The Male Lead Conquest System Fell in Love with Me

[Quck Transmigration #1v1 #System vs Host ]

In a massive forest fire, the vine demon Yin Zhizhi thought she was going to turn to ash. But unexpectedly, she bound herself to an "Conquering the Male Lead System."

The system had a peculiar temper, a pleasant voice, and treated her well.

At first: The system told her to conquer the male lead, go for it!

Later on: The system urged her to take more action when conquering him - hold hands, hug, pounce on him, hurry up!

Yin Zhizhi: ????

Why did it seem like the system was even more anxious about conquering the male lead than she was?

Why did the system crash whenever the world's male lead appeared?!

Until one day, a certain system dropped the act...