The Fake Heiress and Her Five Villainous Brothers

Chapter 7

Before Yuan Luoyi was born, Yuan Ao did not have a happy life.

At 13, he knew he was going to die, not physically, but his spirit would shatter into pieces.

He was pale, emaciated, with gloomy eyes, his fingers pressed against the cold mirror. He was a beautiful youth in white, but the soul inside was extremely evil.

Over the years, he had pretended to be normal, treating his classmates with courtesy and his elders politely.

However, after suppressing his instincts for too long, Yuan Ao realized he had broken down.

The strong destructive desire gave him a splitting headache, his sanity was about to run out, he gradually lost control, and a bloodthirsty beast roared in the darkness, trying to come out and destroy everything.

His younger brother Yuan Fa noticed his change: "Are you going crazy?"

Yuan Ao said: "Soon."

Yuan Fa cheered: "Great! I can finally replace you!"

Yuan Ao threw a vicious punch at Yuan Fa's face, fully demonstrating the excellent "brotherly love" tradition.

None of the five Yuan brothers were normal, and they would all go crazy sooner or later. Yuan Ao knew he would be the first, and he saw no hope of salvation.

However, Yuan Luoyi's birth changed everything.

Holding Yuan Luoyi, Yuan Ao's mother happily said to him: "We Yuan family have a daughter! Look at her, how cute she is!"

Yuan Ao saw such a pure and clean little life for the first time. The baby smiled at him, her voice as melodious as silver bells.

She was a normal child, she could laugh.

While the five Yuan brothers could not laugh like this, they were just poorly imitating normal people, deliberately pulling up the corners of their mouths.

Then, Yuan Ao realized he couldn't take his eyes off her. The cold that had lingered in his heart for years dissipated, replaced by a warm touch.

It was much later that Yuan Ao figured out what this feeling was called - joy.

He was emotionally indifferent by nature, cold and aloof. Now he had this emotion called "joy".

Yuan Ao's mother handed Yuan Luoyi to him: "This child is very fragile, take good care of her!"

From then on, Yuan Ao's world changed. For 13 years, his bleak soul had been wandering in the mortal world, about to be swallowed up by nothingness.

But his sister gave him a reason to live - to take good care of her as her brother.

The little baby fell asleep in Yuan Ao's bent arm. She breathed lightly, warm and soft. Yuan Ao whispered in her ear,

"This world is filthy and boring, luckily there is you, my lovely little sister."

Taking care of a baby is troublesome, but Yuan Ao persisted.

He watched Yuan Luoyi grow up gradually, waving her little hands in the air, eagerly trying to catch Yuan Ao. Her big eyes were full of him.

She learned to walk, she learned simple vocabulary, and by the age of three she could even eat by herself.

Occasionally Yuan Ao felt a little regretful, because his sister depended on him less and less. But he was happier more often, watching her grow was like watching a butterfly emerge from its cocoon.

She spread her wings in his palm, her veins became clear and tough, her scales began to shine brilliantly. From a little lump she became a butterfly that could dance lightly in the air.

She was so perfect, so sacred, yet so fragile, born to arouse tenderness.

What made Yuan Ao even happier was that three-year-old Yuan Luoyi would chase after him.

She could have flown to the vast sky, but in the end she relied fondly on his arms.

Yuan Ao cherished his sister immensely. He could be cruel to anyone, but he would always be gentle with his sister.

His four younger brothers were also very interested in Yuan Luoyi. They often gazed at her from afar, trying to replace Yuan Ao to take care of her, but Yuan Ao would not give them a chance. He taught his brothers obedience through violence and intimidation.

Yuan Ao was not normal, but he could control his evil instincts, while his brothers were too ostentatious. They would hurt Yuan Luoyi.

Unfortunately, things are ever-changing. Yuan Ao had to go abroad as the eldest son of the Yuan family. He had to receive the harshest education and would not be able to return in the next four years.

When leaving, Yuan Ao walked away decisively. Three-year-old Yuan Luoyi chased him but he ignored her, afraid that if he stopped, he wouldn't want to leave.

During the hardest days abroad, if Yuan Ao thought of his lovely sister, he felt much better.

When he returned, his second brother Yuan Fa brought Yuan Luoyi to meet him.

Yuan Fa said, "This is eldest brother, do you still remember him?"

The seven-year-old Yuan Luoyi retreated behind Yuan Fa in fear and shook her head.

Yuan Fa revealed a shark-like nasty grin: "She doesn't remember you anymore. After all, I, this reliable second brother, was the one taking care of her after you left."

So Yuan Ao proved with his actions that close brotherly bonds did not exist in the Yuan family - there could only be internal strife.

Yuan Ao could beat up Yuan Fa before, and he could still beat him up now - even more fiercely.

But this could not change the fact that Yuan Luoyi had already forgotten him. He could only watch her from afar, worrying about everything related to her. Because as soon as he got close to Yuan Luoyi, she would start trembling in fear.

Now, things have changed again.

This morning, Yuan Ao sent Yuan Luoyi to Star Galaxy Middle School.

Yuan Ao helped her resolve some little troubles at the school. The misunderstanding between the siblings was cleared up too. This got rid of Yuan Ao's long-held resentment.

The little girl in front of him still didn't know that, because of her, there would be five caring brothers in the world instead of five lunatics.

Yuan Ao decided to be a good brother and not let his sister see his dark and crazy side - he didn't want to scare Yuan Luoyi again.

He reached out a hand to Yuan Luoyi, then hesitated, his hand suspended in midair.

Yuan Luoyi looked up at Yuan Ao and suddenly understood what her eldest brother wanted to do. She grabbed Yuan Ao's shrinking hand and rubbed her head against his palm like a kitten.

Yuan Ao's eyes widened slightly in surprise, then he calmed down. After all these years, his sister was finally no longer afraid of him.

Yuan Luoyi asked, "Big brother, are you picking me up to go home tonight?"

Yuan Ao said, "Yes, I'll pick you up."

"See you later then!"

"See you later."

Yuan Luoyi waved goodbye to Yuan Ao and left, her schoolbag on her back.

Yuan Ao watched her go. Unlike their separation four years ago, this time they would reunite soon. Yuan Ao would not let his sister forget him so easily again.

With high spirits, Yuan Luoyi strolled inside Star Galaxy Middle School.

The entire classroom building had a classical style with flying eaves curled upwards, orderly rows of tiles, hollow carved wooden windows, and two towering stone Kirins stood at the entrance.

The majestic and magnificent classroom building made Yuan Luoyi feel like she had come to attend court instead of going to school.

The school principal even changed the ringtone for the start of class to the "Emperor Ascends the Throne" song. He said it could ignite everyone's ambition to study, but in reality the extreme edginess only ignited the students' sense of shame.

"Ding ding ding!"

The warning bell rang, and many students were running frantically - being late was a grave offense that would earn punishment such as standing outside the classroom.

In contrast, Yuan Luoyi felt relaxed.

Knowing your tragic fate isn't all bad - at least her mindset had changed.

She also used this opportunity to resolve the misunderstanding with her eldest brother Yuan Ao.


The five Yuan brothers concealed their true selves very well.

Yuan Luoyi would never forget what they did - even her eldest brother had done terrible things. They were Yuan Luoyi's childhood nightmares...

Taking a deep breath, Yuan Luoyi cheered herself on.

Nevermind all that! What will come, will come!

Idle guinea pigs may seem like boring corpses in the snake's eyes - they won't attack casually.

What if it was all just a misunderstanding like this time?

No need to overthink, the present me is a brand new me!

Time to welcome a whole new campus life!