Surprise Resignation of Female Substitute Secretary

Chapter 15

When Jin Chuiwen arrived at the villa, it was already dark. There wasn't a single light on inside the house. He used his phone flashlight to look around and fumbled for a while before finding the light switch. As the ceiling lights came on dimly, it illuminated the pitch black house with a faint glow.

Relying on the weak lighting, he was shocked to see the dispirited figure sitting motionless on the sofa, appearing somewhat creepy.

Jin Chuiwen randomly flipped a few more switches until the room finally brightened up, before cautiously approaching.

Xie Jin was holding a letter, head lowered with long lashes covering his eyes, so his expression was hidden from view. But the lifeless, gloomy aura surrounding him made the demon, who was often in hell mode, seem even more terrifying now.

Jin Chuiwen had seen the boss angry and sinister before, but never like this. It was as if he had stepped into a swamp yet lost all will to survive.

"Boss," Jin Chuiwen swallowed and softly called out to him, but there was no response.

His gaze fell upon the letter in the boss's hand. The first three words read "resignation letter", followed by the usual template content found online.

However, he clearly saw the signature at the end - Su Tao.

So this resignation letter was from Su Tao. The boss had called him over regarding Su Tao's attempt to resign?

Hadn't she already submitted her resignation earlier?

"She's gone," Xie Jin suddenly spoke, startling Jin Chuiwen. His hoarse voice really suited the word 'demon'.

"Su Tao left?" Jin Chuiwen sought to confirm.

"Look into her whereabouts. Buses, trains, flights, check all the surveillance footage along her route. I want to know where she went tonight."

The demon gave orders lightly, but how could he access all that information?

Jin Chuiwen didn't dare agree immediately.

"Check with the property management for the residential area. Then find Wu Xieyu, he'll take you to check the rest," Xie Jin remained unmoving, his mood still low, yet he gave clear and decisive instructions.

Jin Chuiwen felt reassured.

The boss must have made prior arrangements, afraid Wu Xieyu alone wouldn't be able to handle it, so he called him in to help.


The next morning, after noon, the office was in chaos.

Because both the boss and Su Tao hadn't come to work.

After asking around, it turned out Jin Chuiwen was also missing. Everyone was clueless about what had happened.

Each person's gossip flame burned brightly as they guessed - could it be the final showdown between the white knight and the substitute? Had the boss been defeated?

Just as everyone was letting their imagination run wild, someone suddenly yelled, "Message from the front desk, the CEO has arrived, he's in the elevator!"

Everyone hurried back to their seats and sat up straight, silently counting the elevator floors.

With a "ding dong", the elevator door opened. The tall, proud, and noble figure strode past everyone.

The CEO was alone.

No one dared lift their heads to look at him, only daring to sneak a glance at his back after he had passed by.

They felt something seemed a little different about the CEO today, he inexplicably gave off a fragile vibe.

How could the word "fragile" be associated with the CEO?

It must've been their imagination.

Not long after, Jin Chuiwen also hurried by, the dark eye circles evident as he headed straight for the CEO's office.

Tian Yingying rolled her eyes around, picked up her phone and switched it to video mode. She tucked it into her shirt pocket with the camera lens peeking out just enough. Then she took a document requiring approval and stealthily followed along.

She lingered outside the door for a long time, not daring to knock directly.

Around ten minutes later, Wu Xieyu, who rarely made appearances, also arrived.

Behind his glasses were shrewd eyes, and upon seeing Tian Yingying loitering by the door, he faintly frowned and asked, "What is it?"

"Bringing documents for approval," Tian Yingying replied.

"If it's nothing urgent, just come by later."

Wu Xieyu meant well. He knew the mood of the person inside right now could only be described as extremely awful.

"It's urgent, an important document," Tian Yingying deliberately looked anxious.

The black door suddenly opened, startling both of them. Jin Chuiwen poked his head out and urged, "President Wu, you're here, hurry in."

Wu Xieyu no longer had time to worry about Tian Yingying either, immediately stepping in. Tian Yingying took a deep breath and bravely followed along.

"Boss, I've checked air, land and sea. No information yet. Immigration will definitely have a reply within the hour."

Hearing Wu Xieyu's report, Tian Yingying's heart skipped a beat. Her intuition sensed it was a big deal.

Glancing at Xie Jin, he had turned his chair to face the window. The high back obstructed her view completely.

She could only hear Xie Jin's hoarse, barely audible voice say, "Keep looking."

Tian Yingying was shocked by the powerlessness in his voice.

The usually commanding and confident CEO, when had he ever sounded so helpless before?

Jin Chuiwen immediately came over, took the documents from her hands, signaling at her, "Leave the files here, you go out first. I'll call you if anything comes up."

Although Tian Yingying didn't obtain any definite information, she had roughly guessed what was going on, so she hastily took her leave.

In the past few days, the office seemed to be shrouded in darkness. The air felt stagnant and breathing was difficult.

In the morning tea room, everyone lined up dispiritedly for their coffee.

Even hand brewed coffee didn't seem to perk them up like Su Tao's did.

They had worked overtime continuously for three days now. They desperately needed coffee to keep them going.

After Su Tao left that afternoon, she never returned. Everyone asked around or speculated - Qin Xuexi had ascended while Su Tao was abandoned.

But there was still no definite news. The group admin also hadn't announced the final betting results, which everyone felt was a bit unfair.

But to tell the truth, they really couldn't adapt to Su Tao being gone for three days.

That demon had become even more terrifying, prone to fits of anger over the slightest thing. Everyone didn't dare meet his eyes, even normal work reports were done gingerly.

He tore people apart within minutes, leaving several middle-aged men in tears.

Actually he had been quite scary in the past too, but these recent six months, he seldom lost his temper and hadn't reduced anyone to tears in a long time.

Leading them to believe the demon's temper had improved.

Now in hindsight, it seemed that many times, Su Tao would first go in and report who was going to give work updates. Only then when they entered, would the demon be much more gentle.

Everyone suddenly missed the days when Su Tao was around.

Now there was no one to help deliver documents or clear the mines for them.

And this coffee, why didn't it have Su Tao's aroma?

"Ah, I miss Su Tao a bit," someone casually mentioned, and it sparked endless chatter.

"Me too. I have a document to submit to the demon for approval today, I'm scared."

"Can Secretary Su descend from the heavens and save us?"

"Can Secretary Su come back?"

Everyone had woeful expressions, as if they previously didn't appreciate paradise when they were in it, now filled with regret.

Tian Yingying, who had just entered the tea room, scoffed and rolled her eyes. "All of you, you're treating her like some savior?"

Everyone knew her personality, so they ignored her and left with their coffee.

During the lunch break, the company's executives gathered outside the CEO's office door, all with bitter looks as they discussed something.

Those working in the CEO's office also huddled together, speaking in hushed voices.

Word was the CEO hadn't eaten or drank anything these three days. No one could even send meals in. The executives were discussing countermeasures, but no one had good solutions.

"If only Su Tao was here, she always ate with the CEO before."

"Yeah, with her around, the CEO would definitely eat."

Tian Yingying, who had just entered, glanced at them disdainfully, "Weren't most of you supporting Qin Xuexi's ascension earlier? And now you're praising Su Tao like some goddess?"

"If Qin Xuexi really took over, would the CEO be like this now?"

"It's obvious Su Tao was driven away by Qin Xuexi. The boss realized Su Tao is his true love."

Tian Yingying rolled her eyes, "How cliche, you all watch too many idol dramas. For someone of the boss's status and wealth, where is there true affection? Do you take the CEO for a lovesick fool like yourselves?"

Everyone silently flipped a white eye back at her and dispersed to their own tasks.

Tian Yingying peeked out at the group of helpless executives outside the black door. A sly smile crept onto the corners of her mouth as she snapped a photo and sent it to Qin Xuexi.

[Tian Yingying: Boss hasn't eaten or drank for three days. No one can persuade him otherwise. Everyone's afraid of him now, avoiding him if they can. Really scared he won't hold up.]

After sending it, Tian Yingying knew Qin Xuexi couldn't reply to her, but she still put away her phone in good spirits.

Based on her understanding of Qin Xuexi, she would definitely come.

Sure enough, in less than three hours, Qin Xuexi rushed over, breathless, carrying takeout in her hands.

Only two executives remained at the door, Jin Chuiwen and Wu Xieyu.

Wu Xieyu didn't expect Qin Xuexi to show up. He stopped her from knocking, warning, "Don't go in. President Xie will vent his anger on you again."

"Then who can bring food in for him? Watching him starve to death?"

Qin Xuexi looked full of worry. She loved Xie Jin. She couldn't watch him torment himself like this.

"The key is, you going in won't help matters either?"

Wu Xieyu pushed up his glasses. When the boss had problems, he hadn't informed Qin Xuexi. But he still recognized her capabilities as a competent subordinate.

The boss had arranged her by his side for ulterior motives before, but she had always performed well, so he intended to appreciate her talent.

He didn't expect she still couldn't see reality.

"How do you know it won't help? A-Jin treats me differently." The company was built up together with her accompaniment. They couldn't handle it, but that didn't mean she couldn't.

Qin Xuexi was fully confident. She clutched the lunchbox and walked forward.

Jin Chuiwen shook his head. He stopped Wu Xieyu who wanted to block her again, and retreated back two steps to quietly watch Qin Xuexi knock open the door.

She saw a meal already placed on the table. But Xie Jin hadn't touched it at all. He was hunched over the desk, seriously dealing with work.

He had lost a full circle in just three days. Was he trying to starve himself to death?

Qin Xuexi had just taken a step in and softly called out "A-Jin~" in gentle tones, when turbulent rage instantly surged up in Xie Jin's lifeless eyes.

A rage that no one could placate.

He grabbed the lunchbox from the table and fiercely threw it at her, smacking her right in the face.

Fortunately the food had gone cold, so the cool soup trickled down her neck into her clothes.

The low voice matched with the hoarse tone wasn't loud, yet it shook one down to their soul.

"Get lost!"