The Fake Heiress and Her Five Villainous Brothers

Chapter 86

The person who most wanted the Yuan family to be destroyed was definitely Teacher Su.

After her parents both committed suicide by jumping off a building, Teacher Su scattered their ashes into a river with her own hands.

The cost of a cemetery plot was too high, and the money her sister earned from singing at a nightclub overnight was only enough for the two sisters' food and shelter. She had to choose this way to lay her parents to rest.

As a young girl, she knelt by the riverbank, crying until her voice was hoarse. She vowed to take revenge on the Yuan family.

However, Teacher Su did not expect that when she first met Yuan Luoyi, she would be surprised to find that although Yuan Luoyi was the daughter of the Yuan family, she was not arrogant at all, unlike a typical member of the Yuan family.

On the first day of school, Teacher Su stood on the podium, and below, a group of scions from prestigious families were making a commotion. They first politely flattered each other, and then began to show off their family's wealth.

"My father is in real estate, and his company has gone public. What about you?"

"My family is in the aircraft materials business."

Their faces were full of arrogance and ignorance.

Teacher Su maintained a smile on the surface, but inwardly she mocked viciously. Most of the children here had the potential to become spoiled brats.

And the Yuan family's daughter with the greatest wealth and power, Yuan Luoyi, sat quietly in her seat. Her demeanor was impeccable, elegant and humble, occasionally gazing around curiously.

Who could have imagined that the evil Yuan family could raise such a lovely daughter?

Yuan Luoyi kept a low profile, wanting to make friends, but Teacher Su would not let her wish come true.

Over the years, she had studied hard, associated with the powerful elite, and climbed up by any means necessary. Now, her target for revenge was right in front of her. How could she miss this opportunity?

At this point, the advantage of being a teacher came into play.

"Yuan Luoyi, what's the use of carrying such a big backpack all day when you can't even learn?"

"Why is it that everyone else can recite it fluently, but you stumble over it?"

"Today you finally answered a question correctly. Oh, did you study it in advance? You really need to learn it twice to reach the level of a normal student."

Teacher Su coldly denied everything about Yuan Luoyi. When Yuan Luoyi tried to refute her, Teacher Su would take on the teacher's posture.

"I've taught so many students, and many of them have won international awards. You're the most difficult to educate!"

The students in the class snickered.

Teacher Su disliked Yuan Luoyi, and the students would follow suit and ostracize her. The isolation began, and it was all Teacher Su's doing.

However, Teacher Su's good days did not last long, as Yuan Luoyi suddenly changed.

At the age of 11, her eyes gained a sense of transcendence. She no longer cared about worldly opinions. Even when Teacher Su repeated her tactics and publicly denied her, giving her an English test score of zero, her expression remained unchanged.

After a re-test, Yuan Luoyi scored a perfect 100 on English. She could have stayed in class A, but she chose to go to class D.

And Teacher Su began to face an investigation by the Elephant Bone Association. At Star Galaxy Middle School, it was a serious offense for a teacher to bully a student.

Now, the principal found Teacher Su and said sternly, "Teacher Su, you're an outstanding person, but you really did something foolish. The Elephant Bone Association has confirmed that you verbally abused Yuan Luoyi, the daughter of the Yuan family. Why did you give her a hard time?"

Teacher Su said disdainfully, "Let the Yuan family retaliate if they want. I've already lost everything! I'm not even afraid of death, let alone afraid of them!"

The principal knew about Teacher Su's family's past and felt sympathy for her, but he was also an old friend of the Yuan family, who had helped him many times.

So the principal placed a notice on Teacher Su's desk.

"I'm very sorry that things have escalated to this point. In terms of ability, you're exceptional, but in terms of morals, you suppressed students for personal reasons, killing their future potential, which is tantamount to a crime."

"The Elephant Bone Association has decided to give you a three-day trial period. You will go to 93 Middle School to teach those children. If your performance is outstanding, you will still have a chance to teach at Star Galaxy Middle School."

"If you fail the trial, you will be blacklisted from all industries, and you will never be able to find a job again."

Teacher Su threw her head back and laughed coldly.

A trial period?

It was just a formality. No matter what she did, she would be permanently blacklisted in three days.

But it didn't matter. Her sister used to be a famous singer and still had many connections. Many of them had grudges against the Yuan family. If they joined forces, they could still bring down the Yuan family.

In the afternoon, Teacher Su quickly gathered her teaching materials and left Star Galaxy Middle School.

At the school gate, she saw Yuan Luoyi. Today was different. In addition to the Yuan family's eldest son, Yuan Ao, the second son, Yuan Fa, and the third son, Yuan Yong, were also present.

Teacher Su had always found it incredible that these undeniable demons could be good brothers in front of their sister.

When Yuan Luoyi walked towards them, their originally gloomy eyes softened considerably.

Teacher Su thought wickedly.

Enjoy your last moments while you can. If the Yuan family doesn't fall, it will go against heaven's principles. They will pay the price for their evil deeds.

Taking out a few coins, Teacher Su boarded a rickety public bus, heading towards 93 Middle School.

She checked her wallet and found she had a little over 500 yuan left. She needed to spend it wisely. The Elephant Bone Association had discovered that she had accepted gifts from parents, and her bank card had been frozen, so she couldn't withdraw any money.

The bus traveled from the luxurious and bright wealthy area into the gloomy slums.

When she arrived at 93 Middle School, Teacher Su got off the bus and looked around.

The school gate was dilapidated, with most of the tiles fallen off, exposing the gray concrete underneath. It was wrapped in coils of barbed wire, like a prison. The guard was an old man dozing off. Inside, the classroom buildings were brightly lit, and students were still in class.

Unlike Star Galaxy Middle School, which advocated free and inspirational education, 93 Middle School practiced a completely enclosed form of education.

"Clack! Clack! Clack!"

Wearing high heels, Teacher Su approached the guard and handed him her business card. "Hello, I'm the temporary English teacher sent from Star Galaxy Middle School."

The guard instantly woke up, glanced at the business card, and waved Teacher Su in.

Walking smoothly through the corridor, Teacher Su arrived at Class 13 of Grade 8. Even before she reached the door, she could hear the noisy commotion inside, as if these children had taken some kind of stimulant.

Opening the door, the students glanced at Teacher Su but continued their rowdy laughter and horseplay, tossing their homework around. The boys who had just gone through puberty always wanted to show off in front of the girls, so challenging the teacher became a cool thing to do.

Teacher Su sighed. 93 Middle School was still as hopeless as before.

She walked onto the podium, sweeping away the trash on top of it with one swipe, and firmly placing her lesson plan down. She took out a cigarette and a lighter.


The flame ignited, lighting the cigarette. She took a deep drag, then exhaled slowly, and Teacher Su's mood stabilized.

The students in the class gradually quieted down, staring at the new teacher. She wore a white blouse, a form-fitting skirt, and a flashy short silk scarf around her neck, unapologetically smoking in front of her students.

A boy walked up to Teacher Su. He couldn't have been more than 15 years old, yet his arms were already covered in tattoos.

"You're a woman, and a teacher, how dare you smoke in front of us?"

Teacher Su took another deep drag, mockingly sneering, "You live in the trash, and have been assimilated into trash yourselves. Are you afraid of a little secondhand smoke?"

The boy was enraged. He stepped forward aggressively, as if to start a fight with Teacher Su. But she swiftly took off her high heels and swung them forcefully at his head.


The boy fell to the ground, blood pouring from his forehead, as the whole class looked on in shock.

"Oh my god, the teacher hit a student!"

The class erupted in chaos.

"Bang!" Teacher Su slammed her hand on the lectern, and the students fell silent again.

Teacher Su said, "Good morning, students. I'm your temporary English teacher. You can call me Teacher Su. At the same time, I'm also your senior student, so don't try to play games with me, because I play better than any of you."

"You're lucky, because you're the last group of students I'll be teaching. I've decided to teach you some real skills."

"The knowledge I'll impart over these three days will make you shine like gold, you bunch of losers."

She picked up a piece of chalk and wrote a line of large characters on the blackboard, speaking each word aloud.

"How to swindle money from the upper class."

"Ha ha, this is an art. I used to be trash too, but I successfully left the trash heap behind. Even if I lose my job, I live better than any of you."

Teacher Su turned around. This time, the students were all sitting upright at their desks, more eager to learn than ever before.

She said, "First, open your English books to the vocabulary list at the end."

The students did as instructed, the rustling of pages echoing through the classroom.

Teacher Su strutted down from the podium in her high heels, flicking ash from her cigarette with one hand.

"I love exams, because my test-taking skills allow me to score high marks effortlessly."

"Now, I'm going to recite 100 words. Memorize them, add a little technique, and you'll score over 140 in English on the high school entrance exam."

"And a proper education is the first step toward getting close to the upper class."