The Fake Heiress and Her Five Villainous Brothers

Chapter 87

For the next few days, Yuan Luoyi had a relatively relaxed time.

After her father's work stabilized, Li Xin's love for Yuan Luoyi became intense again, and her family could finally live with dignity.

At night, after finishing her homework, Li Xin would start organizing people for fan creations. Thanks to her vigorous promotion, the number of fans grew quite rapidly.

Just 10,000 more people, and Yuan Luoyi would be able to activate Time Regression again.

In the morning, as soon as Yuan Luoyi arrived at Class D, Yu Hua excitedly shouted, "Something really interesting happened at our school today!"

Yuan Luoyi asked, "What is it?"

Yu Hua said, "That Teacher Su from Class A went to 93 Middle School and taught the students there for three days. Today, she brought those students to our school for an English competition, and they actually won first place!"

"The English teachers for our third-year students were so ashamed that they stormed off. Our school uses the best educational resources to teach the best students, but they still can't compare to..."

At this point, Yu Hua paused, as if remembering something, and looked apologetic. "Sorry, Teacher Su used to bully you. I shouldn't have talked about her."

Yuan Luoyi said, "It's okay. She really is a great teacher. Whenever a student's grades dropped, she only needed to give them a little tutoring, and their grades would go back up. That's why many parents wanted to give her gifts to get on her good side."

When Yuan Luoyi was in Class A, Teacher Su openly asked for expensive gifts in exchange for one-on-one tutoring sessions, charging 20,000 yuan for a handbag.

She was skilled at making parents willingly give her money and even feel grateful to her.

In fact, just to earn more money, Teacher Su would even tutor subjects outside of English, like Chinese and Math, which made the other teachers dislike her.

Yuan Luoyi put down her bag and sat at her desk.

On the screen was an English online class. After Teacher Su left, Star Galaxy Middle School had hired a new English teacher, a beautiful young woman with a standard British accent, impeccable morals, proper attire, and patience with students.

She pointed to a long row of words on the blackboard.

"Come on, students, read these words aloud three times to reinforce your memory!"

If Teacher Su had been teaching, she would have directly analyzed the word roots and stems, telling the students the etymological history of each word, and they would have remembered the words effortlessly and not easily forgotten them.

The more Yuan Luoyi listened, the more she felt the new English teacher's class was boring, so she laid her head on the desk and fell asleep.

She already understood most academic subjects, so she would definitely get high scores on the exams without needing to study.

It was better to just rest, as she would soon go into Time Regression again and needed to conserve her energy.

She lazed through the morning and the afternoon, and finally, it was time for dismissal.

Yu Hua grabbed his bag and hurried out, exclaiming, "I have an e-sports competition tonight, see you later!"

Yuan Luoyi shouted at his back, "I hope you win big!"

Yu Hua gave her a thumbs-up, indicating everything was under control, but because he was distracted, he almost tripped over his own feet. His athletic ability had always been poor.

Yuan Luoyi stuffed the books she had barely used into her bag and left the classroom.

Passing through the bustling crowds, Yuan Luoyi spotted a familiar person - Su Xun, who had been stopped by Teacher Su and looked impatient.

Teacher Su said, "My sister said you haven't been home for several days. What's going on?"

Su Xun replied, "I've left the Su Family."

Teacher Su sneered, "Left the Su Family? Without the Su Family's upbringing all these years, you'd be nothing! Remember, juniors will always be indebted to their elders, and you can never repay that debt in your lifetime!"

Seeing the internal conflict within the Su Family, Yuan Luoyi decided to keep her distance. She wanted to hurry home, as she might be able to activate Time Regression that night.

"Yuan Luoyi!"

As if able to sense Yuan Luoyi's presence, Teacher Su suddenly turned and shouted her name.

Reluctantly, Yuan Luoyi stopped in her tracks, and Teacher Su quickly approached her, accompanied by a strong smell of smoke, indicating that she had smoked a lot during those three days at 93 Middle School.

Teacher Su looked Yuan Luoyi up and down. "Why didn't you greet me when you saw me?"

Yuan Luoyi said, "You're no longer my teacher."

Teacher Su replied, "Watch your tone! I won't be officially fired until tomorrow, so I'm still your teacher for now. Since you're here, you and Su Xun can help me move some files. They're heavy, and I'm wearing high heels, so it's inconvenient for me."

Suddenly being asked to do manual labor infuriated Su Xun. The Su Family was known for their short tempers, and she followed Teacher Su back to the teaching building with a sullen expression and stomping feet.

Teacher Su dragged Yuan Luoyi along. Yuan Luoyi should have just run away earlier, turning into a gust of wind so Teacher Su couldn't catch her.

Teacher Su's office was quite large, with walls adorned with various brand-name handbags and a cabinet displaying her awards and trophies.

Beside the desk were piles of files that resembled small mountains.

Su Xun let out a wail, "Auntie, just hire a temporary worker to move them! I'll pay!"

Lighting a cigarette and smoking in front of the students again, Teacher Su said, "Shut up! There's a small cart over there. Just load the files onto it."

Resigned, Su Xun and Yuan Luoyi began moving the files.

Even a little physical activity was quite tiring. Before long, Yuan Luoyi felt like she didn't want to move anymore, and she suddenly noticed Teacher Su staring at her.

In the past, Yuan Luoyi would have lowered her head and pretended not to notice.

But this time, Yuan Luoyi looked up and met the gaze of the teacher who had always bullied her.

Teacher Su let out a soft laugh. "You really have changed a lot."

The question that had always lingered in her mind slipped out. Yuan Luoyi asked, "Why do you dislike me so much?"

Teacher Su frankly replied, "Because you're from the Yuan Family."

Yuan Luoyi said, "What if I wasn't from the Yuan Family?"

After some thought, Teacher Su finished her last puff of smoke and sighed, "Then you'd probably be the most outstanding young lady I've ever taught."

Su Xun's eyes went wide, as she had thought she was the most outstanding person in Teacher Su's eyes.

As if seeing through Su Xun's thoughts, Teacher Su rolled her eyes dramatically. "You have too many flaws. I can't even be bothered to list them!"


Suddenly, all the lights in the room went out, and it became dark.

Su Xun said, "Was that a power outage?"

Teacher Su felt for the light switch and flipped it repeatedly, but the lights didn't come on.

This was strange. Star Galaxy Middle School had two backup generators and had never experienced a power outage before. Someone must have pulled the circuit breaker.

But why would someone do that now...


Teacher Su pushed open the door and walked out. The hallway was empty, without even a janitor.

Looking up at the ceiling, the surveillance cameras that normally blinked red were now dark.

In the distance, several dark figures cast shadows around the corner, burly men who seemed to be carrying something.

Teacher Su squinted to make out the shapes, and her heart started racing - they were knives!

She rushed back into the room, violently pulled the door closed and locked it. She took out her phone, but the signal showed zero bars, unable to make any calls.

Something had happened!

And it was premeditated!

She looked at her two students, one whom she favored, and one whom she had maliciously mistreated.

Teacher Su opened the closet and shoved the two kids inside. Her face was pale with fear, but her eyes were steely with determination: "Bad people are coming. You two hide in here, and no matter what happens, don't make a sound, understand?"

Yuan Luoyi grabbed Teacher Su's arm: "Auntie, where will you hide?"

Teacher Su shook off her hand: "Shut up! You're just a kid, don't meddle in adult affairs!"


Someone was violently pounding on the door from outside.

Teacher Su hurriedly closed the closet door.


This time the door burst open.

Numerous footsteps approached, accompanied by commotion and the sound of trophies crashing to the floor.

The last sound was Teacher Su's muffled, faint scream.

Yuan Luoyi and Su Xun huddled together in the dark closet, cramped in the tiny space, trembling with fear. Su Xun cried silently, not daring to make a sound.

She had lost her aunt.