The Fake Heiress and Her Five Villainous Brothers

Chapter 13

Ma's mother saw that the atmosphere was wrong. She trembled as she stood up, "Uh, my daughter Ma Mei will apologize properly. Can we reduce the compensation a little?"

Yuan Fa sympathized with this woman. She married the wrong man and her husband had led their daughter astray. If she had divorced earlier, she could have cut her losses in time.

Yuan Fa handed her a file, "You don't need to worry about money issues because this man's assets are no longer related to you."

Ma's mother flipped through the file, her expression changing from shock to anger and finally to grief. She walked up to Ma's father.


She slapped him hard.

Holding his cheek, Ma's father stared with wide eyes, "You dare hit me! You don't work, stay at home all day, eating my food, drinking my wine, and..."


Ma's mother slapped him again. Then countless punches rained down as she cried and shouted, "You bastard! Transferring assets to other women! And leaving a will to give all your assets to your illegitimate child without leaving anything for my daughter!"

Ma's father yelled, "It's because you didn't give birth to a son!"

It was the first time Ma Mei had seen her parents fight. She stood stiffly in place, her expression terrified.

The principal hurried over to separate them. Ma's mother's high heels were broken. She took them off and stood barefoot on the ground. Ma's father's face was covered in scratches, hurting so much that he was gnashing his teeth.

Yuan Fa politely handed Ma's mother his business card, "I have a female lawyer named Zhang in my firm who is very good at divorce litigation. She can claim back all the money your husband has given to his mistresses and apply for marriage contract damages."

Ma's mother took the business card and asked, "What about child custody?"

Yuan Fa said, "Since your husband is about to be bankrupted by us, you definitely have a better chance."

Ma's mother wiped away her tears, "Okay, I'll hire her."

Ma's father angrily pointed at Yuan Fa and shouted, "This is my family matter! Who allowed you to investigate!"

Yuan Fa calmly took out another document, "I like to win and hate to lose. So I tend to prepare more bargaining chips before going to court."

Ma's father yelled, "That's illegal!"

Yuan Fa said, "You're so anxious that you're spouting nonsense. I'm just gossiping like everyone else. How can that be illegal?"

Yuan Fa handed him the document. Ma's father took a step back, refusing to take it.

Yuan Fa said, "You should still take a look, or you could end up in prison."

Only then did Ma's father accept the document. As he began reading it, his face instantly turned pale. His hands holding the document shook uncontrollably, "How did you find out about this!"

Yuan Fa smiled faintly with a touch of a predator's bloodthirst, "Don't worry, sir. You just made a mistake that all businessmen could potentially make. However, I have a good deal for you. If you compensate for mental distress as we require, we can temporarily forget about the content of this document."

Ma's father was no longer as arrogant as before. He deflated like a punctured ball, hunching over.

After a while, he picked up the lawsuit he had previously discarded and slowly smoothed it out, trying to carefully read the mental distress compensation clause. But he had crumpled it too hard earlier, blurring some of the words.

Yuan Fa gestured with his hand. His female assistant trotted over and handed Ma's father a brand new contract.

Yuan Fa gave the contract to Ma's father, thoughtfully including a pen as well, "This is a settlement agreement already containing the compensation clause. If you sign it, the matter will be over."

Ma's father took a deep breath with his eyes closed. He still hadn't made up his mind.

Yuan Fa said, "Oh, I'm an impatient person who doesn't like waiting. You have three minutes. If you still haven't signed it, I can only see you in court."

Yuan Luoyi's stomach growled loudly from hunger. Hearing it, Yuan Ao said, "Yuan Luoyi hasn't eaten breakfast and is very hungry now. Hurry up."

Yuan Fa said, "Alright, three seconds then."



Panicking, Ma's father yelled, "Stop counting! I'll sign!"

He signed his name with a trembling hand.

Seeing that Ma's father had finished signing, Yuan Fa immediately took the contract and dashed over to Yuan Luoyi. He waved both arms dramatically and placed the contract on Yuan Luoyi's lap.

"Second brother got you some pocket money. Does that make you happy?"

Yuan Luoyi was a little happy, "Thank you, second brother."

Just as she was about to open the contract and see how much money had been paid, Yuan Fa snatched it away.

He flashed a shark smile, "But you're only eleven. This is quite a large sum. Claim procedures afterwards are also troublesome. I'll keep it for you."

Yuan Luoyi's misty eyes from just having cried glared at him, "You villainous lawyer!"

Yuan Fa smiled, "Oh, little sister really is an adorable creature. Thank you for the praise!"

The principal looked at the three Yuan children.

The eldest, Yuan Ao, was mature and steady. He had orchestrated all this from behind the scenes. He sat elegantly on the sofa with his arm stretched out silently shielding his younger sister.

The second son, Yuan Fa, was lively and cunning. He liked to rush to the frontline and wrestle directly with the enemy, going all out to perform and unleash his charm. He also protected his sister in his own way.

And the Yuan family's little daughter had just been crying with mist still in her eyes, arousing compassion.

She was the apple of the Yuan family's eye. Darkness, madness, and the uncontrollable thirst for blood would all settle in her presence.

The principal shook his head with a sigh. Ma's father was truly foolish. The Yuan family's retaliation was just beginning.

The five Yuan brothers were only willing to pretend to be normal in front of their sister.

Seeing that the matter was settled, the Ma family of three left.

Ma Mei never imagined that falsely accusing someone once would lead to the collapse of her entire family. She kept crying while her mother was much stronger. Head held high and barefoot, she was busy calling Lawyer Zhang to claim all of Ma's father's remaining assets.

The three school leaders were disheveled as if they had weathered a storm. Although Yuan Fa didn't directly make a move against them, killing the chicken was meant to warn the monkeys. The Yuan family could investigate everything about Ma's father. Naturally, they could also investigate everything about the three leaders.

Moreover, how could people who had climbed to high positions all have clean hands?

More importantly, the Yuan family once again demonstrated their strength. The five brothers had influence in various industries. Working together, no one could oppose them. That Yuan Fa could investigate everything so quickly also owed to the broad connections his big brother Yuan Ao had in the business community.

Yuan Ao looked at the three school leaders and gently asked, "Now is my sister still a student who cheated on exams?"

The three remained silent, grabbing their briefcases and getting up to leave, glaring fiercely at Yuan Ao as they staggered off.

Undoubtedly, the old fellows had lost this clash.

The principal wiped his sweat with a handkerchief. "I really hope your Yuan family won't use my office as your battlefield anymore. My heart can't take it."

Yuan Ao smiled and said, "How about I treat you to a meal another day?"

The principal quickly shook his head, "Forget it, forget it! You three, hurry up and go!"

Yuan Luoyi couldn't wait to leave as she was truly hungry.

After exiting the principal's office, Yuan Fa exclaimed, "Ah, having a sister has made me much kinder."

Yuan Luoyi said, "I don't notice any difference."

Yuan Fa said, "That girl called Ma Mei's birthday is in one week. I've decided to wait until she's finished celebrating before sending her father away."

Yuan Luoyi was baffled, "Huh? Didn't you say you'd forget about charging him with a crime after the compensation?"

Yuan Fa helplessly shook his head, "I said temporarily forget. But I didn't tell him the time limit was one week."

Yuan Luoyi sighed, "You really are extraordinarily evil..."

Yuan Fa smiled and said, "Demanding compensation is justified, eliminating evil and upholding good is an act of righteousness. Where's the harm in that? They should have reverence for justice in their hearts, and I'm merely the executor of justice."