A Three Inch Adorable Wife Hidden in the Sleeve of the Chu King

Chapter 13

Xie Xun had previously encountered many wandering tricksters who used deceptive means to swindle people, so he did not intend to pay attention to the Old Taoist.

However, the Old Taoist did not plan to let him go. He walked over and grabbed Xie Xun's hand.

"Sir, you and I have a karmic connection!"

Xie Xun smiled faintly, "Is that so?"

"Why don't you sit down and let me tell your fortune?" The Old Taoist said as he pulled Xie Xun towards his stall.

Jiang Xiaoxiao originally thought Xie Xun would shake off the Old Taoist and leave, but to her surprise, he did not resist and actually sat down in front of the stall.

Jiang Xiaoxiao had no choice but to set aside the spare ribs she had been looking forward to and stand quietly behind him.

The Old Taoist's stall was well-stocked, offering not only fortune-telling but also selling talismans and various jade and stone pendants.

Xie Xun glanced around and asked the Old Taoist, "Master, are your fortune-tellings accurate?"

The Old Taoist stroked his beard, pretending to be profound, "Young sir, have you heard of the Cangwu Mountain Taoist Sect?"

Xie Xun nodded, "I have heard of it."

The Old Taoist raised his eyebrows, "I am the direct disciple of the old master from that sect. This time, I have come down from the mountain on an important mission and have set up a stall to tell fortunes for those with whom I have a karmic connection. Let me be honest with you, young sir, you are the first destined person I have met today."

Xie Xun asked, "Does telling fortunes cost money?"

The Old Taoist continued stroking his beard, "If it's not accurate, it's free."

"Oh, then how much for one reading?"

"One tael of silver for one reading."

"One tael?" Xie Xun frowned.

"Young sir, don't think it's too expensive."

The Old Taoist spoke with conviction, "Telling fortunes means revealing heavenly secrets, which will shorten the lifespan of us cultivators. One tael of silver to know your fate and fortune is already a great bargain."

Xie Xun smiled, "I mean, it's too cheap."

The Old Taoist was taken aback.

"How about ten taels of silver for one reading?"

The Old Taoist was stunned again, then looked serious, "Although young sir's request is a bit excessive, I cannot help but accept it, so..."

"We'll tell your fortune instead." Xie Xun interrupted him.

"What?!" The Old Taoist was dumbfounded.

"Isn't it true that as long as the fortune-telling is accurate, one can call oneself a master and charge money?" Xie Xun said. "We can also tell fortunes."

After saying that, he gave Jiang Xiaoxiao a meaningful look.

Jiang Xiaoxiao carefully observed the Old Taoist's facial features and palm, pondered for a while, and then concluded:

"Sun Dazhu, from Wuli Town in Baiyang County, a former scholar who failed the imperial examinations three times in a row. On his way to take the fourth examination, he was swindled out of his money by a fortune-teller, which changed his mindset. Since then, he has been wandering around deceiving and swindling people's money. Recently, he was chased out of Baiyang County."

The Old Taoist's face changed drastically upon hearing this.

He did not know these two people, especially the girl. How did she know all these things about him?

"Nonsense!" The Old Taoist glared at Jiang Xiaoxiao, "I am the true direct disciple of the old master from Cangwu Mountain. Don't slander me with your reckless words!"

"Oh." Jiang Xiaoxiao said, "The old master has three direct disciples. You are the ninety-eighth person claiming to be his direct disciple down the mountain."

Then she stretched out her hand towards the Old Taoist, "Pay up."

The Old Taoist was unconvinced, "What you said just now doesn't count! Those things you mentioned, anyone who knows me can find out by asking around."

Jiang Xiaoxiao did not want to argue with him anymore, "Then let me tell your fortune. You will face a bloody disaster today. Want me to tell it?"

Before the Old Taoist could react, he was struck heavily in the left cheek by a punch.

A tooth, wrapped in blood, fell out.

Jiang Xiaoxiao squatted down, looking at him, "Telling fortunes means revealing heavenly secrets and shortening one's lifespan. Ten taels of silver is not expensive. Pay up!"

The Old Taoist: "!!!"