After Rebirth, I Married the Archenemy of My Ex-Husband

Ten Years of Marriage!

An'nuo thought she had married the perfect man.

Little did she know, this man would lead her to her death!

He used the guise of marriage to deceive her feelings, calculate her assets, and even wipe out the entire An family, all to win the smile of his true love.

A premeditated murder let her reincarnate ten years prior.

This life, she will definitely make him bankrupt and disgraced, make his family disappear without a trace, make all associated with harming her die a terrible death. For this, the first thing she did after reincarnating was rejecting the scumbag and resolutely marrying the business tycoon who was her nemesis in her past life, someone she shouldn't have provoked in this one!

She thought their marriage was one of convenience, she didn't expect to be spoiled rotten after the wedding.