The Fake Heiress and Her Five Villainous Brothers

Chapter 113

As a renowned young master in their circle, 16-year-old Yuan Chan was nothing like his cold and fearsome father, Yuan Jianghai. Tall and handsome, Yuan Chan was gentle, tolerant, and magnanimous. When in a good mood, he could be humorous and witty, making him a popular companion among the heirs of other families.

Consequently, Yuan Chan often received love letters. They were slipped into his homework, tucked into his desk, and once, someone even chased him into the men's restroom, bursting open the stall door to forcefully hand him a thick stack of love letters.

"Senior Yuan Chan! I've liked you for so long! This is a year's worth of love letters! Please read them!"

Yuan Chan, seated on the toilet, was utterly shocked.

Always naive about love, today he truly had his eyes opened. Who knew this emotion could drive people to such madness!

And that damned door—definitely shoddy workmanship! How could students feel secure using the restroom?

Yuan Chan quickly composed himself, raised his rock-hard fist, and struck out, successfully landing his admirer in the hospital.

Thankfully, the other party was also male. Being seen like this wasn't too bad; otherwise, it could have left serious psychological scars.

To prevent such situations, Yuan Chan publicly announced that in this life, he only loved weapons. His future dream was to marry his work, and he'd punch anyone who sent him love letters, regardless of gender.

That night, half the school wept bitterly. Their love letters would never be delivered.

Unfortunately, Yuan Chan's dream could never be realized. The Yuan family's heirs had always had arranged marriages, and Yuan Chan also had a fiancée.

At this moment, that young lady was sitting opposite Yuan Chan. Their gazes accidentally met in the air, and she shyly lowered her head.

Today was their first meeting. They had heard of each other's existence, exchanged two letters, shared photos, but had no other interactions.

Yuan Chan frowned and sighed.

She was extraordinarily beautiful, wearing a cream-colored long dress, elegant and ladylike—clearly from a distinguished family.

Yuan Chan had no particular thoughts about her. However, as the Yuan family heir, he needed to maintain a proper image. He showed no impatience.

He said gallantly, "Don't worry, Miss Sen. Arranged marriages are relics of history, long overdue for abolishment. When my father arrives, I'll tell him I will never marry you."

Miss Sen looked up in panic, her doe-like, misty eyes glistening with tears.

Yuan Chan seriously analyzed her reason for crying.

Was the room's air conditioning too cold?

These refined ladies were so delicate, truly difficult to handle.

He stretched out his hand, summoning a manservant, and ordered, "Turn up the air conditioning temperature and bring Miss Sen a blanket."

The manservant complied. Miss Sen clutched the blanket in anguish. After ten years of secret love, this blanket was the only tenderness she'd received from Yuan Chan.

The room's door opened, and Yuan Jianghai appeared. Pathologically pale and frail as deadwood, the faint smile on his face always evoked a strange chill. Leaning on a black wooden cane, he entered.

Yuan Chan immediately said, "Father, I—!"

Yuan Jianghai interrupted him: "If you don't want to marry her, there are other girls who wish to meet you."

Miss Sen let out a loud sob.

Yuan Jianghai walked to her side, his withered hand patting her shoulder: "I'm sorry, he really has no interest in you. I've already told your parents, we won't be in-laws, but we'll maintain our friendship."

No longer able to hold back her tears, Miss Sen grabbed the blanket and ran out crying. Her beautiful figure quickly disappeared around the doorway corner.

Yuan Jianghai sat on the sofa: "Meet all the other girls now. I've vetted their backgrounds; they're all candidates to be your fiancée."

Yuan Chan said, "I don't need a fiancée!"

"Chan, you're my only son. If you don't marry, the Yuan family will have no next-generation heir."

"It's not my fault the Yuan family is so sparsely populated. It's because you've killed too many blood brothers!"

"Since ancient times, it's been the victor who rules. They sought their own deaths. If I didn't kill them, they'd kill me."

This was one reason Yuan Chan despised the Yuan family.

The entire clan was like a giant cage. Children were locked inside, raised like venomous insects to slaughter each other. The most outstanding would inherit all the Yuan family's power and connections, while other surviving heirs could share the wealth.

The names of the deceased children would be forever erased, never mentioned.

Yuan Jianghai was the most ruthless in Yuan family history, having killed all his brothers and sisters.

Yuan Chan didn't want to converse with his father anymore. He stood up, preparing to leave.

Yuan Jianghai said, "From birth, you've had resources beyond most people's imagination. You can't just enjoy the power without fulfilling your obligations. You must marry."

Yuan Chan said, "I won't marry someone I don't love."

Yuan Jianghai laughed, low and chilling: "On my wedding day with your mother, I only then learned her name."

"I'm a good husband. I gave her everything she wanted—money, material things, considerate greetings, romantic words. She only needed to do one thing for me: bear and raise heirs."

"To this day, I still don't have a shred of love for her. It's my nature, yet she's very happy."

"You're my blood. You haven't met someone you love yet precisely because, like me, you're inherently incapable of love. Don't fantasize about being normal, Chan."

These words stung Yuan Chan. He knew he was different from his classmates—extremely high intelligence, muted emotions, and occasional outbursts of dark thoughts.

But he really didn't want to continue the Yuan family tradition. After he had heirs, what would become of his poor sister?

Yuan family girls also participated in the competition. There had even been formidable female leaders, but his sister Yuan Meixi was too frail. To father Yuan Jianghai, this daughter held little value.

Yuan Chan strode towards the door. He wanted to leave this place, to soak in the library for a while. There, he wouldn't feel so troubled.

Just as he pushed open the door, Yuan Chan saw his sister.

Seven years old, she was as fragile as a fledgling, with black hair reaching her waist and delicate features.

She gazed at Yuan Chan sorrowfully: "Brother, are you running away from home again?"

Yuan Chan said, "Just going to the library. I'll be back tonight. How are you feeling today?"

"A bit better, not as painful."

"Then rest well. I'm off."

"Mm, come back early."

Yuan Meixi watched as Yuan Chan departed.

Yuan Jianghai opened his arms to her: "Come here, my daughter, Meixi."

Yuan Meixi obeyed, sitting down beside Yuan Jianghai.

Yuan Jianghai said, "You look unhappy."

Yuan Meixi said, "They say I'm not worthy of being your daughter, that I'm too weak, without value. Father, will you kill me?"

Yuan Jianghai replied, "Of course not. You are the most lovable child in the world. It's just that your luck is poor—you've inherited too many disease-causing genes that have limited your development."

Yuan Meixi lowered her head in dejection. Yuan Jianghai's hand rested on her back, gently patting to comfort her.

"Don't be sad. I too have inherited some disease-causing genes. The doctors say that in two years, my spine won't be able to support me anymore. After that, I'll only be able to sit in a wheelchair."

"All my brothers and sisters were healthier than me, but they all ended up dying by my hand."

"Sometimes, defects actually make you more resilient, and thus more valuable."