Surprise Resignation of Female Substitute Secretary

Chapter 32

The director group who was dominated urgently discussed, can this obvious cheating score be re-scored?


This is the platform father, this show will be broadcast on Ruiqi Video, don't you want to strive for a good rating?

Su Tao's clear and smooth voice sounded, easing the anxiety of the director group: "President Xie should still be fair and just, no need to re-score."

Su Tao actually regretted it a bit after asking him, it was just that her own child was said, and she was anxious for a moment and blurted it out.

This little incident was easily resolved by Su Tao's words, and the show continued, but the eyes of everyone present looking at Su Tao and Xie Jin became subtle.

Finally, after Xue Xinzi took the stage to perform, this subtle look reached its peak.

Xue Xinzi was wearing a plain linen dress with a shallow plain smile on her face, holding a guitar and singing a folk song she had created herself.

The singing was sweet and simple, the melody of the song was beautiful, the lyrics were very meaningful, and Su Tao was excited again, looking at Xue Xinzi with eyes shining.

Since she took over Xue Xinzi, she hadn't arranged too much business for her, just wanting to give her a quiet enough environment to create.

She knew that Xue Xinzi was not a commercial traffic artist, she had her own artistic ideals and pursuits.

What she could do was give her the most support and the most suitable development path.

Su Tao gave full marks without any doubt, and the camera swept over the judges' scores. What surprised others was that Xie Jin also gave full marks.

This time he really didn't forget to press that "0".

Another prompt tone was heard in Liu Xiangyi's earpiece for him to cue Xie Jin.

Liu Xiangyi was mentally collapsed, he really didn't want to be ridiculed by Xie Jin again.

In order to see the point, the program team really didn't take his face seriously at all.

"President Xie," although extremely unwilling, Liu Xiangyi still followed the director's words and asked Xie Jin with a smiling face, "You gave full marks this time, right?"

Xie Jin looked at him faintly, with an expression of "Are you blind?", but still gave him some face by just saying "hmm".

"May I ask why?" When Liu Xiangyi asked this question, his tongue was trembling.

This time Xie Jin didn't ridicule him, and subconsciously glanced at Su Tao and said seriously: "The contestant performed very well, Su Tao's artists are all very good."

Everyone present was dumbfounded.

Xie Jin actually praised someone too!

It seemed that Xie Jin had found the right way to comment. In the following show, he became Su Tao's brainless supporter. Everything she said was good, he would praise, and everything she said was not good, he would viciously criticize.

He seemed to have no thoughts of his own at all, his judging criteria completely followed Su Tao.

"Teacher Su Tao is very professional, I agree."

"Teacher Su Tao's comments are insightful, I think so too."

"Teacher Su Tao said it very well, I have the same opinion as her."


Su Tao's smile was almost unmaintainable. She looked at Xie Jin with a warning smile, reminding him that enough was enough.

Xie Jin settled down after that and stopped mentioning her.

The recording time of this period was relatively long, and it would be edited into two periods for broadcast later, so about half of the time was recorded, and the director let everyone rest for ten minutes.

These ten minutes gave everyone a chance to socialize privately.

Through the first half of the recording, Su Tao, who was originally a transparent person, became the person everyone wanted to get close to the most.

The seats around her were crowded with people elbowing each other to get through. Some handed over business cards, added WeChat contacts. And went over to her crowded area to introduce resources to each other.

She had simply become the center of communication.

In stark contrast to Su Tao was Xie Jin. Around him, it couldn't be said to be cold and clear, at least no one was there.

In fact, everyone wanted to give Xie Jin their business cards the most.

But the cold and arrogant aura he exuded at the moment made people not dare to approach him.

Except for Liu Xiangyi, the other three artist mentors actually wanted to get close to Xie Jin quite a bit.

After all, he was the rich dad, Tianjin Group didn't need to say, the strength was powerful, and it was the leader in Beijing and even the whole country.

Ruiqi Video under its banner was developing too rapidly, and it showed a trend of leading all online video platforms.

For female artists, his face was even more tempting.

But several people still didn't dare to make a move, really because of the cold aura he emitted that made people scared, no one could guarantee that he would be willing to give them face, and if he refused in public, how embarrassing would that be.

"I found out." One of the female artists said with her phone, "I just asked a friend of mine who works at Tianjin Group, she said President Xie has three taboos, as long as we don't step on mines it’s fine."

Another female artist looked at her eagerly and asked anxiously, "What is it, what is it?"

"One, can't talk nonsense; two, can't refute or question, can only obey unconditionally; three, can't wear pink dresses, you stepped on a mine."

The female artist in a pink dress looked surprised and asked in puzzlement, "Why not pink dresses?"

The other three people also shook their heads to show that they didn't understand.

"Why don't we take a roundabout approach."

The reason why everyone flocked to Su Tao was not only because she had a good personality and strong business ability, but also because Xie Jin blindly admired her, which made everyone want to approach Xie Jin through getting close to her.

Just as a few people were hesitating, something that made people fall out of their chairs happened.

The murderous Xie Jin got up and walked towards Su Tao's encirclement.

The cold and slightly gloomy aura didn't need him to push people away. Everyone automatically gave way.

Everyone was guessing what the big boss with a dark face was going to do. The next second, they saw him take out his cell phone, turn it on, and the screen displayed a QR code to add WeChat contacts.

"Let's add each other on WeChat, Teacher Su Tao."

Everyone: Shocked!

Under the watch of so many people, Su Tao couldn't find a suitable reason to refuse either, glanced at Xie Jin, and reluctantly took out her phone and scanned his code.

Seeing her WeChat contact added back, Xie Jin couldn't help the corners of his mouth rise as he looked at Su Tao with bright eyes.

Those who had never seen Xie Jin smile were dumbfounded. Was this city-capturing smile real? Were they qualified to see it?

Probably only Su Tao could make a devil-like person smile so brilliantly.

Su Tao looked at the time, there were 5 minutes left, and she didn't want to continue to be watched, so she made an excuse to go to the bathroom to escape the studio.

She wanted to find her own artists in the backstage, but was stopped by a slender figure.

Su Yangxing's iconic yellow short hair, relying on his handsome face and flamboyant personality.

But the unruly look was much more restrained, facing Su Tao, he pouted aggrievedly and called out, "Sis~"

Su Tao saw the curious eyes of the people around her, pulled Su Yangxing into the dressing room of her artists.

Liang Ke's four artists were not there, only Xue Xinzi and Jiang Qi were inside.

Xue Xinzi was listening to music intently with headphones on, while Jiang Qi was engrossed in playing games.

Seeing Su Tao bring back a contestant, Xue Xinzi didn't show much interest, but turned up the volume of her headphones a little, immersing herself in her own music world.

Jiang Qi carefully looked over Su Yangxing, narrowed his clear eyes slightly, put down his game, crossed his arms, leisurely watching the two.

"Talk, what's the matter?" Su Tao looked at Su Yangxing with a calm expression, but her tone was alienated and indifferent.

"Do you think I'm no good?"

Before Su Tao could answer, Su Yangxing poured out all his grievances: "I haven't seen you for a year, I couldn't find you either. I was so excited when I saw you were a judge backstage. I didn't expect you to strike me down on stage, saying I was no good. Do you really think I shouldn't participate in this show and debut?"

Su Tao sighed and went to the makeup table to get a tissue, but her wrist was grabbed by Jiang Qi.

Jiang Qi looked at her questioningly, with some displeasure in his expression: "Who is this?"

Su Tao was in no mood to answer his question, shook off his hand, and raised her arm with the tissue to wipe off the smudged eye shadow on Su Yangxing's eyes.

Just like when she wiped it for Jiang Qi before.

Jiang Qi's brows furrowed, unconsciously pressing the joints of his right hand and cracking them.

After wiping off the eye shadow, Su Yangxing's makeup looked more spirited. Su Tao was satisfied and lowered her arm, crumpled the tissue into a ball and threw it in the trash can, and finally answered his previous question.

"I didn't mean to strike you down at all, it's your own life, your own decision."

Su Yangxing refused to give up and blocked Su Tao's way out: "Then why did you say I was no good?"

"It's not that you are no good," Su Tao looked into his eyes and said calmly like autumn water, "It's that your brother is no good, he can't make you popular. Rather than struggling without roots in the entertainment industry, it would be better to study your major well, get into the TV station, and there will be a stage for you to realize your dream."

Su Tao's words left Su Yangxing stunned. He didn't expect this to be Su Tao's reason.

He gradually smiled and said, "So you think I can make it. Then can I sign with your company?"

Seeing his unruly face when he smiled, Su Tao shook her head with a chuckle, patted him on the shoulder, and gently said, "Your whole family would not agree. Don't fantasize, since you've done it, do it well."

The program team came to call people back, and Su Tao returned to the studio.

The atmosphere in the room suddenly became awkward. Su Yangxing only now noticed that unpleasant gaze and slowly looked over to see a boy who made people's eyes light up.

He looked about the same age as himself, but even just casually sitting there, he exuded handsomeness. That face, even he was jealous when looking at it. Apart from his ex brother-in-law, he hadn't seen such a heart-moving face.

No, that face made his heart race, his ex brother-in-law's face made his heart stop.

One was ideal, the other was delusion.

The ideal heart-racing face stood up. With the advantage of being half a head taller than Su Yangxing, the sense of condescension overwhelmed him and asked gloomily, "What's your relationship with Su Tao?"

Su Yangxing: "Su Tao? She's my sister."

Jiang Qi: "Blood-related?"

Su Yangxing: "Yeah."

Jiang Qi's expression relaxed, and he patted him on the shoulder, just like patting his own brother, "I'll cover you from now on."

It was finally Jiang Qi's turn on stage. Xie Jin, who was known for his delusional face, gave off a cold and gloomy aura that really made people feel suffocated when looking at him.

Although Jiang Qi hadn't had a single day of formal training, he had participated in many band performances at school and had considerable stage experience and was especially charismatic.

Among the contestants, few could hold the entire stage as steadily as him, who was a contestant performing for the first time.

He seemed to be born for the stage.

After Jiang Qi's performance, there was applause all around, and the scores were basically above 9 points. As far as the eye could see, there were countless 10 points.

Among the high scores, Xie Jin's 1 point seemed a bit abrupt.

Originally, everyone was used to him giving 1 point, but after the first half of the recording, everyone naturally looked at Su Tao's scoring.

Su Tao had given 10 points! Shouldn't Xie Jin follow her and also give full marks?

The director in Liu Xiangyi's earphone wanted to stir up trouble again and instructed him to ask Xie Jin for the reason for his scoring.

Liu Xiangyi reluctantly cued Xie Jin with a bitter look on his face: "Mr. Xie, can you explain why you gave 1 point?"

Xie Jin's face had already made it very clear what his mood was at the moment. He picked up the microphone and said in a deep voice, "Because there is no 0 points."

The crowd was in an uproar again, and Xie Jin's venomous words once again refreshed everyone's tolerance.

The scene was awkward for a moment.

Xie Jin was probably in an extremely bad mood. He asked Liu Xiangyi in retaliation, "Any questions?"

His manner was murderous and sharp, as if he would throw knives onto the stage if anyone dared to question him.

"No problem."

Liu Xiangyi quickly surrendered to keep the peace. In his earphones, the director was still stirring up trouble and told him to continue cueing Su Tao. Liu Xiangyi felt that they were trying to kill him. If they let him host the next issue, he would have to ask for a raise.

"Then let's hear the comments from Judge Su Tao."

Su Tao picked up the microphone and said unhurriedly, "Don't listen to what some unprofessional people say. You did great, I'm proud of you."

Dozens of eyes glanced stealthily at Xie Jin, and the big screen also mischievously switched to Xie Jin's shot.

Although he still had a gloomy expression, he didn't show any worse mood because Su Tao dissed him. Instead, he was even more restrained than when facing Liu Xiangyi earlier, with a completely different aura.

When Liu Xiangyi questioned him, he looked murderous.

But now that Su Tao openly questioned him, he didn't even dare to say a word.

Everyone: They have chemistry!

The staircases on both sides of the stage were the seats for contestants who had already performed. After hearing Su Tao's commentary, Jiang Qi's clear and affectionate eyes curved, revealing a charming and brilliant smile that was extremely eye-catching.

As soon as this smile came out, the female contestant area on the right side of the stairs erupted in screams.

Jiang Qi's popularity made the male contestants on the left side look at him with great envy.

The contestants who performed after Jiang Qi also felt tremendous pressure.

And the pressure on Tian Yingying, who was about to go on stage, came from Su Tao.

Backstage, she heard gossip that everyone seemed to appreciate Su Tao's commentary very much.

She still hadn't accepted Su Tao's transformation from the timid little assistant she had mistakenly thought her to be to the entertainment company's artist director.

Her impression of Su Tao was still stuck a year ago when she was obedient and docile in the company.

At that time, she thought Su Tao and Qin Xuexi had both left, and she could become the president's senior secretary and then find a chance to move up.

Unexpectedly, after Su Tao left, the president simply didn't set up the position of senior secretary at all.

Seeing no hope, she could only resign and enter the entertainment industry relying on her self-perceived outstanding looks.

Tian Yingying had always been unwilling to be ordinary. She didn't believe she would be unknown all her life as a small employee.

But unexpectedly, the entertainment industry was not as easy to mix into as she had imagined. With her looks, she still had to go under the knife just to have a chance to be on a show.

Now she had done everything according to the company's requirements - gone under the knife, created an image, yet encountered another obstacle in Su Tao.

When she went on stage, Tian Yingying carried such heavy thoughts and began performing. As expected, she performed terribly.

She messed up the moves, bumped into someone while walking, and not only was her singing breath unstable, she was out of tune as well, simply a car crash scene.

As soon as she finished performing, Tian Yingying covered her face and let out a painful cry.

The team members on stage and everyone present were stunned. Her crying was just too sudden, seamlessly connecting with her stage performance.

Liu Xiangyi asked what was wrong, and she deliberately flattened her shrill voice, making it sound exceptionally innocent and cute with a tinge of sobbing: "Too nervous, messed up the moves~"

Su Tao's indifferent gaze looked at the information in her hand. There was a sentence in Tian Yingying's introduction: A girl who can be sweet or silly.

Looking at her completely different personality demonstration on stage earlier, she only gave 3 points.

This was the first time Su Tao had given a score below 5 points. Liu Xiangyi naturally asked Su Tao.

"The deduction is mainly on Tian Yingying's side." Su Tao said bluntly and to the point, "After you got on stage, your eyes were wandering, your mind wasn't on the performance, so you made mistakes in the moves. You were out of tune because your basic skills are not solid. The main issue is that you are forcing an image that doesn't suit you, so you are breaking character. My advice is to be yourself and show your best side."

Su Tao's incisive and concise commentary received a round of applause.

Her criticism and suggestions were so accurate that many contestants even wanted Su Tao to comment on them.

But Tian Yingying on stage didn't think her commentary was fair at all. She only felt that Su Tao was targeting her.

Speak of the devil.

Tian Yingying removed her hands covering her face. There were no tears on her face. With her neck stiffened, and unconcealed wilfulness in her eyes that even she herself didn't notice, she questioned Su Tao, "I'm not forcing any image, this is just how I am. Who are you to say your opinion is the truth? On what basis can you say whatever you want is right?"

Tian Yingying's sudden counterattack took everyone by surprise. Compared to the majority who were surprised, Su Tao remained calm and said, "I'm not an authority, it's just a suggestion, feel free not to listen."

Just as Liu Xiangyi was thinking about how to ease the awkwardness of the moment, Xie Jin picked up the microphone and added insult to injury: "What she said about breaking character, that's your current situation."