A Three Inch Adorable Wife Hidden in the Sleeve of the Chu King

Chapter 56

The next day, Xie Xun woke up in Jiang Xiaoxiao's room.

When he opened his eyes and saw Jiang Xiaoxiao sleeping next to him, Xie Xun was startled.

His lips seemed a little swollen, and he touched them gingerly, feeling pain.

His face darkened, and he immediately lifted the covers to take a look inside.

Jiang Xiaoxiao had just woken up, blinking her eyes innocently at him, "I didn't take off your clothes."

Xie Xun eyed her warily, "How did you end up in my..."

Realizing this was Jiang Xiaoxiao's room, he corrected himself, "Why am I here?"

Adhering to her principle of not lying, Jiang Xiaoxiao told him seriously, "Because you got drunk last night, and when you're drunk, you want me to kiss you."

Xie Xun's heart skipped a beat, feeling as if he'd been struck by thunderbolts, "And then?"

"And then I kissed you."

She pointed at Xie Xun's lips, "I kissed you for a long time, and it seems to have swollen up."

She reflected for a moment, "So kissing can make you happy? Then I'll try harder next time."

Sitting at the head of the bed with her hair down, she propped her chin on her hand and said this so seriously that it made Xie Xun lose focus for a moment.

"Jiang Xiaoxiao," he suddenly became solemn.


"Do you know that in the mountain village, there are rules? If you touch someone, you have to take responsibility."

"I'll take responsibility!" Jiang Xiaoxiao said, "Besides kissing you, what else do I need to do?"

"Jiang Xiaoxiao..."

Xie Xun raised his hand and tucked a stray strand of hair behind her ear.

"You said you don't understand the seven emotions and six desires of the mountain village. I can teach you how to like someone, how to treat someone well, but once you learn, you can only use it on one person."

He paused for a moment, his gaze tinged with a possessiveness that Jiang Xiaoxiao couldn't comprehend.

"That person can only be me."

Jiang Xiaoxiao nodded vigorously, "Okay."

The marks on his lips were too obvious, so Xie Xun took the day off and didn't go to the academy.

When Dean Gu saw him, he cleared his throat.

Ah, the young these days, quite the lively spirit!

Xie Xun shot him a glance.

Dean Gu immediately resumed a serious expression, "Your Highness, this old servant has identified a good day for travel in the next couple of days. Shall we prepare to return to the capital?"

Xie Xun said, "Wait a little longer."

"Does Your Highness have any other matters to attend to? This old servant can assist."

Of course, he was waiting for the curse on Jiang Xiaoxiao to take effect.

However, up until now, besides Xie Xun, only Chen Sixi knew about this.

Xie Xun didn't plan to tell Dean Gu, only saying, "Xiaoxiao is feeling unwell, so it's not suitable for her to travel far for the time being."

Dean Gu looked at the rosy-cheeked Jiang Xiaoxiao with puzzlement.

Jiang Xiaoxiao immediately chimed in, "Yes, yes, I'm really unwell!"

Dean Gu: "..." What are these two up to?

Chen Sixi came over in the afternoon.

Seeing Xie Xun, he clicked his tongue, "Your Highness, you're quite the bold one! Take it easy, our Miss Jiang is still young!"

Xie Xun shot him a glare, "What brings you here?"

Chen Sixi said, "I've calculated the date, and the master should be transforming soon. I've come to take the little brat to stay at my place for a couple of days."

Originally, Xie Xun had planned to send Yang Ershun to Dean Gu's place, but since Chen Sixi had thought of it first, he didn't object and nodded, "Take him away, then."

Chen Sixi looked at Jiang Xiaoxiao, who was daydreaming outside, and felt a slight itch, "Or maybe we can leave the little brat here, and you let me take the master back to my place for a couple of days after the transformation?"

He used to quite enjoy collecting dolls, but ever since seeing Jiang Xiaoxiao's transformed appearance, he felt that all the dolls on the market were no longer cute.

He wanted a living one!