A Three Inch Adorable Wife Hidden in the Sleeve of the Chu King

Chapter 96

Sitting not far away, Chen Sixi saw none other than Jiang Xiaoxiao, whom he hadn't seen in a long time.

Beside Jiang Xiaoxiao sat Xie Xun.

Chen Sixi's head buzzed, and he turned mechanically to ask the young Taoist apprentice, "Is that the senior sister you mentioned?"

The young apprentice, noticing his strange expression, nodded without thinking much of it.

"I need to take a moment to process this," Chen Sixi said, clutching his chest.

After a good while, he walked over to the spot opposite Xie Xun and Jiang Xiaoxiao, his face contorting into a pained smile that was even worse than crying.

"It had to be you, Xie Xun, playing me for a fool. Doesn't your conscience bother you?"

Xie Xun calmly poured him a glass of water. "I warned you long ago to give up. It's your own fault for being so obstinate."

Chen Sixi objected, "When did you warn me? I remember the last time I told you I was coming to the Heavenly Master's Mansion to become an apprentice, learn the arts, and chase after my future wife, you were clearly supportive."

Xie Xun raised an eyebrow. "I warned you the first time we met."

The first time they met?

Chen Sixi struggled to recall what they had said during their first encounter.

Oh, right. They were sitting in the car, bored out of their minds with nothing to talk about. So he started talking about the Heavenly Master's Mansion and how he would one day marry that fierce, big-eating female disciple there, mainly for protection against evil spirits.

Later, as they chatted, Xie Xun said she ate too much to afford and advised him not to marry her.

Then, Xie Xun also mentioned that he had heard this female disciple was ugly, telling Chen Sixi not to force himself.


So, Xie Xun had known Jiang Xiaoxiao's identity from the very beginning?

Chen Sixi felt like vomiting blood.

With a face on the verge of tears, he cried, "You should have told me earlier! I wouldn't have competed with you."

Xie Xun felt no remorse for keeping it from him. "If I had told you, you'd have spent all day thinking about sneaking my little Xiao away to keep for yourself. If I had told you, wouldn't you have gone completely crazy?"

Chen Sixi choked a bit.

He had indeed thought more than once about smuggling the miniature Jiang Xiaoxiao away in his sleeve.

But wasn't it mainly because she was so adorable?

Thinking about this, Chen Sixi grew even more agitated.

Who spread the rumor that the Heavenly Master's Mansion's female disciple was ugly and a big eater?!

She's so beautiful in her normal form, and so cute when she transforms. What's wrong with eating a bit more when you're that good-looking?!

Knowing the truth now, Chen Sixi's eyes welled up with tears. "Senior sister, are there really no other girls up on our mountain?"

Jiang Xiaoxiao replied, "The Profound Sect has plenty. You don't have to stick around the Heavenly Master's Mansion. Try looking at other sects."

But not every sect allowed their disciples to marry freely.

The Taoist nuns in the temples had even completely renounced the seven emotions and six desires.

"Never mind," Chen Sixi quickly recovered from his grief. "I'll just stay at the Heavenly Master's Mansion and learn properly. Even if I can't find a wife in the future, with my own skills, I can at least protect my father and ward off evil spirits for him."

Despite his usually flippant way of talking, Chen Sixi was, at his core, a filial child.

Hearing him say this, Jiang Xiaoxiao didn't press him to go elsewhere.

The two young Taoist apprentices brought up the meal. For Xie Xun and Chen Sixi, there were vegetables and meat, including steamed pork ribs that Jiang Xiaoxiao loved.

However, for Jiang Xiaoxiao, there was a pot of plain porridge, six steamed buns, and pickled vegetables.

Chen Sixi's mouth twitched violently.

Just as Jiang Xiaoxiao was about to protest with a frown, Zhang Junyi walked over with a smile. "Little junior sister, enjoy your meal!"

Jiang Xiaoxiao, miffed, asked, "Why is my food different from theirs?"

Zhang Junyi raised an eyebrow in response. "Isn't this how it's always been for you?"

Jiang Xiaoxiao thought of the days before she left the mountain when her master fed her plain porridge and steamed buns every day. She grumbled, "I've been away for so long, and I can't even have a meal with meat when I return."

"What does a young lady need so much meat for?" Zhang Junyi reminded her. "If you get fat, the one beside you might not want you anymore."

Jiang Xiaoxiao looked up at Xie Xun.

Xie Xun pushed his meal in front of her. "You have it."

Jiang Xiaoxiao refused. "If I eat it, you'll have nothing."

"I'll eat the steamed buns."

"No, no, no. I'll eat the steamed buns."

In Xie Xun's eating habits, it was rare for him to have steamed buns as the main dish, but it was different for Jiang Xiaoxiao.

Before she left the mountain, this was what she ate every day.

Seeing the two pushing back and forth, Zhang Junyi sighed. "Alright, alright. I was just teasing you."

He then had the young apprentices take away the untouched porridge and buns, and replace them with meat for Jiang Xiaoxiao.

She got her meat, but Jiang Xiaoxiao wasn't completely satisfied.

After the meal, Chen Sixi bid farewell to the two and returned to the outer courtyard.

Jiang Xiaoxiao, along with Xie Xun, prepared to go back to their room to rest.

Halfway there, Jiang Xiaoxiao suddenly caught the scent of grilled fish.

"It smells so good!" Jiang Xiaoxiao was nearly drooling, all traces of sleepiness gone. She pulled Xie Xun along, following the aroma.

They finally found the source of the grilled fish scent by a mountain spring not far from where they were staying.

It was none other than Zhang Yichu.


Jiang Xiaoxiao ran over, too embarrassed to say she was still hungry, and only asked, "Father, haven't you eaten yet?"

Zhang Yichu looked at her with a smile. "I knew you wouldn't have eaten your fill in the dining hall. I grilled all these for you. Go on, eat."

After sprinkling some seasoning, Zhang Yichu handed Jiang Xiaoxiao a sizzling, oil-dripping grilled fish.

"Would you like one too?" Zhang Yichu looked at Xie Xun.

"I'm not hungry. Give them all to Xiao Xiao."

Xie Xun sat down next to Zhang Yichu.

Zhang Yichu deliberately sent Jiang Xiaoxiao away. "Xiao Xiao, these fish won't be enough for you. Go catch a few more upstream."


Jiang Xiaoxiao quickly devoured the grilled fish in her hand and then headed upstream along the mountain spring to catch more fish.

Once Jiang Xiaoxiao was far away, Zhang Yichu asked Xie Xun, "How long do you plan to stay at the Heavenly Master's Mansion?"

Xie Xun replied, "Xiao Xiao has just reunited with you. She probably doesn't want to leave so soon. We'll stay for a while longer."

Zhang Yichu nodded. "During these days Xiao Xiao has been away from the mountain, I'm grateful for your care."

"It's my duty."

Zhang Yichu continued, "Originally, when we first sent her down the mountain, it was with the intention of using you. Xiao Xiao knew nothing about it. If you have any resentment, don't blame her. It was all my selfishness."

Xie Xun shook his head. "Your willingness to exhaust your lifelong cultivation for your daughter is a fatherly love worthy of admiration. As for what you call 'using' me, didn't I also rely on Xiao Xiao to successfully return to the capital and be crowned king?

Now, Xiao Xiao's affairs are my affairs. Besides her, I don't want anyone else, don't want to manage anyone else, and don't want to worry about anyone else."

Zhang Yichu turned over the grilled fish on the fire rack. "The old Heavenly Master once cast a divination for you two. It revealed that Xiao Xiao is indeed your destined wife."

"Although I'm not entirely sure why, I believe this is what they call 'fate.'"