The Fake Heiress and Her Five Villainous Brothers

Chapter 70

The event had begun, the students lined up by class, and Yuan Luoyi and Yu Hua once again found themselves the lonely duo.

Host Na Lan extended her delicate jade hand, picking up a dice the size of a ping-pong ball. It was quite peculiar, with ten sides, each side engraved with the numbers 0123456789.

"Now, we will roll the dice to assign your professions!"

The dice continued to be tossed into the bronze tray, bouncing merrily inside and revealing various numbers.

"Number 3! Move forward three spaces! Class A are the Merchants!"

"Number 1! Move forward one space! Class B are the Commoners!"

"Number 4! Move forward four spaces! Class C are the Commoners!"

It was Class D's turn now, and Yuan Luoyi felt a bit nervous. According to the game rules, the Merchant was the best profession, as they could lend money after acquiring wealth and earn a 30% profit.

The Commoners could only steadily save money.

The most unfortunate profession was the Beggar, who could not roll the dice and had to answer 100 math problems before becoming a Commoner.

Yuan Luoyi silently prayed to the gods.

"Please don't let me be a Beggar! It's so tiring and I won't make any money! If I'm not the champion, how can I level up and catch the real culprit?"

The 10-sided dice was tossed into the bronze tray, producing a series of crisp clashing sounds, and Na Lan announced, "Number 1! Move forward one space! Class D are the Beggars!"

In that moment, Yuan Luoyi became a resolute materialist warrior.

Yu Hua let out a wail, "I hate doing math problems the most! And I have to do 100 of them! Is the production team intentionally targeting us? The dice must be rigged!"

Yuan Luoyi nodded in agreement, the dice seemed off, and those numbers were not randomly appearing...

Glancing at her old rival Su Xun, if this had been before, upon seeing Yuan Luoyi in a disadvantaged position, she would have smugly shot her a daggered look.

But now, she was very cautious, she too had noticed the dice were rigged, and was staring intently at the game map with a serious expression.

Na Lan said, "Fellow students, in this world, we cannot only care about money. Only by helping each other can we overcome difficulties, so we will select a student to become a philanthropist, who can donate their wealth to others, except the Beggars."

The students excitedly murmured to each other.

Yu Hua said, "Wow, so this is what it feels like to be constantly targeted."

Unfolding the small slip of paper, Na Lan announced, "The philanthropist of this game is Li Xin from Class C!"

Under the gaze of the crowd, the pigtailed girl was led onto the stage and given the "Philanthropist" tag.

Li Xin was always Yuan Luoyi's biggest fan. She grabbed the host Na Lan's hand and excitedly said, "In a bit, I want to donate all my assets to Yuan Luoyi!"

Na Lan calmly withdrew her hand, "Haha, no can do, she's a Beggar. If she completes the 100 problems and becomes a Commoner, then you can donate to her."

Li Xin's shoulders dropped, her disappointment evident.

Na Lan said, "Now, you all have 5 minutes to rest!"

She stepped off the stage, and the students murmured amongst themselves.

"What kind of game rule is this, it's so unfair, Class A has an advantage from the start!"

"Yeah, their passive skill is high-interest lending, they can earn 30%! We Commoners have nothing, can only save money honestly."

"Ah, forget it, don't even mention it. At least we're better off than those two unlucky Beggars in Class D, we're here for the variety show, they're here to study math."

As the unfortunate Beggar, Yuan Luoyi's mood was currently stable. She wove through the crowd and found Li Xin.

Seeing it was Yuan Luoyi, Li Xin was overjoyed, "Keep it up! As soon as you become a Commoner, I'll donate all my assets to you, you'll definitely win!"

Yuan Luoyi said, "Thank you."

Li Xin's face flushed slightly, "It's only right. You've let me take lots of exclusive photos, and I've earned quite a bit of pocket money from that."

Yuan Luoyi said, "Have you noticed anything about that dice?"

Li Xin looked puzzled, "What about it?"

Before Yuan Luoyi could say anything, the class flower of Class C, He Ya, barged in between them, "Yuan Luoyi, Li Xin is a student of our Class C, it's not appropriate for you to encroach on her."

She then turned around, glaring fiercely at Li Xin, "You're from a single-parent family, right? Your dad works hard at my He family's company, he hasn't had a raise in years. I suggest you be more careful in choosing who to donate to, you understand what I mean, right?"

He Ya's lackeys swarmed around, pulling Li Xin away. Li Xin frowned but did not resist.

The reason He Ya has been able to bully Li Xin for so long is that Li Xin didn't want her father to lose his job, as he was already struggling enough.

Yuan Luoyi raised her index finger and drew a horizontal line and two vertical lines in the air. Li Xin saw it and her eyes lit up.


The game had begun. The Merchants were on the third floor, in the VIP suites with tea and snacks galore, comfortably sitting on the sofas and continuously rolling the dice, growing ever richer, firmly in control.

The Commoners were on the second floor, crowded due to their large numbers.

The most unfortunate were the Beggars, Yuan Luoyi and Yu Hua, left on the first floor, facing a thick stack of math test papers, each question far beyond the syllabus.

Yu Hua raised his hand, "Director Zhang, these questions are too difficult, completely out of scope! Can we help each other?"

Director Zhang made a hand gesture, and the cameras all turned away from Class D, focusing solely on the other classes.

Yu Hua whispered, "Looks like we can. I'll do the first 50 problems, you do the last 50, you become a Commoner first!"

Yuan Luoyi said, "Why are you helping me again?"

Yu Hua pointed upwards, where Class A was partying joyfully, occasionally looking down on the second and first floors with a mix of disdain and pity.

Yu Hua said, "This game has been unfair from the start. If you win the championship, I'll get to enjoy their spectacular sour faces!"

Yuan Luoyi said, "Okay!"

The two began working on the papers. Yu Hua was naturally a genius, so even the out-of-scope math problems were quickly solved.

Yuan Luoyi, on the other hand, utilized her fragmentary memories, switching her mindset to serious mode, and her numerical values steadily increasing. She was a bit dazed, but her pen never stopped.

On the second floor, He Ya was having a great time, "Li Xin, you earned another 500,000, right? Hurry and donate it all to me!"

Li Xin said, "Okay."

Accompanied by the sound of money flowing, another 500,000 entered He Ya's account. The third-floor Merchants could only earn 30% through high-interest lending, but she directly demanded it from Li Xin, her wealth multiplying exponentially. Soon, she was at the top of the wealth rankings.


"Attention, participants, one of the Beggars has completed the task and upgraded to a Commoner!"

Li Xin let out a long sigh of relief, "Finally, it's here! I'm almost done on my end as well! Victory is in sight!"

He Ya rolled her eyes, "Victory? You don't have a penny to your name, and even if Yuan Luoyi is now a Commoner, so what? It's broad daylight, you're just daydreaming."

She smiled as she rolled the dice, "This time, I'm going to win for sure!"

Li Xin said, "This time it'll be an 8, according to the map, you'll move 8 spaces and get 6 million."

As soon as she finished speaking, the dice stopped, and the number on top was indeed 8.

He Ya was taken aback, not yet comprehending what was happening.

Li Xin picked up the dice and started rolling, "This time it's a 3, I'll move 3 spaces and get 100,000, then donate it to you."

The dice bounced a few times in the bronze tray before settling on 3.

He Ya angrily slammed the table, "You cheated! You definitely cheated! How could you know the dice numbers in advance!"

Li Xin laughed, she raised her finger and drew a horizontal line and two vertical lines in the air, just like how Yuan Luoyi had done.

"Haven't you noticed? The numbers on the dice are pre-arranged, 31415926... This is π!"

"I've memorized the first 300 digits of π, and you'll be getting a 1 next."

"And one step ahead, the map says you've been reformed, and before you die, you'll bequeath all your property to a philanthropist!"

He Ya was horrified, her fingers trembling, and she dared not roll the dice - she would lose! Completely and utterly lose!


"Players, please act quickly!"


"Countdown has begun, the round will automatically roll the dice."




A ten-sided die was thrown out, bouncing on the bronze tray, and as expected, the number facing up was "1".

"The player has passed away, having been assisted by philanthropists for many years, and has left their entire estate to the philanthropists."

Li Xin heard the sound of countless coins clashing and exclaimed joyfully, "I've decided to donate all my assets to Yuan Luoyi!"

The elevator on the third floor suddenly opened, and Yuan Luoyi emerged, having become a wealthy person in a single breath.

At the same time, in the headquarters of the Yuan family, Yuan Ao looked at the screen showing Yuan Luoyi, and chuckled softly. He had put down his work and focused on watching the live broadcast since the start of the program.

The employees whispered to each other.

"The boss is slacking off during work hours."

"And he's laughing, my goodness, this is the third time I've seen him laugh."

"It must be because of his sister..."