Surprise Resignation of Female Substitute Secretary

Chapter 36

The recording ended. Su Tao was surrounded by her own artists before she even left the studio. This made Xie Jin, who wanted to come over, stop in his tracks and silently wait not far away.

Su Tao passed on messages from Liang Ke to them, and also talked about their strengths and weaknesses one by one, and then said a few encouraging words to boost their morale.

After everyone left, Jiang Qi didn't move. His clear eyes looking at Su Tao were full of dissatisfaction. "Why didn't you reply to my WeChat?"

Su Tao glanced at him and casually came up with an excuse, "It's for the same reason I didn't reply to your WeChat before."

Jiang Qi's expression stiffened. He had long known that under Su Tao's gentle and obedient appearance was a vengeful heart, but he didn't expect that she would even hold a grudge for not replying to WeChat.

But his reason for not replying to her at that time was not what she thought.

It was because if he didn't reply, she would keep talking endlessly until he replied.

But he didn't dare to say the real reason, afraid that Su Tao would think he was childish if he told her.

Although she had always thought he was very childish.



Su Yangxing ran over and interrupted Jiang Qi's words. He had a proud look on his face, even more arrogant and unbridled, looking for praise. "I kept my spot in Class A, ranked sixth."

Su Tao revealed a faint smile and patted his arm encouragingly. "Well done."

In fact, she still felt that the best choice for Su Yangxing was to take the exam for the TV station and become a host or anchor.

However, she wouldn't plan his life for him. He would never take responsibility for himself if he didn't take some winding roads.

Having received encouragement, Su Yangxing pulled Jiang Qi excitedly, jumping up and down, "Did you hear that, Jiang Qi? My sister praised me!"

Jiang Qi couldn't push away Su Yangxing who was frolicking in front of him. He watched as Su Tao waved at him and left the studio.

Not far away, Xie Jin also followed her and left.

Su Tao knew there was a shortcut after leaving the studio that could get to the entrance very quickly.

She walked through the long corridor of the program team office and came to the emergency exit. She unexpectedly ran into Tian Yingying who had just come out of the executive office.

Her eyes were red, obviously from crying.

The two looked at each other, Tian Yingying's eyes instantly filled with hatred. She angrily accused, "It's you who pulled strings so I can't record the show, right?"

Su Tao looked at her calmly, her tranquil eyes looked at her indifferently. She asked back, "Was it you who sent out the photos of me and Shang Hao, and also Qin Xuexi's photos a year ago?"

Tian Yingying suddenly widened her eyes, the corners of her eyes twitching slightly, and her lips pressed together. She subconsciously took a step back.

It was just a bluff, but because of her guilty reaction, it was confirmed in Su Tao's heart.

"You, you're talking nonsense! I didn't!" Tian Yingying still didn't admit it, but she didn't need to admit it personally anymore.

"I don't care about things in the past anymore, I can let it go with you, but if you dare to provoke me again in the future, it won't be as simple as being banned from the game!" After Su Tao finished speaking, she threw a cold, slightly sharp glance at her and walked away with her steps.

Xie Jin, who had been hiding around the corner behind her, emerged after Su Tao left.

His expensive leather shoes stepped on the empty corridor tiles, one step heavier than the other.

When Tian Yingying saw the visitor clearly, she was shocked with eyes wide open, her beautiful pupils almost falling out.

She swallowed hard, retreated repeatedly, and as his footsteps approached, she felt it difficult to breathe, her heartbeat almost stopped.

She didn't have time to think about whether Xie Jin had heard what she just said to Su Tao about the photos.

Her deep-rooted fear of Xie Jin made her want to turn and run away, but she couldn't move her feet.

The tall shadow enveloped her, and the low voice came from above her head, "The one in my email, you sent it too, right?"

Tian Yingying's whole body trembled, she couldn't speak complete words anymore, she could only shake her head desperately, denying with her mouth, "No, no, no..."

Xie Jin's eyes narrowed, reflecting her cowering figure in the gloomy eyes.

She hurried to deny it without even asking what photo it was, her panicked look made Xie Jin even more certain that she was the one who sent the photos.

"Hand over the video." Xie Jin's words were like the Grim Reaper's urging, making Tian Yingying tremble even more violently, and even forgot to refute.

After shaking for a while without another sound from Xie Jin, Tian Yingying regained some sanity. She thought of the only way to save her life, "If I hand it over, you won't harm me?"

"Hand it over."

Xie Jin's gloomy words left no room for negotiation. Whether she handed it over or not, he had ways to force her to hand it over.


Su Tao finally made an appointment with Li Yajie, the current CEO of DG.

The time when Jiang Qi's information was submitted happened to be when the first episode of The Road to Debut was being hotly broadcasted. Jiang Qi had been trending twice, and among his peers, his popularity and performance were first.

This was something Su Tao had foreseen early on. She chose the most suitable time to fight for DG's endorsement.

She was confident that with her planning and solicitation, plus Jiang Qi's own ability, she could win this endorsement. Otherwise, she wouldn't have gone all out with the military order.

But to avoid someone using an inside connection and engaging in improper competition, she had to block the back door in advance.

After making inquiries through many relationships, Su Tao finally found out that Li Yajie liked racing.

Of course, she liked it, but usually she only went go-karting and didn't dare to drive on real racetracks.

So Su Tao organized a go-kart race to be held the day after tomorrow and invited several wealthy socialite friends of Li Yajie.

In the pitch-black large door on the top floor of Tianjin Tower in Beicheng, a pair of deep eyes lifted from the documents with a hint of surprise. "Go-kart race?"

Jin Chuwen, who stood opposite the desk, nodded. "Yes, the day after tomorrow, at the Yimei Go-Kart Club in Jiangcheng. Here is the list of wealthy socialite ladies participating."

After all, Jin Chuwen was Xie Jin's special assistant. With this identity, he had already networked in Jiangcheng's social circles to probe Su Tao's movements.

It had to be said that while other wealthy madams held art exhibitions and cocktail parties, Su Tao had quite an interesting mind to have a group of ladies go karting.

Xie Jin curved his knuckles and tapped on the table one by one, falling into thought.

As if conditioned, whenever the boss knocked on the table like this, Jin Chuwen felt physically uncomfortable and nervous, wanting to go to the bathroom.

The tapping finally stopped, and there seemed to be a gleam of light in Xie Jin's pitch-black eyes, as if he had thought of a wonderful idea. The corners of his mouth curled up imperceptibly as he smiled and made calls one by one according to the list Jin Chuwen gave him.

"Hello, President Ma, are you free the day after tomorrow? I'm inviting you to go karting..."

"President Sun, want to go karting the day after tomorrow? Your wife happens to be going that day too, but keep it a secret..."

"President Liao, you haven't accompanied your wife for a long time, right, give her a surprise..."

Not until Xie Jin finished all the calls did Jin Chuwen vaguely understand what was going on.

The boss had invited these ladies' husbands to go karting too?

To see Su Tao, the boss really went to great lengths, using all kinds of roundabout ways to get close to her. It really burned his brain.

After finishing the calls, Xie Jin let his secretary book plane tickets to Jiangcheng, and seemed to be in a slightly better mood. His voice was not as low as before. "How's the stuff we got back from Tian Yingying?"

Tian Yingying said she had deleted the videos, so Xie Jin took back all her electronic devices, including computer, mobile phone, camera, USB drive, portable hard drive, etc.

But the IT department still hadn't recovered her deleted files after so many days.

"The phone and camera have been ruled out now. The computer still lacks a part. I'm contacting the manufacturer for shipment." Jin Chuwen replied.

"As soon as possible."


Su Tao watched speechlessly as a row of handsome young men stood in front of the go-kart track, enthusiastically selecting go-karts.

Liu WanTao somehow heard about this race she had arranged and brought several newly signed male artists from the company.

The wealthy socialite ladies standing aside pursed their lips and chuckled softly, patting Su Tao on the shoulder and whispering, "Are these all your artists? You really have good taste."

Su Tao nodded calmly on the surface, but secretly glanced at Liu WanTao several times.

Finally finding a chance, she pulled Liu WanTao aside and questioned, "What did you bring your artists here for?"

Liu WanTao was nonchalant. Even if she had done something unsavory, she still held her head high, "Male and female pairing makes it less tiring to play. I let you network, but don't let me bring artists to find resources?"

Admittedly, most wealthy madams were lonely empty nesters, but it was still inappropriate to openly organize them to be with male artists. What kind of behavior was this?

Su Tao lowered her voice. "What do you take your artists for? Most of these are married women, do you know that?"

Liu WanTao's eyes widened, as if she had stepped on her tail. She exploded at once, "Are you saying I'm pimping? You don't share resources when you have them, and blame me for tagging along. With such a good opportunity, which agency wouldn't bring artists to show their faces?"

Su Tao closed her eyes for a moment. Before being angered to death by Liu WanTao, she asked her one last question, "How did you know we were here?"

Liu WanTao raised her proud neck, "I have friends in wealthy circles too. You made one wrong move in this game, and I've helped make up for it. Don't thank me, just don't blame me."

Su Tao held her forehead. She didn't want to argue with her anymore. She searched for Li Yajie in the crowd. She wasn't very interested in those boys and was already fully equipped, sitting in the go-kart.

Su Tao jogged over and apologetically said, "Sister, I didn't arrange for these artists to come. I just simply wanted to go karting with you."

Li Yajie let out a hearty laugh. With a melon seed-shaped face and big eyes, she had the standard beauty face. As a fading beauty approaching fifty, although she was well maintained, some traces of time could still be seen.

"It's alright. I'm about to play anyway, more people makes it livelier." As she spoke, she patted Su Tao's hand, "Don't mind."

Su Tao's cheerful personality moved Li Yajie again, and added to her good impression. She immediately put on a helmet as well, "Sister, I'll run a lap with you."

"Oh~" Li Yajie was quite surprised, "You can run?"

It was Su Tao's first time playing. Under the coach's guidance, she could only choose a single-person recreational vehicle. The car she chose was much heavier than the two-stroke one Li Yajie had chosen, but it was also easier to control and less likely to have an accident.

This was the first race between the two women, and the prize was a dinner. Everyone watched eagerly around them.

The go-kart was not as easy for Su Tao to control as she had imagined. And her heavy vehicle was like this, so Li Yajie's lighter one must be even easier to skid off the track.

But it had to be said, Li Yajie drove like her personality - steady and fast. As expected, Li Yajie won without any surprises.

When she reached the finish line, Su Tao took a deep breath to steady her heartbeat before getting off the car. She gave Li Yajie a big thumbs up.

Li Yajie patted Su Tao's shoulder, seeming to admire her as well. She took the initiative to grab her hand and walked with her to the rest area.

"I didn't expect that you look so gentle and delicate but actually quite wild. At first you chased me pretty closely. And your mentality is not bad either. It's already not easy for your first time driving."

Su Tao had just raced with half her life on the line, just so Li Yajie wouldn't think she was useless and unable to have fun.

There were a few times she almost flipped the car on the turns. Her legs were still shaking uncontrollably now.

But obviously, Li Yajie had developed a good impression of her. She had not wasted this opportunity.

The two chatted a lot and got along better and better. Only then did Su Tao realize this woman had a lot of charm, broad knowledge and elegance. No wonder she could make DG so successful. She really was outstanding.

She learned that DG's current Chairman was her husband. He was nearly 70 years old already, a whole 20 years older than her.

The age difference, plus her husband's history of remarriage, gave Li Yajie an aura of legend.

But obviously, she was not the kind of woman who rose in status by relying on men. Even without her husband, she might not have reached her current height, but she definitely wouldn't have fallen too far behind either.

The madams paired up with the male artists, driving double recreational vehicles on the track. They were not going very fast, but screams were endless.

Whether they were really scared or pretending to be scared, they made the stadium quite lively.

Li Yajie seemed to really enjoy this lively scene, always smiling.

Liu WanTao came over and sat down to chat with Li Yajie as well.

In less than three sentences, Liu WanTao started talking about endorsements and resources. Li Yajie's eyes flashed with impatience, and she interrupted her words.

"Director Liu, having too strong a utilitarian mentality in dealing with others is not good. Peach has chatted with me for so long without mentioning endorsements at all. You should learn more from your little sister."

Liu WanTao's face turned red and white alternately. She was too embarrassed to leave or stay, wishing she could drill into a crack in the wall.

Su Tao didn't notice Liu WanTao's awkwardness. She was fiddling with her phone, looking for a place to treat Li Yajie and these rich madams for dinner tonight. Suddenly she heard a few gasps, and Su Tao looked up.

A group of men were walking towards them, all dressed in branded leisurewear, covering various age groups.

Su Tao's face changed instantly. She recognized one of them. Their wives were currently on the double recreational vehicles with a certain male artist, having great fun.

These men walked closer before discovering their wives each had a fresh meat accompanying them. They instantly turned ashen.

Xie Jin, who was walking at the back, saw the scene before him and his long legs paused. Didn't they say it was just the madams' go-kart race? How come there's a group of men too?

After the madams saw their husbands suddenly appear, the atmosphere froze awkwardly. The surprise had instantly turned into a large-scale bust of cheating spouses.

Although their husbands were also mostly indecent outside, and some of the madams fooled around too, being caught face-to-face was still too embarrassing.

Su Tao's heart sank to the bottom. After all, this was the gathering she had organized. Causing such a double accident was really losing face.

When she saw Xie Jin walking towards her with a slightly solemn expression, she understood the culprit behind this second accident.

He wore a sky blue casual shirt with the collar casually unbuttoned twice, black casual pants, and a pair of white sneakers. His tight jawline and pair of jet black eyes made him look elegant even in leisurewear.

Xie Jin stopped in front of her and took a breath. When Su Tao looked at him, he slowly let out that breath and just softly asked: "You arranged this?"

Li Yajie took the initiative to speak. Her bright voice did not reveal any joy or anger, as if she was just stating a fact: "It was arranged by Director Liu over there."

Liu WanTao, who hadn't found a crack to hide in, now wished she could find a hole in the ground.

She hurriedly called one of the artists and told them to leave quickly, before slipping away in embarrassment herself.

Li Yajie smiled at Xie Jin and Su Tao, clapped her hands to liven up the frozen atmosphere again, "You little couples can argue more when you get home. I'm treating today, let's go eat, be happy!"

After that, she even winked at Su Tao. Su Tao smiled gratefully. She knew Li Yajie was afraid she would feel guilty. If the atmosphere escalated, she would lose face first.

Most of the friends she got to know after working were purely business relationships. No one had ever considered her feelings like this before.

Some people clicked right away.

Some people were still strangers after knowing each other half a lifetime.

Su Tao glanced at Xie Jin, not giving him another look. She pulled Li Yajie's hand and walked towards the club entrance.

Xie Jin's expression froze. He immediately caught up and followed closely behind Su Tao.


In the Japanese restaurant, with Li Yajie and Xie Jin present, no one brought up the previous incident. Noda's private room was full of love and harmony.

Everyone naturally knew about Xie Jin's public confession to Su Tao from the recent hot search. They kept toasting Su Tao and chatting with her.

At first Xie Jin tried to take her wine glass, but Su Tao dodged him.

Although the embarrassment today was not her fault, she still felt guilty as the organizer. And the Japanese sake tasted like fruit juice, so she kept drinking one small cup after another.

But she didn't know the potent after-effects of sake. Drinking so quickly like her would get drunk very fast.

Li Yajie had drunk a lot too, but she could hold her liquor well. Seeing Su Tao's flushed little face, she found it cute. She leaned in to whisper in her ear: "Peach, I actually quite appreciate Jiang Qi. He has a lot of potential and is suitable as the endorsement for our new product."

She had intended it as a consolation, but the drunk Su Tao hugged her with wet eyes: "Sis, you're my real sis!"

Xie Jin, who had been keeping half a step away from her, pulled the clingy Su Tao into his arms and let her lean against him. He silently poured her some warm water and fed it to her himself.

Xie Jin's series of skilled actions made everyone secretly look over with gossiping eyes. No one could have imagined the rumored most unpredictable Xie Jin actually had such a gentle side.

Li Yajie was both surprised by Xie Jin's tenderness and Su Tao's sentimentality after drinking, quite different from her usual indifference.

She curiously asked Xie Jin: "Does she often cry after drinking?"

Xie Jin shook his head. "When she's drunk..."

He suddenly recalled her drunken state last time, and Xie Jin's heart quivered involuntarily. His Adam's apple slid up and down as he cleared his throat and tried to maintain his outward calm.

"I have to take her home."