The Fake Heiress and Her Five Villainous Brothers

Chapter 49

After conversing with the true young lady, Yuan Luoyi headed towards her next destination, the cafeteria.

At Star Galaxy Middle School, there were two things that could make Yuan Luoyi happy. The first was participating in variety shows, continuously upgrading her influence. The second was to go to the cafeteria and eat, as the chefs there really had excellent skills.

Steamed soup dumplings! And fresh, delicious tofu soup! They were about to be flaunted into her stomach!

As soon as Yuan Luoyi arrived at the cafeteria entrance, she saw a familiar figure.

Dressed in a black windbreaker and black hat, Yuan Yong, her third eldest brother, stood silently in the shadows, seemingly waiting for his sister. With his innate sense of danger, people around Yuan Yong would automatically make way when they saw him.

Yuan Luoyi used to be very afraid of him too, vividly remembering the experience of being abducted by him at the age of six.

Yuan Yong wanted to pull Yuan Luoyi into his world, showcasing the allure of killing to her, but the young Yuan Luoyi only felt terror.

Now, Yuan Luoyi wasn't as afraid anymore. She knew that although her brothers were abnormal and occasionally did terrifying things, they all cared for Yuan Luoyi and protected her in their own way.

Yuan Luoyi ran up to Yuan Yong's side: "Third brother! You finally came!"

Yuan Yong slightly bowed: "I'm sorry I couldn't show up when you were competing yesterday. I could only come to see you today."

Yuan Luoyi said, "But you were watching me all along, right!"

"Yes, your performance was brilliant. I could see your transformation. At first, you were anxious and uneasy, but after you went out for a while, you became determined and brave. What happened?"

For Yuan Luoyi, something significant did happen. She saw memories of her past life and knew that she had spent 1,800 years and 99 lifetimes creating this new timeline, all to change the fate of death and save everyone.

However, due to the system, Yuan Luoyi couldn't tell Yuan Yong these things.

So she flashed a big smile: "I just figured out a lot of things and had the courage to compete. Third brother, you still owe me a pizza. You haven't forgotten, have you!"

Yuan Yong smiled: "Of course I haven't forgotten. I'm here today to fulfill my promise."

Among the five brothers, Yuan Yong had the most exquisite features, with a subtle, feminine beauty. When he smiled lightly, there was an added touch of charm.

Girls passing by the cafeteria gazed at Yuan Yong with dazed expressions.

Yuan Yong's appearance was highly captivating, easily winning the affection of the opposite sex. In reality, among the five brothers, he was the most bloodthirsty.

For this reason, Yuan Yong was forbidden from getting close to Yuan Luoyi. This time, for him to enter the school to see Yuan Luoyi, he must have put in considerable effort.

Yuan Yong placed his hand on Yuan Luoyi's shoulder: "Let's go. I've heard the pizza here is quite good. You'll definitely love it."

They went into the cafeteria and ordered pizza. The thick cheese was incredibly delicious, with a slight caramel flavor after being roasted by the flames. When you first bite into it, it's crispy, but soon the smooth cheese oozes out, rich and flavorful, with a lingering aftertaste.

They both ate happily.

Yuan Yong said, "The second wish has been fulfilled. Have you thought about the third one yet?"

Yuan Luoyi tilted her head, thinking.

This was something she hadn't considered. Recently, she had been busy participating in variety shows and searching for the real culprit, so she hadn't thought about what else she needed.

Yuan Luoyi said, "I'm not sure yet. Can I tell you later?"

Yuan Yong said, "Alright, but you need to decide quickly."

Yuan Luoyi frowned: "Third brother, are you going back to the battlefield?"

Yuan Yong said, "Yes, I've been here for too long. If I don't go back, my skills will become rusty."

Yuan Luoyi knew that Yuan Yong was referring to his killing skills. He couldn't stay in the normal world for long, as he was born for the battlefield filled with slaughter.

The last slice of pizza was eaten, and Yuan Yong had to leave.

He gently hugged Yuan Luoyi: "I'll always be protecting you from afar. If one day you want to leave the Yuan family, please tell me. I'll do everything I can to take you away."

Yuan Yong felt that the Yuan family was too evil and unsuitable for raising his sister, so he always wanted to take Yuan Luoyi away.

A doubt suddenly emerged.

Yuan Luoyi asked, "Third brother, has the Yuan family done bad things in the past?"

Yuan Yong looked like he was recalling something, letting out a low, chilling laugh filled with an ominous sense of evil. He bent down, leaning close to Yuan Luoyi, and whispered.

"The bad things we've done are too many, too many. People hate us, fear us, yet have to rely on us."

"From birth, the Double-headed Snake Family carries an original sin. We'll all go to hell, but you're innocent. Now you're still too young... Perhaps when you're older, I'll tell you those stories."

"For now, I must leave. Take care of yourself at all times."

Yuan Luoyi nodded: "Yeah, third brother, you take care too."

Yuan Yong left, his black figure quickly merging into the crowd and disappearing within a few moments.

Yuan Luoyi headed back to Class D, her heart in turmoil from her third brother's words.

There were many things about the Yuan family that Yuan Luoyi didn't know. On one hand, she was too young to participate in family affairs. On the other hand, as a normal person, she wasn't suited to handle those matters.

She only knew that the Yuan family was extremely wealthy and influential, and most importantly, people deeply feared the Yuan family...

After careful consideration, for an ordinary wealthy family, they might make people envious at most, but not instill such fear.

There were still too many secrets about the Yuan family that she didn't know.

With a long sigh, Yuan Luoyi entered the classroom and sat at her desk.

[Ding! System prompt: Influence reached 160, Traceability function activated]

Yuan Luoyi was delighted.

This was really good news! But she hadn't done anything special today, so how did her influence suddenly upgrade?

She opened her phone to check and saw that it was the afterglow of the heat from yesterday's knowledge competition.

She skimmed through the comments section.

"Using elliptic calculus to derive the real pendulum equation at 11 years old! This is definitely a genius!"

"Loved it, loved it, finally the domestic entertainment industry has introduced someone intelligent!"

"I'm obsessed with Yuan Sis, crazy for Yuan Sis, I'd crash into walls for Yuan Sis!"

Yuan Luoyi closed her phone. Hmm... Everyone was very enthusiastic, so she should be able to gain more influence.

Tonight, she'll activate the Traceability function. Maybe she'll even get to see her eldest brother.