if heading to the frontlines of life and death.

The last to arrive was Jin Chui Wen.

Su Tao also noticed that recently, Jin Chui Wen seemed especially busy, and was brought along to every department with issues.

"What should we do? That trending topic won't die down! I'm so scared of the boss's murderous gaze!"

"I feel like someone is artificially inflating the topic. It must be Jiang Wan's competitors. Otherwise, we definitely could have suppressed those photos that leaked out."

"What's the use of saying all this now? Will the boss listen to our explanations?"

The colleagues from the PR department all wore looks of despair, whispering complaints as they teetered on the brink of breakdown.

After listening to their words, Su Tao opened Weibo again and saw that Jiang Wan's trending topic had dropped to the teens, but her photos were still circulating online.

Boss Xie probably did not allow those photos of her to appear online.

From inside the boss's office came the clear sound of something shattering, like a cup being smashed.

Immediately after, Xie Jin's enraged roar could be heard from within: "Where the hell is the PR department? Still not here yet!"

The already anxious crowd outside was even more frightened by this.

Su Tao silently got up and circled around them to knock on the office door first. She looked back and gave everyone a reassuring expression. Under their shocked gazes, she slowly closed the door.

In less than two to three minutes, Su Tao opened the door and told them, "The boss says for everyone to go in."

Jin Chui Wen peeked in and saw Xie Jin sitting calmly behind his desk, his previous irritable mood gone.

After everyone sighed in relief and filed in, Jin Chui Wen, who was last, walked past Su Tao and whispered, "Thank you."

After the PR department issue was handled, another shocking incident happened at the company.

Without any warning or reason, five employees were fired simultaneously.

Although they were all junior employees, the large number made everyone uneasy. Was something wrong internally that the company was starting mass layoffs?

But very quickly, the announcement of increased quarterly bonuses reassured the remaining employees to automatically understand that those fired must have poor work capabilities. They had to work harder to keep their jobs.

Seeing the shift in opinion online, Jin Chui Wen sneered contemptuously. Too naive.

These five people were fired on the boss's orders after he overheard them gossiping about the boss's wife. Think carefully about your own actions.

Su Tao glanced at the recent personnel change announcements with a detached look before closing the information and continuing to write her work summary.

Boss Xie still had not approved her resignation letter, so she wanted to finish the work summary before the new hire came to facilitate the handover.

A message notification sounded from her phone. She unlocked it and saw it was from her younger brother, Su Yang Xing. Her instinct was to close it, but the content caught her eye.

【Su Yang Xing: Did you see my Moments post?】

【Su Yang Xing: The car is so nice, give it to me.】

Su Tao's expression darkened. She swiftly opened Moments and saw his latest post, a few selfies.

The first two were taken inside a car, and the last one showed the car's full view - a white Audi A4.

That was Su Tao's car.

Parked at home for a year now, she hadn't gone back for it.

She narrowed her eyes and scrutinized the photos.

The photos looked intentionally staged to let her know it was her car - even the license plate was captured.

Scrolling to Su Yang Xing's first two selfies, the cocky expression on his handsome face was arrogant and provocative, extremely punchable.

Su Tao took a deep breath. She immediately opened her computer and searched for used car websites, digging out old photos she'd taken of her beloved car on her phone. Her fingers hesitated for a moment before clicking upload.

After inputting the vehicle information, her fingers trembled slightly.

Su Yang Xing was two years younger than her, now a sophomore majoring in broadcasting at the university Su Tao graduated from.

A handsome playboy, he usually acted like a spoiled rich kid, never lacking luxury cars, beautiful women, and champagne.

Su Tao barely glanced at his updates, completely uninterested in his activities. In fact, she greatly disliked him and not blocking him could be considered her showing grace.

Their family was middle class at best, yet her father had three wives.

She, her older brother, and younger brother were half-siblings with different mothers.

As the only girl in the family, she was not doted on, but instead bullied due to her father's dislike.

Her biggest bully from young was the mischievous Su Yang Xing. He especially loved snatching her belongings, from small items like erasers to big ones like computers.

She had no power to protect her possessions from being taken, so she learned to simply not want things she couldn't exclusively own - this was the shadow that plagued her since childhood.

However, Su Tao never confronted him directly, because his birth mother was her father's current wife, her stepmother.

She never did foolish things like clash head-on. Deflecting force with four ounces was more effective for her goals.

For instance, this A4 was bought by her stepmother in exchange for Su Tao's help getting Su Yang Xing into his broadcasting university.

What she lost, she would always find ways to compensate back.

But now this Su Yang Xing had secretly made a copy of her car keys when she wasn't home.

She definitely could not keep the car after he drove it.

After blocking Su Yang Xing's WeChat, she also blocked his phone number.


At lunch, as usual, Su Tao made plans with He Xiao Rui to eat together in the cafeteria.

She tidied up the morning's documents and was about to find He Xiao Rui when her office phone rang.

"Come to my office."

Then the call disconnected abruptly - Xie Jin's customary style.

She frowned in dissatisfaction but still knocked on the ominous dark door.

Xie Jin was leisurely sitting behind his desk, idly fiddling with her resignation letter, not even glancing up when Su Tao entered.

"Boss Xie, what's the matter?"

"Has lunch arrived?"

Su Tao's bright eyes flitted around. She made a show of leaving and said, "The lunch you ordered? Let me ask reception."

"Come back," Xie Jin hurriedly called her back. "Call reception to send it up directly. Just wait here."

Su Tao's expression froze, looking at him puzzledly. "I'll wait here? Since reception is sending it directly, what's the point of me staying?"

Xie Jin's sharp gaze swept over. "To eat."

"You're not eating lunch with me anymore, right? I already made plans with He Xiao Rui."

Xie Jin's face stiffened, anger rising steadily. She was definitely challenging his limits.

"Little Taozi," his tone was ominous and his eyes narrowed dangerously. His entire being emitted a perilous aura. "Don't overdo it."

Did he think he was throwing her a lifeline?

Showing great benevolence by forgiving her?

Su Tao sighed lightly. Perhaps he didn't know she actually disliked eating with him.

"It's time, so I'll go first. Enjoy your meal."

Su Tao fled the office as if escaping, leaving Xie Jin behind with a black expression and pent-up fury.

After a satisfying lunch, Su Tao felt great. Since there was still lunch break, she wanted to walk around downstairs to aid digestion.

Mainly to also avoid Xie Jin for a bit.

Su Tao took the elevator down with He Xiao Rui and two female colleagues after eating.

As soon as they exited, senior Zhang Qi Guang called to say he was in her company's lobby.

Su Tao looked up and saw the tall, handsome man a short distance ahead remove his sunglasses. He raised his phone and waved at her, smiling faintly as he strode over.

Dressed in ripped jeans and a trendy sweater, her senior who was two years older looked fashionable and youthful.

Su Tao bid her colleagues farewell and sat with Zhang Qi Guang at a café near the company.

The coffee was served. Su Tao ignored the sugar packets and took a small sip of black coffee, eliciting a tsk from Zhang Qi Guang.

"Still haven't changed, huh Su Tao Tao? Coffee without sugar is so bitter?" As he spoke, he drank a sip of his caramel latte and felt life was perfect.

"I don't like sweet things." Su Tao smiled placidly, but the smile didn't reach her eyes.

Zhang Qi Guang was used to Su Tao's aloof demeanor and didn't make much of it. He had known her for years and seen that her gentle surface belied an icy heart.

In all their time acquainted, only Xie Jin and her family could elicit strong reactions from her.

"We're still going ahead with our previous discussion, right?" Zhang Qi Guang put down his sweet coffee. His peach blossom eyes smiled at Su Tao as he added, "I sincerely invited you. I flew over specially to see you today. If you can produce a second-tier artist for me within a year, I'll give you a stakeholder's position."

Su Tao also set down her coffee, smiling ambiguously. "Senior, you really flew here for me?"

Given how often he hopped between cities in a day to date different girlfriends, she wouldn't be surprised if that was the real reason.

It wouldn't be the first time.

"You ungrateful girl, I really did fly for you this time! Look, the stake transfer deed!" Zhang Qi Guang rapped Su Tao with the document in his hand, annoyed. He tossed the file before her.

Although Zhang Qi Guang's Skyhigh Entertainment was an invisible small fry in the industry, they already had many artists gaining momentum.

He had good management ideology and decentralized authority. The major agents he partnered with were also highly capable.

From her knowledge, the industry-renowned idol group talent scout Liang Ke had been poached by him recently and was now a major shareholder.

Another shareholder was a female MBA returnee, also an outstanding media graduate - her ability was not to be underestimated.

For senior to promise an inexperienced new graduate like her a shareholder position showed his sincerity.

Him specially bringing the stake transfer deed today was likely because he doubted her resolve to leave Xie Jin, right?

Zhang Qi Guang's expression turned serious as he solemnly asked, "Su Tao, back in school didn't you say you wanted to become an agent like your mother? Do you still feel the same way? Have your dreams changed?"

Su Tao sat by the window on the second floor, looking down at the broad plaza surrounded by rings of youths.

A few newly debuted artists were busking in the center, exuding youthful energy and vigor, cheered on enthusiastically by the crowd.

As if in a trance, she returned to that night when she was 10-years-old. It was the first time Mother brought her to a concert.

The young men on stage were still very green, but each had determined gazes shining brightly.

Mother said that was what dreams looked like.

Mother didn't know at the time, her eyes were also shining as she watched. Those youths on stage were all artists she had groomed.

Back then, she didn't understand why Mother worked so tirelessly for other people's dreams.

Now she understood.

To help them achieve their dreams - that was Mother's dream.

And her own ideals had never changed.

Su Tao's gaze lingered for a long time, because she accidentally spotted a tall, noble figure.

It was Xie Jin.

Next to him stood an exceptionally elegant and beautiful woman in a pink dress.

She was smiling radiantly up at Xie Jin. When she raised her hand, the bracelet on her wrist flashed and blinded Su Tao.

In the fleeting moment when Su Tao glanced away, the two people standing by the roadside had already disappeared from sight.


After lunch break ended, Su Tao returned to the office, only to be summoned into Xie Jin's office again.

This time, he locked the door in advance and stepped out from behind his desk, standing in front of Su Tao with danger radiating from his whole body as he gazed at her with piercing eyes.

"Who did you meet during lunch?"

Su Tao was stunned for an instant, knowing for sure that a colleague must have seen her with Zhang Qi Guang and spread idle gossip that reached Xie Jin's ears.

Turns out he wasn't indifferent to gossip, he just selectively listened to the ones he cared about.

She raised her eyelids, taking a step back with an icy gaze fixed on him. "Zhang Qi Guang, my school senior. You've met him before."

Xie Jin was displeased that she had stepped back, but he didn't move forward. His eyes were clouded with gloom as he commanded, "Come here."

Su Tao didn't budge.

Xie Jin's fist was clenched tightly, the veins in his neck bulging. He had reached his limit of patience for her disobedience.

He picked up the resignation letter on the desk. His chest heaved violently as he looked at her fiercely. "Do you believe I'll really sign this off?"

Su Tao's tranquil gaze fell upon the resignation letter he had threatened her with many times. Her expression was aloof.

Xie Jin was finally provoked to anger by her. He grabbed a pen and signed his agreement and name with a flourish.

Holding up the signed resignation letter, he said ominously, "Little peach, think carefully. If you resign from being my secretary, I won't let you work anywhere else."

He was giving her a choice - be his secretary or be a full-time housewife.

Su Tao reached out her fair hand and took the resignation letter from him. Her voice was as melodious as a spring stream. "Perhaps I didn't make myself clear. My resignation means that things between us are over too."