A Three Inch Adorable Wife Hidden in the Sleeve of the Chu King

Chapter 95

When Xie Xun left the Old Celestial Master's courtyard, Jiang Xiaoxiao was still waiting outside.

"What did my father say to you?" Jiang Xiaoxiao asked curiously.

Xie Xun patted her head. "Of course, he reminded me to take good care of you."

Jiang Xiaoxiao had no doubts. "Oh."

Jiang Xiaoxiao's old room was still preserved, and it would be cleaned every few days.

Zhang Junyi had arranged a guest room for Xie Xun separately.

Jiang Xiaoxiao was used to living in the same courtyard as Xie Xun, and she didn't understand. "Why are my room and Xie Xun's so far apart?"

Zhang Junyi tapped her forehead with his finger. "You silly girl, you haven't married yet, so you can't live too close to him."

Jiang Xiaoxiao continued to protest. "But when I was small, I slept on Xie Xun's bed!"

Xie Xun: "......"

Why did he suddenly have a feeling of being constantly taken advantage of? It must be a misunderstanding, right?

Zhang Junyi's face instantly darkened, pointing at Xie Xun and sputtering angrily, "You...you...you..."

Jiang Xiaoxiao pulled Xie Xun behind her protectively. "Third Master, if you dare hit him, I'll hit you."

"You haven't even married yet, but you're already being so unruly. You really infuriate me!" Zhang Junyi said in exasperation.

In the past, he had always said that this girl was too naive, and he had taught her to learn to act gentle and coy in front of men.

But after she came down the mountain, she had become so wild?

Watching their departing figures, Zhang Junyi stomped his feet in anger.

That scoundrel Xie Xun was simply a big bad wolf, just look at how he had corrupted their little Xiaoxiao!

"What's the use of being angry now?" Zhang Hengyi appeared out of nowhere, giving him a glance. "Wasn't it you who personally taught her all those nonsensical things in the first place?"

Zhang Junyi regretted it deeply.

He had only wanted his little junior sister to be more "feminine," not for her to become so unruly after coming down the mountain!

When Jiang Xiaoxiao accompanied Xie Xun to find his room, she saw someone cleaning it.

The cleaner looked somewhat familiar.

Jiang Xiaoxiao tried to recall.

Oh, Sun Dazhu!

That old fraud she had punished to serve as a laborer at the Heavenly Master's Mansion.

Sun Dazhu was startled when he saw Jiang Xiaoxiao and Xie Xun, but then he remembered that the Heavenly Master's Mansion had been buzzing about the little junior sister's return.

Could it be... the great master?

Sun Dazhu realized and immediately felt his knees go weak, falling to his knees and bursting into tears. "Great Master, this lowly one was blind and foolish, unintentionally offending you in the past. I have now reformed and returned to the righteous path. Please, do not lump me with ordinary mortals."

Seeing his sincere attitude, Jiang Xiaoxiao nodded. "Clean it thoroughly."

"Yes, yes, this lowly one will ensure the room is spotless."

Sun Dazhu stood up, wiped his tears, and grasped the cleaning cloth as he went into the room to wipe the tables, chairs, and benches.

Since ascending the mountain until now, Jiang Xiaoxiao hadn't eaten anything and was already hungry. She rubbed her belly. "Xie Xun, let's go eat."


The two left the guest courtyard and headed straight for the dining hall.

Halfway there, Jiang Xiaoxiao suddenly remembered something. "When we went to the capital before, Chen Sixi said he wanted to come to the Heavenly Master's Mansion to seek tutelage. Since we're back for a visit, why don't we invite him to join us for the meal?"

Upon hearing this, Xie Xun seemed to have thought of something, his brow arching slightly. "Alright."

Xie Xun's ready agreement to have Chen Sixi join them for the meal was somewhat unexpected for Jiang Xiaoxiao.

But she didn't overthink it and called a young novice to invite Chen Sixi.

The disciples of the Heavenly Master's Mansion were divided into the Inner Sect and Outer Sect.

The Inner Sect disciples all had the surname Zhang, belonging to the main family, and were personally taught by the Old Celestial Master's few direct disciples.

However, since the great master was not around, and the little master Zhang Yichu was always in secluded cultivation, the current Inner Sect disciples were only the dozen or so under Jiang Xiaoxiao's master.

The rest were Outer Sect disciples.

Outer Sect disciples also had the opportunity to be promoted to the Inner Sect, but the promotion assessment was very strict, and few made it through.

For someone like Chen Sixi with no background to seek tutelage, he could only become an Outer Sect disciple.

The Outer Sect disciples' cultivation grounds were on another mountain peak.

When the young novice found Chen Sixi, he was holding a bowl, about to eat.

"Are you Senior Brother Chen Sixi?" the young novice asked, eyes wide.

Chen Sixi nodded. "That's me, who are you?"

The young novice said, "I'm from the Inner Sect."

The Inner Sect referred to the place where the Inner Sect disciples cultivated.

Upon hearing this, Chen Sixi quickly swallowed the food in his mouth. "The Inner Sect? Could it be that the masters of the Inner Sect have discovered my exceptional talent and intend to promote me to the Inner Sect?"

The young novice smiled awkwardly. "No, it's not that."

Chen Sixi immediately deflated. "Then tell me, what is it?"

"The junior sister has returned," the young novice said, "and she wants to see you."

In the entire Heavenly Master's Mansion, including the Inner and Outer Sects, there was only one female disciple.

When he mentioned the junior sister, Chen Sixi knew exactly who he was referring to.

He had come here for so long, all for the purpose of pursuing his future wife.

Today, he would finally get to meet her in person.

It hadn't been easy!

Chen Sixi was immediately overwhelmed with emotion, tears welling up in his eyes. He didn't even finish his meal, immediately standing up. "Then let me go change my clothes."

Back in his room, Chen Sixi took off his Taoist robe and specifically changed into the outfit he had worn as the apprentice of his father's coffin shop, carefully examining himself in the mirror and feeling confident in his handsome appearance before finally leaving and following the young novice to the Inner Sect.

Chen Sixi was naturally an impatient person, and even if he tried to act composed, he couldn't help asking the young novice halfway there, "Why did the junior sister seek me out as soon as she returned? Did she know me before?"

The young novice shook his head. "I don't know."

Chen Sixi understood – this was called destiny!

Fate had arrived, and nothing could stop it.

Woo woo woo, his father was right in letting him come to seek tutelage.

Although the rumors about this junior sister weren't very flattering, Chen Sixi had already mentally prepared himself to face the storm.

After all, the fortune-teller had said that he would have to marry a Taoist nun in the future to ensure his safety.

"So how about this outfit of mine?" Chen Sixi asked.

In his entire life, because his family ran a coffin shop, matchmakers had avoided him, considering him unlucky, so apart from Jiang Xiaoxiao, he had never interacted with other young ladies.

Knowing that he was about to meet the junior sister who was doted on by the entire Heavenly Master's Mansion, he couldn't help feeling a little anxious, his heart pounding.

The young novice looked him over upon hearing this.

Chen Sixi's face was full of anticipation. "How is it?"

"It's passable," the young novice gave a very fair assessment.

Chen Sixi felt reassured.

Soon, the two arrived at the inner courtyard.

The young novice led Chen Sixi directly to the dining hall.

Having a meal together upon their first meeting?

Jiang Xiaoxiao's warmth made Chen Sixi feel a little embarrassed.

"We're here."

The young novice suddenly stopped and pointed to a seat not far away, "The Senior Sister is waiting for you over there."

Chen Sixi followed the direction the young novice pointed and, upon seeing the person sitting there, was dumbstruck.