The Fake Heiress and Her Five Villainous Brothers

Chapter 103

Yuan Si knew how to control his younger sister.

He tightened his collar, and his sister's gaze would follow him constantly, that slender scar being her knot in her heart, as well as the tether that Yuan Si used to bind her.

The wound on her soul was even more profound, only the loss of a beloved could cause such a wound.

Would his sister let this wound tear apart further?

Yuan Si didn't think so.

For a long time, Yuan Si had been secretly peeking into his sister's inner world. She was truly a very gentle child, so she couldn't leave him.

Yuan Si brought Yuan Luoyi back to the villa. The front door was still unlocked, and Yuan Luoyi had been sitting in her room without going out.

The dinner was sumptuous, but Yuan Luoyi didn't have much appetite, she ate very little.

Yuan Si said, "Do you want to eat anything else? I'll have someone make it."

Yuan Luoyi said, "I'm already full. I want to rest."

Now that everything was happening, Yuan Luoyi felt exhausted, she just wanted to sleep well, not thinking about anything else.

Yuan Si accompanied Yuan Luoyi back to her room and spread the covers for her, "Don't sleep on the desk anymore. I changed the mattress, it's very soft."

Yuan Luoyi lay down, sinking into it, warmth enveloped her, and she soon felt sleepy.

Before completely entering the dream world, she saw Yuan Si standing by her bed, his eyes downcast, silently watching her, analyzing her heart, and he didn't seem to intend to leave.

Yuan Luoyi was not used to Yuan Si looking at her like that, but she was too tired, so she closed her eyes.

In her sleep, the memory fragments of the 99th world started playing like a movie, death was an endless nightmare...


Yuan Luoyi woke up with a start, struggling to sit up, breathing rapidly, with beads of cold sweat forming on her forehead.

This way of dying was too terrible, why did people always want to hurt her?

A cold touch came over, Yuan Si wiped Yuan Luoyi's forehead with a wet towel, like a beast tenderly licking its injured cub.

Yuan Si gently asked, "What did you dream about?"

Yuan Luoyi said, "Someone wanted to kill me."

"Did they succeed?"


"Were you in pain?"

"Very painful."

"I can stop your nightmares."

Yuan Si took Yuan Luoyi's little hand and placed a small dagger in it. It was cold and heavy, the blade glinting coldly. It was dangerous yet attracted Yuan Luoyi.

Yuan Si said, "Kill them all, and the nightmares will stop."

Yuan Luoyi's hand trembled, "But some people are kind..."

Yuan Si's voice was bewitching, "No one is kind, they just haven't had the chance to do evil. When the conditions are right, even the kindest person will hurt you. You have to kill them all to stop the pain."

Yuan Luoyi's heart struggled, "This isn't right."

With a sad sigh, Yuan Si said, "Dear sister, please look at me."

As if being controlled, Yuan Luoyi raised her head, her gaze colliding with Yuan Si's. The memory of her fourth brother had disappeared, replaced by the tattered pale figure.

Yuan Si said mournfully, "Even in dreams, I don't want you to be hurt. When you're in pain, I feel the pain too."

"You've been alone for a long time, please come to my side."

"You can save me, and you can save yourself."

These words shattered Yuan Luoyi's last bit of resistance. In the 1800-year journey, she was still alone...

Countless scenes of her own gruesome deaths appeared in her mind. She had shed blood and tears, dying alone, it was so painful.

And those who harmed her had never been punished.

Yuan Si gazed entranced as Yuan Luoyi's eyes gradually turned cold. Her little hand gripped the dagger tightly.

He asked, "What will you do this time you have a nightmare?"

Yuan Luoyi's voice was flat, "I'll kill them all."

"And then?"

"Then I'll go to your side."

Yuan Si smiled, gently letting Yuan Luoyi lie back down.

Miraculously, Yuan Luoyi didn't have any nightmares this time. She slept well, having gotten used to Yuan Si keeping watch by her bed.

The next morning, Yuan Luoyi woke up.

Her eyes were extremely cold. She told Yuan Si, "I want to hold a banquet."

Yuan Si asked, "To celebrate what?"

"To celebrate my rebirth."

So, on a bright afternoon, many people came to Yuan Si's villa. Butlers and maids carried drinks, weaving among the guests. The followers kept toasting and speaking celebratory words.

"The Lord's sister has truly returned to the Lord's side!"

"She is so noble and dazzling!"

"Under the Lord's protection, she will find eternal happiness!"

Yuan Si was delighted, still pale but always with a smile on his lips. Yuan Luoyi sat by his side, clutching the small dagger.

She didn't know if she was truly happy or not. She only felt absolute calm, all emotions had left her overnight. Unable to feel pain, she also couldn't feel happiness anymore.

Perhaps this was how the Yuan family should be.

Yuan Si knew this transformation was too rapid, and his sister wasn't used to this state yet. But he believed she would be happy soon.

He asked with concern, "Do you want to eat anything else?"

Yuan Luoyi said, "I don't know."

Yuan Si said, "I remember you liked cheesecake a lot. Have a little bite."

Yuan Luoyi nodded.

Soon, a male butler brought over the cake, and Yuan Si took the plate.

Just as he was about to cut off a small piece for his sister to taste, he sensed something was off. That butler wore a mid-length wig, his figure and movements were familiar, but it was a bit too late.

The butler suddenly pulled Yuan Luoyi into his embrace.

Yuan Fa, the second brother, drew his gun, the black muzzle aimed at Yuan Si. At the same time, the surrounding followers all took out knives aimed at Yuan Fa.

Another butler rushed over, the third brother Yuan Yong, his face gloomy, holding a knife, ready for a killing spree.

The atmosphere instantly became tense.

Furious rage swept over Yuan Si, his eyes darkened as he glared at his blood brothers, instantly exuding a murderous aura - a terrifying demeanor he never showed in front of his sister.

"She's mine!"

Yuan Fa sneered, "I never thought there'd come a day when you'd fight me for custody of our sister. The last fool who tried got beaten badly by me."

Yuan Si said, "You didn't defeat me at all. At that time, my blade was about to decapitate you."

Yuan Fa said, "Shut up! My gun was pointed at your heart too. If you hadn't run to meet your sister, I would have sent you to hell with a gunshot long ago!"

After ending their usual sibling quarrel, Yuan Fa turned his attention to his berserk younger brother. With their elder brother gone, it seemed he would have to take on the responsibility of disciplining his brothers.

"Let's follow the law. Children above the age of eight can choose their own guardian. Let her decide who should take care of her."

Yuan Fa released Yuan Luoyi.

Yuan Si immediately stretched out his hand, gently calling out to her, "Come back to me."

Yuan Luoyi looked at her second brother, then at her fourth brother, and firmly said, "No."

This answer was completely unexpected for Yuan Si. Staring at Yuan Luoyi, he was surprised to find that she seemed to have regained her senses, her gaze no longer cold and empty.

She said, "I'm sorry, Fourth Brother. I deceived you."

"On the way back with you, I already saw Second Brother. I knew he was searching for me, while your followers were preventing him from getting close."

"You're truly formidable, always able to see through my thoughts and intentions. Though it seemed like you weren't confining me, you had eyes everywhere. I needed you to let your guard down, so I deceived myself first... I allowed myself to temporarily descend into darkness."

"I've been waiting for this moment of freedom."

Yuan Luoyi reached into her pocket and took out a piece of candy. Yuan Si could use a dagger to pull her back into darkness, but this candy filled with beautiful memories could also lead her into the light.

She was never pure white or purely black; she drifted between the two, an ever-changing shade of grey.

The situation was still very precarious.

Aside from Yuan Luoyi, everyone present was filled with a killing intent.

The followers were numerous, loyal only to Yuan Si. If a real fight broke out, they would all perish together.

Yuan Luoyi had to prevent this mutual slaughter.

She extended her hand to Yuan Si, looking at him intently, peering into his heart.

Everyone has a weakness, and Yuan Luoyi knew she was his.

She said, "I need you."

Yuan Si froze, not expecting that while he tried to control Yuan Luoyi, she was also trying to control him. She had turned herself into bait, inviting him to come over.

The accompaniment after losing and regaining someone is the most addictive.

He could not escape her either.

Yuan Si fell silent for a moment, then asked, "Are you still lonely?"

Memories from childhood flooded Yuan Luoyi's heart, and the young Yuan Si seemed to be right in front of her.

He had caused his sister's lonely demise, leaving him in agonizing pain and shattered.

But Yuan Luoyi was destined to be different; she could never truly fit in anywhere.

However, her solitary journey through the 1800s was not all hardship. She witnessed different landscapes, met many wise individuals, and learned a great deal, exploring the world.

She had once climbed a mountain overnight alone, reaching the summit at the dark hour before dawn. When she saw the golden sun pierce through the layers of clouds, she felt an endless beauty.

Then, she realized something profound.

For those rich within, solitude is as companionship.

So Yuan Luoyi said, "I'm not lonely anymore."

Yuan Si could see the change in his sister. After being pushed into darkness, she had blossomed into an even brighter flower.

The promise he made as a youth had finally been fulfilled.

He walked towards Yuan Luoyi, took her hand, and slowly bent down, his movements elegant and graceful, his forehead touching the back of her hand.

"My loyalty belongs to you."

This time, he willingly allowed himself to be controlled by her.