A Three Inch Adorable Wife Hidden in the Sleeve of the Chu King

Chapter 85

Not far after Qin Fengmian walked out, he felt the wind behind him was different.

The normal snow wind was bone-chillingly cold, but the wind behind him was suffocating, and the howling sound was like someone wailing, sending shivers down one's spine.

As a child, Qin Fengmian had dealt with corpses while learning to perform exorcisms.

But dealing with ghosts was a first.

He could only steel himself and continue walking forward.

Qiu Hong and Liu An followed not far behind him, clearly seeing a ghost behind Qin Fengmian.

A male ghost.

His overwhelming resentment caused a dark aura to emanate from his entire body.

Sensing people behind him, the ghost turned his head and gave Qiu Hong and Liu An a sinister and terrifying grin.

Liu An gasped, "Not good, we've been discovered."

Qiu Hong frowned, "Chase!"

The two no longer hid, one carrying a lantern and the other holding a compass, channeling their spiritual energy to chase after him.

However, their speed could not catch up with the male ghost.

In the blink of an eye, the male ghost possessed Qin Fengmian's body and quickly disappeared at the end of the street.

"Damn it!" Liu An cursed, "We lost him."

Qiu Hong pondered for a moment, "Since the previous witnesses were all found hanged on that tree, this ghost will most likely take Fengmian to Sophora Lane, let's go back."

The two turned and ran towards Sophora Lane.

At this time, Jiang Xiaoxiao had already taken Xie Xiangfei to hide on the rooftops of Sophora Lane.

When the possessed Qin Fengmian walked over, the two saw it clearly.

Qin Fengmian had a rope in his hand.

After being possessed by the ghost, his movements were somewhat stiff, but he quickly hung the rope on the crooked-neck tree and tied a knot.

With a leap, Qin Fengmian jumped up and was about to put his neck through the noose.

Suddenly, a piece of broken tile flew down from the rooftop, and its sharp edge directly cut the rope.

Caught off guard by the strike, Qin Fengmian fell to the ground on his bottom.

It was as if the male ghost inside his body had suddenly sensed something, his expression changed drastically, and he turned to flee.

However, at the exit, Qiu Hong and Liu An were already waiting with talismans.

The ghost changed direction, only to see Jiang Xiaoxiao and Xie Xiangfei blocking his path behind him.

Seeing the walls on both sides of the alley, the ghost was about to fly up.

Quick as a flash, Jiang Xiaoxiao threw a pre-drawn talisman accurately onto Qin Fengmian's forehead.

The ghost let out a wail and fell to the ground, writhing in pain.

But he was temporarily sealed, unable to separate his soul from this body or escape.

The reason Jiang Xiaoxiao did not directly capture him was that the yamen's case process required interrogation, even if the culprit was a ghost.

Leaving him in a human body would make the interrogation much easier.

Jiang Xiaoxiao squatted down and looked at him, "Why did you kill innocent people?"

"Innocent?" The male ghost sounded like he had heard a big joke, his voice becoming hysterical, his eyes reddening in a suffocating manner.

"That night, if one of them had reported to the officials, my wife would not have met her doom, but none of them did!"

The ghost laughed, "There were so many people passing by at the time, so many people who saw it, yet they all had an indifferent attitude, don't they all deserve to die? They should have accompanied my wife and child in death!"

Jiang Xiaoxiao said, "Grudges have their origins, debts have their owners. You've found the wrong people. The ones who harmed your wife were those robbers."

"They all deserve to die!" The ghost grew more agitated, "The robbers deserve to die, and those who witnessed the crime but did nothing, pretending not to see, deserve to die even more!"

"But as I know, you didn't go after those robbers for revenge." Xie Xiangfei looked down at the ghost, "After your death, you became a vengeful ghost, and the first people you found were the innocent passersby that night in Sophora Lane. Isn't there another reason behind this?"

Hearing this, the ghost roared, and a ghastly wind suddenly blew through the alley.

But soon, he burst into laughter again, repeating the same sentence over and over, "They all deserve to die, they all deserve to die!"

Qiu Hong and Liu An exchanged a glance.

How could they interrogate him like this?

Jiang Xiaoxiao had lost her patience, "Since you won't talk, then we'll take you directly!"

She reached out, about to pull the ghost out of Qin Fengmian's body, when Xie Xiangfei suddenly spoke again.

"Why don't you let me help you recall what happened?" Xie Xiangfei's tone was full of ridicule.

"Five nights ago, your pregnant wife passed through Sophora Lane and was targeted by a gang of robbers. There were several people passing through Sophora Lane at the time, and some of them saw your wife in danger, but each of them chose to ignore it. No one reported to the officials, and no one stepped forward to help."

"Yes!" The ghost's anger turned into resentment, "So they're not innocent at all, they deserve to die!"

"In fact, there was a fifth person passing by that night." Xie Xiangfei slowly added, "That person was you."

Suddenly struck at his painful spot, the ghost cried out, "No! No! You're lying!"

"How ironic?" Xie Xiangfei laughed coldly, "Because of your indifference and detachment, it led to the loss of your wife and child. After discovering the truth, you couldn't accept it, so you hanged yourself. But you placed all the blame on the four people in front of you."

"I didn't, I didn't..." Borrowing Qin Fengmian's body, the ghost burst into tears, covering his ears and shaking uncontrollably, "I didn't mean it, I didn't mean it..."

By this point, the case was completely revealed.

Jiang Xiaoxiao, as the head of the Yin Yang Office, could not randomly slay ghosts. There were judges in the Underworld, and they would determine the ghost's punishment.

Handing the ghost over to the ghost officers would be Qiu Hong's responsibility.

Liu An took the unconscious Qin Fengmian and left first.

Jiang Xiaoxiao was free and boarded the carriage with Xie Xiangfei.

"How did you know that ghost was the fifth person?" Jiang Xiaoxiao asked curiously.

Xie Xiangfei said, "The fact that he didn't go after the robbers after his death, but instead the passersby, was already a big problem. His obsession with seeking revenge on the passersby after death showed he had unresolved issues."

"That man, in life, did not dare enter the alley to confront the thugs. After death, he still did not dare find those people, but instead placed all the blame on the innocent passersby."

"He did this to vent his own inability and try to alleviate the guilt in his heart."

Jiang Xiaoxiao could not help but sigh.

So this is human nature? How complex it is.

Hmm... Xie Xun is so clever.