The Fake Heiress and Her Five Villainous Brothers

Chapter 99

The banquet had officially begun.

Yuan Si smiled faintly, cold, obstinate, with a terrifying murderous intent.

He wore magnificent vintage attire, pale, handsome, and arrogant, like a noble royal guest observing the imminent killing performance.

Anyone who had harmed his sister, Yuan Si would personally orchestrate their death.

Last time he failed to protect his sister, this time he would hold her tightly in his grasp, whether she was willing or not.

Beside him, Yuan Luoyi sat in an armchair, silent, her eyes always lowered, refusing to look at Zhang Xunyin in the cage.

Yuan Si said, "Look up, this guilty lamb is specially prepared for you."

Yuan Luoyi did not respond.

Yuan Si could easily force Yuan Luoyi to watch, the more exposure to bloody scenes, the faster she would descend into darkness.

But Yuan Si did not do so, he pitied her, he could be patient with her.

Zhang Xunyin screamed, "Ah ah ah! You can't kill me!"

No one paid her any heed, the followers donned white robes, their faces hidden in the shadows of hoods, glittering knives appearing in their hands. In a solemn and sinister atmosphere, they began approaching Zhang Xunyin.

Greed and wishful thinking led Zhang Xunyin to betray, the gym teacher had saved her life, but she killed him for money.

Yuan Fa and Yuan Yong, the second and third brothers, spared her life, but she slandered them as lechers.

Yuan Luoyi had never harmed her, yet she endlessly defamed her with the most vicious words.

In this rotten era devoid of justice, Zhang Xunyin would have escaped punishment and enjoyed wealth and glory if Yuan Si's followers had not captured her.

Now, Zhang Xunyin would pay the price for her misdeeds.

"Save me! Someone, save me! These people are crazy!"

Intense fear mired Zhang Xunyin like a quagmire, her eyes wide open, glancing around in panic, finally landing on Yuan Luoyi.

"I gave you a fork!"

"You can't be so ungrateful! Quick, save me! Tell these madmen to stop!"

From all sides, the followers kept closing in, gradually tightening the encirclement, the cold glint of blades illuminating Zhang Xunyin's face as she fell to the ground, tears streaming, trembling uncontrollably.


The iron door opened, several hands grabbed her and dragged her out.

Even when the first knife fell on Zhang Xunyin, she showed no remorse.

She thought to herself:

Alas, her life had truly been unlucky.

Her impoverished parents could never afford her excellent education, causing her to be bullied by those rich girls at school.

Finally, when she had money, she no longer had to play the doormat, she could be as glamorous as those rich girls. But just a few days later, the gym teacher came to cause trouble.

As a woman, she killed him and had to dig a pit overnight to bury him, which was truly exhausting.

Picking up her phone, the gym teacher's granddaughter texted asking why he hadn't returned home. He had a happy family, while she could never grasp happiness - it was so unfair.

There was truly nothing good in this world, everyone had to obstruct her.

More knives fell, the blood on the ground spreading, pain, screams, weeping, until finally everything fell silent as Zhang Xunyin died.

The followers raised their bloodied knives, chanting incessantly:

"Blood sacrifice!"

"Blood sacrifice!"

"Blood sacrifice!"

This was the best requiem, the tragedy brought by all evil deeds finally punctuated.

The banquet was spectacular, the followers fully exhibited their loyalty, executing justice with their own knives.

Not far away, Yuan Luoyi remained silent in the armchair.

Zhang Xunyin was an immoral villain who deserved her fate, but Yuan Luoyi could not enjoy the killing like these followers.

The fourth brother also enjoyed the killing, he had changed too much. She still remembered how he was as a child, always sleeping in, clinging tightly to Yuan Luoyi, having no interest in joining the Yuan family's internal strife.

The corrupted Yuan Si was completely different, glamorous and indolent, fully exhibiting his cruel and bloody side. Just standing beside Yuan Luoyi, she could feel an overwhelming oppressive force.

Yuan Si said to Yuan Luoyi, "You can look up now, she's dead."

Yuan Luoyi did not move.

Yuan Si sighed sadly, clearly his sister resisted him. He had to admit, compared to other members of the Yuan family, his way of caring for his sister was somewhat extreme.

If it were the eldest brother Yuan Ao, he would suffer himself to let Yuan Luoyi live freely.

If it were the second brother Yuan Fa, he would never let his sister witness such bloody scenes.

Even the murderous third brother Yuan Yong would not bear to let Yuan Luoyi feel distressed, he would do anything to protect her.

But Yuan Si had to do this, the descent into darkness was unpleasant, even damaging their sibling relationship, but his sister would finally join their world.

Things had come to this, it seemed Yuan Si had no choice but to control her.

He walked up to Yuan Luoyi, slowly squatting to meet her eye level, cradling her small hand.

"Please tell me how I can make you accept me?"

"I want to leave."

"No, you'll always be by my side, I'll create a perfect world for you."

"Like a doll's house?"

"Yes, beautiful and safe, you'll love it."

Yuan Luoyi recalled being locked in a room by Yuan Si as a child, it was also a perfect room, every plush toy carefully selected, Yuan Luoyi adored them, the snacks all her favorites.

Yuan Si always knew what she wanted most.

Only now, Yuan Luoyi knew the villain was not outside, but right in front of her.

She said, "I'll grab a small knife to deal with you."

Yuan Si smiled.

The icy dagger was placed in Yuan Luoyi's hand, Yuan Si leaned on the armchair with one hand, inching closer, unafraid, but eager to try.

His slender fingers parted his collar, revealing some lean chest.

"You can try."

Yuan Si guided Yuan Luoyi's hand, pressing the dagger to his chest, whispering in her ear:

"If you truly wish to kill me, I don't mind being your first prey."

Yuan Luoyi's fingers trembled slightly as the sharp blade cut through her delicate skin, a small string of red blood beads emerging and dripping onto her white garment.

Suddenly pulling her hand back, Yuan Luoyi's heart raced as she asked, "Why must you do this?"

Yuan Si chuckled deeply, his manner disheveled, manic, exuding an eerie wickedness that sent chills down one's spine.

"My dear sister, I would give anything for you, even my life, while you descend into darkness."