Surprise Resignation of Female Substitute Secretary

Chapter 57

On the most popular Nordic-style street in Beicheng where tourists flock, Su Tao sat across from Liao Dan in a spotless cafe with bright windows and let out a helpless sigh. She apologetically said to Liao Dan, "Let me check WeChat again really quick."

Liao Dan was on a business trip in Beicheng and met up with Su Tao who was also in Beicheng. They had barely sat down for half an hour before Xie Jin had already called three times, sent a video, and over a dozen WeChat messages.

She thought that after finally agreeing to his marriage proposal last night, it would help alleviate some of his insecurities.

She didn't expect him to become even more clingy, to the point she didn't have a moment's peace.

Her fingers swiftly tapped on the screen as she typed.

[Su Tao: I'm having coffee with Liao Dan right now. Be a good boy and stop bombarding me with messages!]

[Xie Jin: ...Okay]

He had gotten better at acting coquettish lately, even using ellipses and "ba" to express his grievances.

[Xie Jin: I used to be like this too when we were together, and you didn't find me annoying back then.]

Su Tao: ...

She almost forgot that he used to be much worse, blowing up her phone every five minutes when he didn't see her.

[Su Tao: If you keep this up, I'll start missing the freedom I had when we weren't together.]

After sending it, Su Tao felt bad and immediately recalled the message.

Considering Xie Jin's current sensitive state where he cries at the drop of a hat, she couldn't provoke him like this.

[Xie Jin: I saw it already...]

[Xie Jin: Is that a threat? Trying to scare me?]

Su Tao quickly typed an explanation but upon seeing his next message, the corner of her eye twitched and she deleted her explanatory words.

[Xie Jin: Then you win.]

[Xie Jin: How long until I can call you?]

[Xie Jin: I miss you.]

Seeing the last message, Su Tao pressed her lips into a smile and changed the five hours she had originally typed to two hours.

Finally putting her phone down, she glanced up at Liao Dan's disgusted expression and raised an eyebrow.

Liao Dan shuddered dramatically and joked, "Ugh, your smile is so sweet it's nauseating. I don't even need to add sugar to my coffee now. Is it trendy these days to lure out single dogs and torture them over coffee?"

Su Tao's cheeks flushed slightly as she toned down her smile.

This reaction made Liao Dan even more astonished as she clicked her tongue, "Taozi, you're usually very calm. This is the first time I've seen you get shy."

"...Really?" Su Tao said as she sipped her coffee to hide her expression.

Liao Dan shook her head and chuckled lightly, "Though, President Xie is really too clingy. Does he not feel secure?"

Su Tao looked up at her with clear eyes and asked, "You can tell?"

Liao Dan said, "Who can't? He posts couple photos with you on Weibo every day, afraid that people don't know about your relationship. It's like he's staking his claim."

Su Tao said helplessly, "I don't know what I should do to help him feel more secure."

Liao Dan said, "That's easy. You just have to publicly express your love for him like he does."

Publicly professing her love?

She'd rather take a knife to the heart.

Su Tao blinked her clear eyes and fell into deep thought.

Su Yang Xing rushed back after a schedule and contacted Su Tao to meet up.

Su Tao agreed and went to the film and TV studios in the afternoon to discuss her next drama with Zheng Bai before hurrying back.

Su Yang Xing had worked very hard ever since his debut. He changed his past playboy ways, didn't date, didn't splurge, and focused on practicing dance and singing.

When she saw him again, he had slimmed down compared to when he was on Produce Camp 2020.

"Sis!" From across the street, Su Yang Xing eagerly waved at Su Tao from the van and sweetly called out to her.

Su Tao walked up to his van and smiled lightly, "Tired lately?"

Su Yang Xing immediately pouted and nodded vigorously. "Exhausted. I had three schedules in four days, two were commercials. It was tiring to death."

Su Tao raised her brows slightly, a bit surprised that Su HaoYang would wring out even his own brother like this.

Her previous worries were indeed right. With Su HaoYang's management style, even the most promising newbie wouldn't get popular under him.

"Let's go in, sis. I already booked a private room," said Su Yang Xing. He was already wearing a hat and mask and got out of the car to go into the restaurant with Su Tao.

"Wait a moment," Su Tao said as she checked her phone again and looked around. "Xie Jin said he'll be here soon."

"Huh? You invited brother-in-law too?" Su Yang Xing's eyes widened in shock and anxiety crept onto his face.

Su Tao blinked blankly, somewhat confused. "Didn't you specifically ask if your brother-in-law was free today? He made time specially to come."

Su Yang Xing shook his head exaggeratedly with a grave expression. "I asked if he was free because I wanted to meet you alone while he was busy!"

Su Tao: "...Well it's too late now. Why weren't you clear? He's already on his way."

Xie Jin's flashy Maybach pulled up arrogantly at the curb. Long legs emerged from the car and the striking good looks in a crisp suit frequently drew the attention of passersby. Even Su Yang Xing, a celebrity himself, didn't attract as many looks when he got out of the car.

Su Yang Xing felt sour on the inside but also anxious. He didn't know if there would be a bloody storm later.

Xie Jin walked over unhurriedly holding a small gift box. He stood in front of Su Tao and only gave Su Yang Xing a cold side glance.

"Brother-in-law," Su Yang Xing still respectfully greeted him despite feeling on the verge of breakdown.

Xie Jin was very satisfied that the brother who always called him brother-in-law and took his side, even tipping him off before, maintained this degree of deference.

He stretched out his arm and offered the gift box. He graciously gave Su Yang Xing his full attention, "For you."

Su Yang Xing accepted it cautiously and reverently. Seeing the logo on the bag, his eyes lit up. He quickly took out the box and opened it to find the exquisite watch inside that matched his imagination.

A watch worth eight figures!

Even his dad wouldn't be willing to buy it for him.

Su Yang Xing looked at Xie Jin as if looking at his father, full of filial piety.

He swore that no matter what happened tonight, he would stand by, brother-in-law's side.

Su Yang Xing led Su Tao and Xie Jin all the way to the reserved private room. Pushing open the door, there were already three people inside who looked at Su Tao and Xie Jin in surprise and stood up together.

Su Sheng, Li Pei, and Su HaoYang stood by the table like an inspection lineup.

Su HaoYang was the first to break the silence. He fawned as he came up and said to Xie Jin and Su Tao, "President Xie and Taozi are here together. How wonderful, it's a family reunion today. Come in and sit."

Su Tao's expression froze. She ignored Su HaoYang and slowly looked towards Su Yang Xing, who lowered his head guiltily. She turned to leave.


Su Sheng's weathered voice made Su Tao's footsteps falter. Her taut expression grew even colder, and her entire body radiated resistance.

Su Sheng had already walked over. His tone no longer had its previous firmness and he spoke in the gentle fatherly voice Su Tao had always imagined. "Taozi, dad was wrong."

Li Pei also walked over and gently said, "Taozi, your dad misses you very much. Lately he's always looking through your childhood photos. He deeply regrets how he treated you back then. Can you give your dad a chance to make up for his mistakes?"

"That's right, little sister," Su HaoYang also chimed in to persuade her. "Dad's mental state has been very poor lately. He keeps dreaming about you and Aunt Yuan, and he can't eat."

Su Tao looked at this family's dedicated heartwarming act and suddenly felt like laughing. She also suddenly didn't want to leave anymore.

Why should she avoid them? It's not like she wronged them.

Since they wanted to repent, she would give them this chance and see what they were scheming and how shameless they could still be.

Su Tao took the initiative to hold Xie Jin's hand. She met his worried gaze and gave him a reassuring smile as she entered the private room.

Su HaoYang had already ordered the dishes in advance, and they were gradually all served.

Li Pei smiled very genuinely this time. "Taozi, your dad picked all of these. They're dishes you loved as a kid. See if they suit your taste?"

Su Tao looked at the dishes on the table. There really were a few that she especially liked as a child, and there wasn't a single seafood dish on the table, avoiding her landmines.

So they knew all along, they just didn't care about her feelings before.

Su Tao didn't pick up her chopsticks. Her leisurely gaze swept over everyone's faces.

Li Pei's ingratiating expression, Su HaoYang's troubled mind, and Su Sheng's regretful weariness.

Compared to her birthday party a year and a half ago, there was a stark irony this time.

"Just say whatever you have to say." Su Tao didn't really want to have this meal with them. She wanted to quickly find out their purpose and end this unpleasant dinner.

Su HaoYang exchanged a look with Li Pei, and took out a prepared document that had already been prepared. He handed it to Su Tao and said, "Taotao, this is the company's equity transfer agreement. You also have a share in this company. Let's run it together and restore its past glory, okay?"

Su Tao's brow slightly arched as she instantly understood their intentions.

Su HaoYang was running the company worse and worse. And Su Tao's frequent appearances on the hot search lately let them know how strong her work ability was. They thought she could save the company that was already on a downward slope and on the verge of bankruptcy.

Li Pei chimed in, "Taotao, you are so capable at work and have your mother's talent. Why earn money for others? Come back to our family business. This was also Lingyuan's heart and soul back then..."

"My mother's heart and soul was in Sheng Yuan Entertainment, not Xing Yang Entertainment," Su Tao coldly interrupted Li Pei's words. "Your family and Xing Yang Entertainment have had nothing to do with me for a long time. Your financial reports have been in the red for years. Now you’re giving me shares in hopes that I’ll help you pay off debts?"

They didn't expect Su Tao to know so clearly. All of them looked ashamed and embarrassed beyond words.

"Under the pretense of repenting and apologizing to me, you actually want me to abandon Zheng Bai who took me in during my most isolated and helpless time, and come back to earn money and pay off debts for you guys? Could you be any more disgusting?"

Su Tao seldom spoke harshly. This time she was truly infuriated. Her fingers trembled as she habitually picked at her nails. A piece of her fragile nails broke off.

Her icy cold hands were covered by a pair of warm palms. The thumbs gently stroked her brittle nails, stopping her nail-picking motion.

He didn't say much, knowing that his little peach could handle this kind of thing herself. He only needed to silently support her.

Su Tao tilted her head to look into Xie Jin's deep eyes, and her mood gradually calmed down a bit.

Su Sheng, who had been silent all this time, suddenly scolded Su HaoYang. His tone was resentful and exasperated, and his weak coughs sounded powerless, "Didn't I tell you? Your sister is not stupid! You are the stupid one, so you assume everyone else is as foolish as you!"

Su Tao didn't see whether he was acting or being genuine, so she didn't retort and just watched them tear into each other.

"From the beginning, I didn't want you guys to come. I knew that no matter how much I repented today, it would be useless once you messed it up. Cough cough... cough."

Su Sheng's body clearly wasn't well. The more he spoke, the more violently he coughed. It seemed there was a problem with his lungs.

However, Su Tao had no intention of caring about him. She didn't look at him with the disgusted expression she had when her mother was ill. She was already being very kind.

"Taotao, your father owes you and your mother too much. I'm afraid there's no way for me to make up for it in this lifetime. I have lung cancer. Lying in bed this past year, I've finally realized and regretted many things. I don't ask for your forgiveness. I didn't even agree with their proposal to transfer the shares. But now, I can no longer be the head of this family either. I can only watch as the company your mother and I built up together takes step after step toward decline and ruin. This is the retribution I deserve."

Su Sheng's voice choked up as he took out a handkerchief to cover his face. His endless regret turned into tears that wetted the face of this normally hard-hearted old man who seemed to have no emotions.

"But Xingyang doesn't know about this at all. He only thought we came to apologize to you."

Su Sheng explained in a tearful voice for Su Yang Xing. Among this family, only this youngest son wasn't greedy like them. Yet he was also fooled by his big brother and mother.

Back then when they persuaded Su Yang Xing to debut, Su Sheng couldn't stop it. He helplessly watched as this family was ruined bit by bit by the foolish Su HaoYang and Li Pei.

Su Yang Xing, who had already teared up, sat there forcefully squeezing the watch gift box Xie Jin had bought for him until his fingertips turned white.

He only found out he was being used when his big brother took out the equity transfer agreement.

They had clearly said they came to repent and apologize to Su Tao, and for the family to reunite happily like when they were young.

It was all fake!

His sister was right, they were all too disgusting!

He never imagined his closest big brother and mother would be disgusting to this extent.

"Sis, I'm sorry," Su Yang Xing's tears streamed down uncontrollably. "I will never have that childish idea of family reunion again. I don't even have the face to see you and brother-in-law again. I won't bother you two anymore in the future."

Li Pei now regretted agreeing to Su HaoYang's proposal to transfer shares. She had thought that with Su Tao back at the company, she could personally manage Yangxing.

She knew Su HaoYang was useless trash in every aspect, while even just one of Su Tao's toes was better than him. She was determined that with Su Tao's return, the family business, especially her son, would be able to skyrocket.

Who knew things would backfire?

She really shouldn't have believed Su HaoYang's nonsense!

Li Pei regretfully said, "Taotao, I was wrong. I had narrow vision. I'm stupid and dumb. I..."

"I can sign Yangxing," Su Tao coldly cut off Li Pei's words. She didn't agree to sign Su Yang Xing because of Li Pei's repentance.

Li Pei and Su Sheng both revealed looks of pleasant surprise, while Su HaoYang remained gloomy since the only person supporting him was now gone.

"But it has to be a 30-year long contract, and the penalty for breach of contract is 300% higher than market price."

"Okay!" Li Pei was the first to agree happily.

Su Tao glanced coldly at her and emphasized, "With such a long contract term and sky-high penalty, it prevents you guys from terminating the contract after he becomes popular and resigning him back to your own company. Think it over clearly before deciding."

Afraid that she would change her mind, Li Pei eagerly nodded her head, "Thought it through, thought it through. Thank you, Taotao. I didn't expect you to still be willing to manage Yangxing. I was wrong in the past. I shouldn't have..."

"You don't need to apologize or thank me. It's not for you anyway," Su Tao once again coldly cut off Li Pei's words.

She got up, unwilling to stay any longer. "Since it's settled, we'll set a time to discuss the contract."

"Taotao," Su Sheng coughed twice to stop Su Tao. He took out the will that had angered Su Tao to leave back then and ripped it in half. "I've arranged for the lawyer. We'll discuss a new will tomorrow. Your share of the family assets that belong to you will still be yours."

Su Tao glanced at him indifferently, held Xie Jin's hand tighter, and said expressionlessly, "No need. Zheng Bai is about to go public and I'm the second largest shareholder. I'm not lacking money at all. As for my fiancé's assets, I don't even need to mention them. You guys should keep your family assets for yourselves."

She looked down on them.

Just after Su Tao and Xie Jin left the restaurant and got into his car, she was caught off guard by him kissing her lips.

She could feel Xie Jin's excitement but didn't understand why he was excited.

After finally being released, Su Tao glanced at him and silently took out a wet wipe to help him wipe off the lipstick stain on his lips. She asked, "What's wrong?"

Xie Jin's pitch-black eyes contained laughter. "Just now, didn't you say in front of them that I'm your fiancé?"

Su Tao raised her slightly reddened eyelids, recalling Liao Dan's words, and nodded, "Yeah. Didn't I agree to your proposal? And I'm planning to post a Weibo announcement telling the whole world. Is that okay?"

Xie Jin: "But I haven't proposed yet."

Su Tao: "?"

Xie Jin: "I prepared an elaborate proposal ceremony that would make it impossible for you to reject my proposal."

Su Tao: "I didn't reject your proposal..."

Xie Jin: "You were just pitying me and afraid I'd be heartbroken so you agreed. Give me the whole day tomorrow. I will definitely make you willingly agree once more."

Su Tao: "...No, no need."

The corner of her mouth twitched. She was the naive one after all.

She had thought announcing it on Weibo would be high-profile enough and allow him to feel secure. She didn't expect that he would still insist on holding some proposal ceremony.

When Su Tao was blocked at her bedroom door by a makeup team of six people early next morning, she realized she had let her guard down.

Su Tao was confused as she was dressed up, made up, and changed into new clothes. Thinking that this was just an engagement ceremony, she suddenly didn't want to accept his proposal.

Not for any other reason, she was just afraid the actual wedding day would be too complicated, and she was afraid she would want to run away.

In a daze, she was arranged to get into the car. Su Tao was relieved that he didn't arrange for a helicopter to come.

Facing the camera that was following and filming the whole time, she stiffly pulled at the corners of her mouth.

As it turned out, the car followed the familiar route to the bridge where they first met. Seeing Xie Jin dressed in matching outfits, she knew she was naive again.

There was no helicopter, but he had arranged a hang glider, and it looked like he was going to take her to experience standing on the railing of the bridge and flying out.

A hang glider was less safe than a helicopter. Su Tao turned to run away but was grabbed back by Xie Jin.

Xie Jin gently knocked her forehead and said with a smile: "Don't you think it's meaningful and romantic to ride a hang glider here?"

Su Tao resisted: "I don't think so, I just think it's dangerous."

"Little Taozi, back then you were brave enough to jump down with me. Now it's just a hang glider, how can you be afraid?"

Back then she had nothing and just wanted to die, but now she was a billionaire and had such a handsome and rich boyfriend. Why would she want to die?

She suddenly understood the pleasure Jiang Nian had in playing with prayer beads.

She now just wanted to live out the rest of her life and live healthily to ninety-nine.

Xie Jin held her hand and passed the warmth from his palm to her. His eyes as dark as the night sky gazed at her, "Dare to trust me with your life?"

This sentence seemed to have a magic power that instantly calmed Su Tao's resistance.

She put on all the equipment and was led by Xie Jin all the way to sit on the two-person hang glider.

At the moment of takeoff, she dared only close her eyes, feeling the warmth of his palm and the temperature of his lips when he leaned over to kiss her.

What Su Tao thought was just filming actually turned out to be a live broadcast. The number of viewers in the live stream broke live viewer records again and again due to reposts from celebrities in the circle.

After finally getting off the hang glider, Su Tao slowly exhaled.

Xie Jin casually pointed to the empty valley ahead, his smile almost crazy, "My proposal is about to begin."

Su Tao: "?"

Wasn't it over already?

Following Xie Jin, she took a sightseeing car and arrived at a cliff edge. From this entire meticulous route, she understood that this crazy Xie Jin wanted to take her bungee jumping.

Su Tao looked through the glass flooring at the thousand-foot abyss below and swallowed, "Do you have to make it so grand?"

Xie Jin was already tying the bungee safety harness and seduced in her ear, "We couldn't do it on the bridge, so I specially arranged here. Don't you want to experience the excitement of jumping down with me?"

Su Tao's legs trembled: "I just want to live well now."

Although she said this, after the hang glider, Su Tao was already used to his death-defying actions. With the spirit of going down with him and being fearless of death, she went over.

Tied tightly together with Xie Jin, at the moment of dropping down, their intimate hearts beating together and the howling wind in their ears made them feel that they would live and die together, that in this world they only had each other.

Xie Jin's voice echoed in the valley, shouting over and over again: "Little Taozi! I love you! Will you marry me?"

Su Tao responded only with screams.

Le Xuan quietly accompanied Jiang Qi as they watched the livestream together. She took the initiative to hand him a can of beer and opened one for herself too. They clinked them together and she tilted her head to drink but the beer was snatched away by Jiang Qi.

"You took cold medicine, you can't drink." Jiang Qi put both cans of beer aside and didn't drink either.

Le Xuan noticed that he was quite calm this time, and was slightly relieved.

Jiang Qi seemed to be talking to her, but also like he was muttering to himself, staring at the video and murmuring softly: "So she doesn't dislike passionate love, it's just because it's him, she is willing to accept it."

Le Xuan stroked her slightly longer hair, staring at Jiang Qi with a gleam in her eye.

Jiang Qi, you can also have your own happiness.


This topic was pushed to the top of the hot search list, purely because netizens went crazy after being driven mad by Xie Jin.

It started after the proposal ended.

Including Su Tao, everyone thought Xie Jin would quietly prepare before the official wedding ceremony, then surprise everyone.

But that didn't happen.

Not only was Xie Jin not low-key, he became a show off husband fanatic.

On the day after he proposed, he posted 9 villa photos on Weibo, and they were photos of 9 different villas.

Located in North City, Jiang City, South City, Chongqing City and other cities that Su Tao often went on business trips to, he chose the best locations and prime golden land with magnificent scenery.

Everyone thought he was just showing off his wealth. For Xie Jin's capabilities, melon-eating netizens didn't feel it was anything special.

But after reading his accompanying words, they realized these were the nine wedding houses he had prepared.

Moreover, the photos were specially taken showing the names carved on the villa gates: Overflowing Peaches Resembling Xie Jin

That was fine, he was rich and could buy 90 villas and they couldn't control him.

Naming them with their names was romantic on his part, and people were still approving at first, leaving messages that it was so romantic, so blissful.

It was unknown whether Boss Xie was encouraged, but Epiphany Media subsequently released several original romantic variety shows in a row.

"Willows Green, Peaches Red"

"Peaches and Plums Fragrant"

"Peaches Filling the Garden"

Melon-eating netizens: ......

Aren't you afraid the wife's name will expire?

They endured this as well, after all it was his own company's shows, they couldn't control what he called them.

Spared no expense in inviting many top celebrities to join the lineup, the shows’ viewership kept rising. Boss Xie seemed to be encouraged again.

Following that, a road called Peach Xie Road was built.

An island called Peach Blossom Island was bought.

And he was always on Weibo asking everyone's opinion on changing Tian Xin Company to Peach Xie Company.

Everyone advised him to stop, until Su Tao finally stepped in personally to rein in his crazy ideas.

Having his desires to rename and shop deprived by his wife, Xie Jin could only alleviate his uncontainable happiness by posting intimate couple photos.

Netizens went from initial envy to disgust.

Many threatened that if he posted dog food again, they would unfollow him.

Xie Jin still arrogantly posted, completely disregarding anyone's thoughts other than Su Tao's.

This finally drove the netizens crazy. On the day Xie Jin posted their marriage certificate, they spontaneously brought the topic to hot search by reposting and liking!

They couldn't just let them be disgustingly sweet, they had to make the whole country disgusted!

[Full Text End]