A Three Inch Adorable Wife Hidden in the Sleeve of the Chu King

Chapter 68

Jiang Xiaoxiao pondered for a moment, "Do you remember how they took away your Dragon Aura back then?"

Xie Xun shook his head, "I was knocked unconscious at the time, so I don't remember anything. I only recall that after I woke up, anyone who approached me would end up in trouble."

Jiang Xiaoxiao understood.

After Xie Xun's Dragon Aura was taken away, he was sealed by the Evil Aura formed within him.

It was no wonder that ordinary people who got close to him would be harmed.

"It doesn't matter that you don't remember," said Jiang Xiaoxiao. "In the end, they used Evil Arts. Even if there are evil cultivators waiting for you in the Palace of the Crown Prince, you don't have to be afraid. I'm here!"

Xie Xun looked at her deeply, "Are you really confident?"

Jiang Xiaoxiao explained, "Using Evil Arts comes with a price. The person who took away your Dragon Aura back then must have suffered significant damage as well. If they want to seal you again, they'll have to pay an even higher price than before."

"The sealing process takes a long time. Unless they can defeat me, as long as I'm still breathing, I won't let anything happen to you."

Xie Xun pursed his lips, such a heavy promise...

As soon as Jiang Xiaoxiao finished speaking, she felt Xie Xun's gaze fixed on her, an expression she didn't quite understand.

"Did I say something wrong again?"


Xie Xun reached out and patted her head, "At tonight's palace banquet, eat more if you find the food tasty. If you don't like it, I'll make something for you after the banquet."

The mention of food immediately perked up Jiang Xiaoxiao's spirits.

"Anything I want?"

"Mm." His tone was indulgent.

Murong Yuan dismissed Su Hai and Qin Fengmian, then turned to see Xie Xun patting Jiang Xiaoxiao's head. He narrowed his eyes.

Xie Xun's appearance bore some resemblance to the late Empress Xie that Murong Yuan remembered.

Both were equally striking, and equally... irritating.

But what did it matter?

Soon, this thorn in his side, the former crown prince, would be sealed for the second time.

In Yan Country, there would only be one chosen son of heaven, and that would be him, Murong Yuan!

Pulling his thoughts back, Murong Yuan smiled and approached them, "Third Brother, after being away from the capital for so many years, how do you feel? Are you adjusting well?"

Xie Xun smiled, "Yanjing City has always been my home. How could I not adjust?"

Murong Yuan's smile became strained, "That's good that you're adjusting. Come with me. The palace banquet won't start for a while, so let me take you to the Palace of the Crown Prince first to bathe and change clothes. You can also rest properly."

As he spoke, he instructed the eunuchs to bring over a palanquin.

Xie Xun and Jiang Xiaoxiao got into the palanquin and followed Murong Yuan to the Palace of the Crown Prince.

The room was one that Murong Yuan had ordered to be prepared earlier. Inside, there was a treasure pavilion filled with golden, stone, and jade ornaments. From the tables to the chairs to the beds, every piece of furniture in the room was exquisitely valuable, flaunting the owner's wealth and extravagance.

Xie Xun surveyed the room.

This was clearly no ordinary guest room, but rather a deliberate setup.

And the purpose, of course, was to disgust him.

"I had this room prepared casually," said Murong Yuan. "Third Brother can stay here for now. I expect Father will grant you a royal title in a few days."

Once Xie Xun was granted a royal title, he would have his own manor and be assigned palace guards.

At that point, it would be much harder to take action against him.

So Murong Yuan had to have the master seal Xie Xun again before he received his title.

Preferably, today.

This was something that had kept Murong Yuan from sleeping well for several days.

Yet today, when he saw Xie Xun, not only was his complexion ruddy, but he also maintained a calm and unruffled demeanor toward Murong Yuan, fueling the fire burning in Murong Yuan's heart that had yet to be vented.

"The servants have prepared hot water. Would Third Brother like to bathe now?" Murong Yuan asked.

"I'll rest for a bit first," replied Xie Xun, taking a seat in a round chair.

"As you wish." Murong Yuan smiled, "Then please make yourselves comfortable. I have some matters to attend to, so I'll take my leave for now."

After leaving the guest room, Murong Yuan went straight to the courtyard of the hooded man.

It was cold, so the hooded man had added a small brazier in his room, brewing tea over it.

Seeing Murong Yuan enter, the hooded man calmly poured him a cup of tea. "The Third Prince has arrived?"

"Yes," said Murong Yuan, sitting down. "Master, I've had someone tamper with the bathwater, so he'll fall into a deep sleep soon. To avoid any unforeseen complications, it's best to seal him today."

The hooded man took a sip of tea, "Did he come alone?"

"It seems there was a maidservant with him."

When Murong Yuan went to greet Xie Xun outside the city earlier, he had taken note but didn't see the highly skilled cultivator that the master mentioned, the one who could help Xie Xun break the seal. So he didn't pay much attention to Jiang Xiaoxiao.

"A maidservant?" The hooded man said, "Did Your Highness happen to hear that the Sect Leader Bai Cheng sent his junior disciple Qin Fengmian to Yunzhou to fetch someone?"