Surprise Resignation of Female Substitute Secretary

Chapter 14

[Zhang Qi Guang: I can only professionally guarantee there are no traces of photoshopping in the photo, but the photo is quite blurred, looking like kissing, but there may be hidden circumstances!]

[Zhang Qi Guang: Actually, this blurry photo does not rule out the possibility of a misaligned kiss.]

[Zhang Qi Guang: Su Tao, are you okay?]

Xue Ge knew her emotional cleanliness obsession, afraid she would overthink it, so he kept making excuses to comfort her.

[Su Tao: Is there any evidence to prove this is a misaligned kiss?]

[Zhang Qi Guang: ...Why don't you ask Cu Jing properly?]

Su Tao smiled silently. If she could ask him, she would not have chosen to resign.

She had naively thought they could have a good breakup.

She had also thought that even if they broke up, they could still be friends.

[Zhang Qi Guang: Let's forget about this scumbag. Xue Ge will introduce someone ten thousand times better to you.]

[Zhang Qi Guang: I will definitely find someone who loves you wholeheartedly. Trust me.]

It was impossible now. She would not believe there was someone in this world who would love her wholeheartedly anymore.

There was simply no such thing as the pure feelings she wanted.

She would never believe in love again.

She didn't need it anymore either.

Su Tao's vision was blurred by tears. Big teardrops splashed on her phone screen, bursting into glistening splashes of water. She wiped and it got wet again.

She raised her phone and forcibly blinked away the tears, struggling to see the screen clearly.

[Su Tao: Xue Ge, do me a favor.]

[Su Tao: Help me arrange a car. I want to leave today. Also, can you help me arrange a fake identity?]

[Zhang Qi Guang: No problem for the car. I'll think of a way for the identity.]

[Zhang Qi Guang: Are you really determined to leave him?]

[Su Tao: Yes. He might look for me at first, but he'll get over it after some time. The identity just needs to hold up for a year.]

The car passed the bridge where they had first met.

That day, she had stood by the guardrail playing sad music on the violin her mother had given her, while he listened quietly beside her, his eyes full of her.

Perhaps, there was a moment when he had truly loved her.

Scenes from the past four years flashed by like fading old photographs, turning yellow, fading, until slowly disappearing.


The elevator dinged arriving on the top floor. Soon, a pink figure appeared in the president's office.

Everyone was puzzled at first. Su Tao hadn't worn pink for days. Why was she back in it?

Then looking closely, it wasn't Su Tao, but the former executive assistant, Qin Xuexi.

"Secretary Qin, why are you here?"

Everyone crowded around enthusiastically, regardless of past relations, with delighted expressions, warmly coming forward to chat.

"I'm here with President Wu for a meeting today."

Although Xie Jin hadn't let her attend the meeting.

But no one else knew that, because in the entire president's office, only Su Tao had attended the meeting.

"That's right. Secretary Qin is a big shot at Ruiqi now. You must see celebrities every day."

"To be honest, Ruiqi is better than headquarters, right? President Wu is much nicer to work with than our President Xie."

Everyone flattered Qin Xuexi, sincerely or not. No matter how good Ruiqi was, it couldn't compare with headquarters.

"It's alright. President Wu does have a better temper than President Xie, but they're about the same to me."

Her words were a bit haughty.

She meant that while President Xie had a bad temper, he had always treated her well.

Everyone smiled and secretly rolled their eyes.

Tian Yingying didn't participate in the false chatter. She sat quietly at her desk.

In fact, she had secretly started recording video since Qin Xuexi stepped into the office area.

She had the habit of secretly filming anytime, allowing her to obtain quite a bit of insider material.

The solemn black door suddenly opened. The office instantly fell silent, so quiet you could hear a pin drop.

The cold profile appeared in the doorway. He glanced at the empty desk directly across, then noticed the pink figure standing at the front of the office out of the corner of his eye. His brows furrowed as he looked over to see Qin Xuexi clearly. His expression instantly changed.

"Come here."

Following his deep voice, Qin Xuexi raised her brows and walked over. Her figure disappeared from everyone's view.

Everyone secretly exchanged looks and returned to their seats. They opened the group chat and began passionately discussing.

[Demon Not Home Celebration Group]

Not Adding Overtime: Big news. The boss's moonlight is currently in the boss's office.

Ice.5: A showdown between the moonlight and the stand-in?

Gradual Progress: I feel it's a □□ naked provocation. The moonlight's □□ is quite strong, with the aura of the main wife.

Moonlight: Yes, yes, like coming back to declare sovereignty!

Dan: I heard in today's executive meeting, President Wu didn't have a secretary with him.

Not Adding Overtime: It must have been on purpose not to let her come, afraid she would run into the stand-in.

Sweet as Ice: So do you think it's possible for the moonlight to regain her position, or will the stand-in take over through her methods?

Chestnut: I bet on the moonlight.

Love Spicy Sticks: Of course it's the moonlight. Not to mention anything else, she's the veteran who helped the boss build his career all the way here.

Hazy: Moonlight +1

Jie: It must be the moonlight. The stand-in won't work. She doesn't have the aura of a main wife at all.

Zhi: Right, the stand-in only knows how to obey.

Before they knew it, the group started betting. At first it was just talk, but it gradually became a gambling ring. The group admin began tallying amounts for sides no one had bet on yet and who was being supported.

And everyone overwhelmingly supported Qin Xuexi, while mocking Su Tao.

Watching on screen, He XiaoRui couldn't sit still. She felt they were all ungrateful.

Big Cat Face: I support Su Tao, 100 yuan.

Love Spicy Sticks: The first supporter of the stand-in has appeared. Not easy.

Chestnut: I just want to know who this person is? And why do they think the stand-in is good?

When the group was created, to be able to speak freely, everyone had registered small WeChat accounts to join the chat. Other than the admin who had notes, no one knew anyone else's identity.

And the tight-lipped admin never leaked any member info, so everyone was unrestrained.

The admin was also very mysterious. No one knew who it was. Old employees had added new employees to the group and it had spread this way, with no one ever investigating who the admin really was.

As the first to support Su Tao, He XiaoRui was mocked a few times, but also gained some followers who felt the odds were good for betting.

Big Cat Face: I also want to ask why you all think Qin Xuexi is good?

Big Cat Face: Don't you remember how annoying she was when she was working here before? But now you say she's good.

Big Cat Face: Did she make coffee for you before? Deliver documents? Help redirect the boss's temper when he was in a bad mood?

Big Cat Face: Su Tao often helped everyone with these things.

Big Cat Face: Not only would Qin Xuexi not help you, she pushed the blame to others several times. Two were even forced to resign. Don't you all have selective amnesia?

Big Cat Face: What good would it do you for Qin Xuexi to gain power?

Big Cat Face: Is your hostility toward Su Tao making you feel the enemy's enemy is your friend? How laughable!

He XiaoRui's words temporarily plunged the group into silence.

In fact, everyone's hostility toward Su Tao probably started with her unprecedented power after suddenly being promoted, seeming easygoing but also distant and unable to integrate with everyone.

There was also the sense that she was always imitating Qin Xuexi's style, so everyone inexplicably felt jealous and looked down on her, thus ignoring Su Tao's virtues.

If you looked past all these things unrelated to them, Su Tao was indeed a good colleague, with better character than Qin Xuexi by far.

As He XiaoRui was passionately scolding in the group, she didn't notice Jin Chuiwen peeking at her screen behind her.

He XiaoRui was parched from anger. She had just picked up her cup to drink some water when she saw the figure beside her, startling her into spewing water from her mouth.

Luckily she didn't spray Jin Chuiwen.


He XiaoRui's mind was filled with "I'm done for". Not only was her group name exposed, she had been caught slacking off at work too.

Just as she was wondering how to apologize to mitigate her offenses, Jin Chuiwen pushed up his glasses and patted her shoulder, saying solemnly, "Well said, very enlightened, promising future."

He XiaoRui: "???"

Jin Chuiwen silently walked away, opened the group chat, and said something under his admin name "xxx".

Xxx: I bet on Su Tao, 1300 yuan.

After closing his phone, he lamented to himself that they were still too young.


Near the end of work, Xie Jin called Jin Chuiwen into his office and handed him a list.

Jin Chuiwen looked at the bold writing on the paper - fried dumplings, duck collarbones, sweet and sour, candied fruit...

"These are all...snacks?" Jin Chuiwen asked uncertainly.

Xie Jin put down his signing pen. His fingertips tapped the desk twice as he looked at Jin Chuiwen with oppressive eyes.

"Jin Chuiwen, have I been too lenient with you recently?"

Just like Su Tao, not learning well and actually questioning his order. "Do you need me to repeat it a second time?"

Jin Chuiwen didn't dare meet his boss's eyes. He hurriedly lowered his head and said, "Going to buy them now."

Xie Jin walked out of the office building proudly holding a pile of snacks. Colleagues looked at each other puzzled. The boss never ate these kinds of snacks before. They guessed wildly about who he was buying them for.

They seemed to recall Qin Xuexi eating these snacks before. Those who had bet on Qin Xuexi felt secretly confident.

The Maserati sped home. The aroma of the snacks in the car made Xie Jin frown slightly.

But thinking of Su Tao's delighted manner when eating snacks, he suddenly felt it was fine to let her eat some occasionally. At most he could force her to eat more nutritious food.

In early July, the days were long. The sunset's peach glow was already spreading while it was still light out.

The villa had no lights on. Su Tao wouldn't have turned on all the lights when home. She probably only turned on the bedroom or study lamp. Thinking this, Xie Jin entered the house.

Walking through the quiet living room, he went upstairs. The study door was open but there were no lights or people inside.

But Su Tao's laptop that was usually on the desk was missing.

She must have packed it when leaving, Xie Jin thought without care.

He glanced at the closed bedroom door, guessing Su Tao was probably sleeping inside.

He gently pushed open the door. The curtains weren't drawn. The bright outdoor light shone into the bedroom, illuminating the empty space.

No one was there.

"Little Taozi?"

He called out as he stepped inside, passing by the bathroom and walk-in closet. Toiletries were all there, not a single clothing item was missing. What had she packed when leaving?

She didn't even take her own things, let alone his.

Moreover, the suitcase was neatly in the closet. Had she packed at all?

He walked out of the bedroom and looked toward the other empty guest rooms. All were unoccupied. He looked up at the second floor and down at the first, then dialed Su Tao's number.

"The number you have dialed is switched off..."

Xie Jin's expression changed slightly. He went back downstairs about to check the yard when he suddenly noticed something on the coffee table.

Walking over, it was a white envelope. Inside was a phone card and post-it note.

The post-it simply said: I'm gone. Don't look for me.

Underneath was the word "Resignation Letter".

It also had his personally written "Approved" and signature on it.

The snacks in Xie Jin's hand abruptly slipped and fell to the floor, scattering into pieces.