The Fake Heiress and Her Five Villainous Brothers

Chapter 74

The company of the Yuan family, Yuan Luoyi was often brought here when she was young. At that time, it was Yuan's Father who was in charge of management.

However, Yuan's Father was not a good CEO. He was obsessed with researching new weapons every day and would occasionally disappear.

Fortunately, the Yuan family's strength had been built up over a hundred years and was extremely formidable. Yuan's Mother also had some business acumen. Whenever the employees couldn't find Yuan's Father, they would look for Yuan's Mother to make major decisions for the company.

So, Yuan's Mother had to take over everything while carrying little Yuan Luoyi. She shook her head and sighed.

"My husband, who is over two meters tall, has run away from home again. I just got a little emotional and stabbed him twice, but I thoughtfully avoided his vital organs, so it was just a minor flesh wound that wouldn't kill him. Yet he fled overnight."

"Ah, this is so troubling."

"This damn marriage, what meaning does it have for me! Now my husband has run away, and I've lost my freedom, forced to manage all these assets!"

As a normal person, little Yuan Luoyi didn't understand her parents' way of interacting, but she felt they had always been quite affectionate.

This situation continued until her elder brother Yuan Ao returned to the country.

He took over the company and managed it in an orderly fashion. The employees were both afraid of him and respected him.

Whenever the company encountered a major issue, everyone would be in a panic, but Yuan Ao's appearance would calm everyone down. Under his command, they would handle the matter in an orderly manner.

However, the employees also knew that although Yuan Ao was usually stern and serious, polite but distant, his eyes would soften whenever his little sister was mentioned.

Out of curiosity, many employees specifically went online to search for variety shows and watch Yuan Luoyi's performances. From then on, they became fans and fell deeper and deeper into it.

Now, Yuan Ao had brought his sister to the company.

Theoretically, it was already past working hours, and everyone should have left, but they hadn't. They were all excitedly looking around and praising Yuan Luoyi when they saw her.

"Oh my god, she's so cute!"

"Yuan's Wife used to bring her here often. Time flies, she's grown so big!"

Following her elder brother Yuan Ao, Yuan Luoyi strolled through the company lobby. Ahead hung a huge Double-Headed Snake Totem, which was the emblem of the Yuan family and this company.

The Yuan family owned hundreds of companies spanning various industries, while this place was the headquarters and the largest and oldest company, passed down through generations. It was in the pharmaceutical business and owned many pharmaceutical patents.

After looking around, Yuan Luoyi said, "Brother, I want to go to the monitoring room."

Yuan Ao asked, "Why do you want to go there?"

Yuan Luoyi said, "After all, this is where my brother works. I need to confirm the level of security here."

Yuan Ao laughed lightly and reached out to ruffle Yuan Luoyi's head. "It's very safe here. People have to go through security checks to enter, and there are surveillance cameras everywhere with no blind spots. It's an AI system that automatically screens suspicious individuals. Let's go take a look."

The two went to the monitoring room on the second floor, which was filled with screens displaying real-time footage of the entire building.

Two employees were on duty. Upon seeing Yuan Ao, they hastily stood up.

Yuan Ao said, "My sister is curious about the security system here, so I'm bringing her to take a look."

Encountering a child who is interested in their professional field is naturally very pleasing, so the employees smiled warmly.

"Ring ring ring!"

Yuan Ao's phone rang, and he frowned slightly. He apologized to Yuan Luoyi, "I need to step out and take this call."

Yuan Luoyi nodded, "Okay."

Yuan Ao hurried out.

As her elder brother had to manage so many things, he was always a busy man.

The employee asked, "Little lady, what would you like to know?"

Yuan Luoyi said, "Can this security system help me find someone?"

The employee replied, "As long as you provide enough details, we can find that person."

Recalling those dates, Yuan Luoyi said, "If I want to find someone who was on the first floor on January 31, 1982..."

The employee's fingers quickly tapped on the keyboard, entering the information.

Yuan Luoyi continued, "June 30, 1982, July 15, October 8, December 1, also on the first floor."


With a forceful stroke of the enter key, three people's photos appeared on the screen.

The employee said, "These three people match the conditions you provided. Isn't it amazing? The modern security system makes it very convenient to find people."

Yuan Luoyi leaned in to look. The three were all men, but Yuan Luoyi's gaze locked onto the janitor Zhao Lei.

Because while the others carried briefcases to the first floor, he drove a small cleaning vehicle that could easily hide explosives.

Yuan Luoyi said, "Then which of the three went to the second floor on February 27, 1983?"


After entering the condition and pressing enter, this time only Zhao Lei's photo appeared on the screen.

Yuan Luoyi was right.

He was quite old, with graying hair at his temples, cloudy eyes, and a face covered in wrinkles.

It was this old janitor who had spent over a decade gradually smuggling in explosives bit by bit, laying them out, all to destroy this place...

The culprit had been found, but a new problem arose.

The true mastermind was a woman. Zhao Lei was definitely just her tool, and it wouldn't be easy to get to the root of the matter and expose the real culprit.

Yuan Luoyi needed time to devise a plan.

The employee asked, "Do you need anything else?"

Yuan Luoyi said, "No, thank you."

The two employees smiled even more warmly.

After a simple farewell, Yuan Luoyi left. There were a few people leaving work in the hallway, but no sign of her elder brother Yuan Ao.

Where had he gone?

Perhaps it was a call involving trade secrets, and he didn't want others to overhear.

After taking a few steps forward, Yuan Luoyi saw a man standing in front of a fire cabinet, writing something on a white card with a pen. Next to him was a cleaning cart.

Yuan Luoyi recognized him as Zhao Lei.

At the same time, she realized that to demolish an entire floor would require 10 kilograms of TNT (trinitrotoluene). Such a large amount of explosives would be conspicuous anywhere, but placed in various fire cabinets, people would just assume it was emergency supplies.

Mustering her courage, Yuan Luoyi walked up to Zhao Lei. She saw the card, which had a long string of numbers on it, and Zhao Lei had just written:


Yuan Luoyi then remembered that today was October 17, and previously he had always left two portions of explosives, but today he had suddenly increased it to six portions.

At the same time, Zhao Lei also noticed Yuan Luoyi. He stepped back in surprise, "Aren't you the Yuan family's young lady? What are you doing here?"