A Three Inch Adorable Wife Hidden in the Sleeve of the Chu King

Chapter 90

Tonight was destined to be a sleepless night.

The black-robed figure had gathered far too many infant corpses. They needed to be returned under the cover of darkness, while the skeletons were still present, using their hands to deliver the bodies back.

Otherwise, when daylight broke, such a grand spectacle would terrify the common folk.

Before leaving the imperial tomb, the group returned to the mountain manor to gather supplies, and along the way, they brought out the horses and carriage.

As before, Jiang Xiaoxiao and Xie Xun rode in the carriage, with Qiu Hong driving and Qin Fengmian on horseback.

But between the horses and the carriage was a neatly arranged troop of skeletons.

Each skeleton held a corpse—the infants were cradled, while several elderly bodies were carried on their shoulders.

This scene was indescribably eerie.

Before dawn, all the infant corpses were delivered to the Abandoned Infant Tower.

They were all nameless bodies, too numerous, and previously controlled by the black-robed figure's dark arts.

To prevent further incidents, Jiang Xiaoxiao had no choice but to set them all ablaze.

As for the elderly corpses, Jiang Xiaoxiao wasn't sure of their exact origins, so she had Qin Fengmian take them all to the graveyard and post notices for people to claim them.

At the moment when the morning light broke through, the skeletons, having completed their task, suddenly vanished.

Jiang Xiaoxiao was unfazed by this.

She entrusted all the cleanup work to Qiu Hong and Qin Fengmian.

Upon entering the city, she didn't even visit the Yin Yang Office but was directly taken back to King Chu's Mansion by Xie Xun.

The first thing Xie Xun did upon returning was to have hot water prepared, personally sprinkling numerous flower petals into the bath.

Only when the air was permeated with a faint, clean fragrance, ensuring Xiaoxiao would be steeped in a delightful aroma, did he turn to leave.

Jiang Xiaoxiao disliked medicinal baths—an instinctive rejection from within her body, though she wasn't clear on the reason.

But she loved the large bath in King Chu's Mansion.

After battling the black-robed figure for so long, she had expended a considerable amount of spiritual energy and was indeed quite fatigued.

Now, undressed and immersed in the bath, she felt all her bones turning soft.

Once in, Xiaoxiao didn't want to leave and unknowingly dozed off by the bath's edge.

Xie Xun waited outside for a long while without hearing any movement from within.

He turned back, gazing at the tightly closed, carved door, and ultimately resisted the urge to enter directly, choosing instead to find Madam Song.

"Teacher's wife, Xiaoxiao has been soaking in the bath for quite some time. Could you please help me check on her?"

Seeing his concerned expression, Madam Song reassured him, "Don't worry. At most, Miss Jiang is exhausted from last night's case and has fallen asleep. I'll go and carry her out."

Upon entering, Madam Song indeed found Jiang Xiaoxiao asleep by the bath's edge.

She felt a twinge of sympathy for her.

At just sixteen, the young lady had taken charge of such a large yamen, unable to rest even late at night, still having to go out and handle cases.

She must be utterly drained, right?

Madam Song bent down, about to lift Jiang Xiaoxiao, when she awoke on her own.

She was naturally alert; no matter how deeply she slept, she would certainly wake if someone approached.

Rubbing her eyes, Jiang Xiaoxiao looked at Madam Song, "What's wrong?"

Madam Song chided, "The water's almost cold, and you're still not getting out. His Highness must be anxious."

"Oh." Only then did Jiang Xiaoxiao realize she had soaked for far too long.

She exited the bath, and Madam Song dried her with a towel, helping her change before they walked out.

Seeing Xie Xun waiting outside, Jiang Xiaoxiao said, "Sorry, I seem to have overslept."

Her just-awakened voice was lazy and soft.

Xie Xun felt as if a small feather had tickled his heart. Seeing she was fine, he relaxed, "It's good that nothing's wrong."

He stepped forward, originally intending to embrace Jiang Xiaoxiao, but suddenly realized he hadn't bathed since returning, and last night he had dealt with corpses.

Xie Xun retracted his outstretched hand, instinctively stepping back twice.

Jiang Xiaoxiao looked at him, completely unconcerned that Madam Song was present, and asked directly, "Do you want a hug?"

She then opened her arms to Xie Xun, "Come, let me hug you."

Xie Xun: "..."

Madam Song chuckled softly, feeling it inappropriate to stay longer. "Since Miss Jiang is fine, I'll head back now. You both should rest well. After you wake, this teacher's wife will prepare something delicious for you."

After Madam Song left, Jiang Xiaoxiao walked toward Xie Xun, again opening her arms to hug him.

"Don't!" Xie Xun stepped back once more. "I'm dirty."

"Then I'll hug you." Jiang Xiaoxiao bent down, looking very much ready to give Xie Xun a princess carry.

Xie Xun sighed helplessly. With this girl's stubbornness, she wouldn't return without a hug today.

He patted his clothes, which weren't actually dirty, and lifted her horizontally.

Jiang Xiaoxiao hadn't slept enough earlier, and now, with her head resting in Xie Xun's arms, she felt an added sense of security.

Before they even reached the room, she fell soundly asleep again.

Fearing he might jostle her, Xie Xun's movements became much slower.

The room was warmed by the Earth Dragon, creating a cozy atmosphere.

Xie Xun placed Jiang Xiaoxiao on the bed, covering her with a soft, warm blanket.

He kept watch a while longer, ensuring she didn't want water or anything else, before pushing open the door to leave.

Like Jiang Xiaoxiao, Xie Xun also hadn't slept all night, but with matters on his mind, he didn't feel tired. Upon exiting the main courtyard, he went directly to find Dean Gu.

Dean Gu, resembling an old scholar, held a book in his hands, teaching Yang Ershun to recite the Thousand Character Classic.

Yang Ershun clearly had no interest in studying, sitting by the fire basin, snoring as he dozed off.

Dean Gu, exasperated, exclaimed, "You rascal! If you don't study now, you'll be a blind fool in the future!"

Startled awake by his shout, Yang Ershun yawned and stood up. "Dean, this book is so sleep-inducing. Are we continuing? If not, I'll go practice."

Dean Gu's beard twitched with anger.

As Yang Ershun stepped over the threshold, he looked up to see Xie Xun standing outside. He immediately deflated, "Sis...brother-in-law, why are you here?"

Xie Xun glanced at him, merely saying, "Practice diligently."

"Yes." Yang Ershun felt reprieved and dashed away.

Dean Gu, having heard their exchange, rose and walked out. "Your Highness didn't sleep all night, why not rest?"

"I have a matter to consult with my teacher."

As Xie Xun spoke, he walked inside.

Dean Gu followed, preparing tea for him. "What does Your Highness wish to ask?"

Xie Xun removed the crystal stone from his neck and handed it to Dean Gu. "Have you ever seen this, Teacher?"

"This is...?" Dean Gu's face filled with confusion, then he shook his head. "Never."

"Then have you ever heard of it?"

Xie Xun continued: "This was left to me by my late mother. On her deathbed, my wet nurse repeatedly and earnestly urged me to preserve it well."

Dean Gu still shook his head, "Why would Her Majesty leave such a thing for Your Highness?"

Xie Xun hesitated for a moment before recounting the events of the previous night.

"I can't be certain, but I believe it was the light emanating from this key that ultimately helped Jiang Xiaoxiao. Moreover, I have a strong feeling that this light closely resembles the divine radiance I witnessed in the Imperial Deity Temple on the day of my ennoblement."

Dean Gu abruptly changed the subject, "Speaking of the Imperial Deity Temple, Your Highness, this old man has a matter to discuss."


Dean Gu continued, "Recently, I encountered a merchant from Li Country and acquired an intriguing book from him. It contains records about the Great Emperor. I recall Your Highness frequently inquiring about the Great Emperor in your youth, so I thought this book might pique your interest."

Li Country was a vassal state of Yan Country, bordering its northern frontier. Merchants often traveled between the two nations.

Dean Gu retrieved the book and handed it to Xie Xun.

As Xie Xun began to peruse it, he realized the content was indeed something he had never encountered before.

More shockingly, the book's portrayal of the Great Emperor upended all of Xie Xun's preconceived notions.

In Yan Country, everyone revered the Great Emperor as a deity.

Yet, the author of this book expressed nothing but rage and criticism throughout, condemning the Great Emperor as a malevolent god, even if he were divine.

The reason? Over a hundred years ago, Lang Jin had personally slaughtered every single citizen who worshipped him in a city he once protected.

The city was awash in blood, corpses strewn everywhere.

That city was none other than the predecessor of Yanjing City—the capital of Zhao Country.

After the fall of Zhao Country, Yan Country was officially established, with Lang Jin becoming its founding emperor. All records of his actions prior to the nation's founding were erased.

The people of Yan Country worshipped him as a godlike figure, unaware of his past descent into madness.

As Xie Xun gazed at the words on the pages, inexplicably, certain images began to surface in his mind, and an overwhelming tide of hatred surged within his chest.

The book slipped from his grasp, falling to the ground. Xie Xun clutched his head, his forehead beaded with cold sweat from the pain.

Dean Gu, greatly alarmed, rushed to support him. "Your Highness, Your Highness, what's the matter?"

While speaking, he poured a cup of warm water for Xie Xun.

After drinking the water, Xie Xun's emotions barely stabilized.

"I don't know," he said. "I have a strange feeling that I've seen the scenes depicted in this book before."

Dean Gu paused, then said, "Your Highness, this book is forbidden. Its existence is not permitted in either Yan Country or Li Country."

Dean Gu seemed regretful, "No wonder it's a banned book. Had I known, this old man wouldn't have gone through such lengths to acquire it."

"Teacher," Xie Xun looked at Dean Gu, "On the day of my ennoblement, when I saw the Great Emperor's divine statue, I also felt a sense of familiarity."

Dean Gu chuckled, "Your Highness frequented the temple so often fourteen years ago, of course it would feel familiar."

Sensing Dean Gu's disbelief, Xie Xun didn't explain further.

The familiarity he spoke of wasn't the kind from fourteen years ago, but rather a sense of déjà vu, as if from a past life.