The Fake Heiress and Her Five Villainous Brothers

Chapter 54

Yuan Luoyi clicked the send button, and the new update immediately caused a huge stir on social media, with people rushing to comment.

"Shocking! Yuan Luoyi posted an update!"

"Others post heavily edited glamour shots, but she posted an ID photo! Haha, so adorable!"

"In the entertainment industry, she's probably the only celebrity who dares to post an unedited ID photo. This girl has been sincere from a young age."

The number of comments kept increasing, with fans actively sharing the update, attracting even more new fans, and her influence began to grow.

Yuan Luoyi's previously hanging heart was put at ease.

It turns out interacting with fans isn't that difficult after all...

With no variety show activities these few days, relying on promotion and interaction, she might be able to gain 30 influence points, just enough to activate the Time Regression function.

Ah... after she disappeared, did her older brother live well? He was too thin, she hoped he could eat properly and be healthier.

Thinking about this, Yuan Luoyi had some doubts in her heart. She still didn't understand what this Time Regression function was.

Would she be able to regress back to her older brother's side next time?

After all, the location and time of each regression were unpredictable.

The more she thought about it, the more confused she became...

She slapped her cheeks forcefully with both hands, deciding to cheer up and take things one day at a time.

Future matters could be dealt with in the future, she had too few clues to solve the mystery now.

After a simple wash-up, Yuan Luoyi went downstairs and got into her small car, heading to Star Galaxy Middle School.

At the school gate, students were coming and going, chatting and laughing as they walked in. When Yuan Luoyi got out of the car, unsurprisingly, it caused another string of exclamations.

"Quick, look! It's Yuan Luoyi!"

"Wah, Sister Luoyi looks so cute today too!"

"I just saw her update this morning! Didn't expect to see her in person so soon! So lucky!"

Yuan Luoyi hurried inside, her rapid strides preventing any students from catching up to her.

If she walked slowly, the crowd would soon gather around her like an honor guard, watching her every move and discussing it like a butterfly under a magnifying glass.

Her rise to fame was too fast, she wasn't used to this yet.

On the long slope leading to the school, Yuan Luoyi saw a familiar person, Su Xun, who was being blocked by a group of ill-intentioned girls led by He Ya, the class beauty who reported her for cheating.

Girls are natural politicians, automatically forming little groups regardless of age, with the most popular girl often using her authority to bully the unpopular ones.

Su Xun used to be the undisputed queen of popularity on campus, but after the cheating incident, her status kept declining, no longer as high as He Ya's.

Now Su Xun had also become a target for bullying.

He Ya looked Su Xun up and down, confirming she was prettier, and grinned smugly. She took off her backpack and handed it to Su Xun.

"Since you've transferred to Class C, you should learn the rules. From today onwards, you'll be carrying my bag for me."

Su Xun rolled her eyes dramatically, trying to walk around He Ya and leave, but two or three girls quickly surrounded her, blocking her path.

"Su Xun, don't be ungrateful!"

"We're being generous by accepting you, a student who's been punished for cheating!"

"If you refuse to do errands for us, we'll have to ostracize you."

Su Xun scoffed coldly, "You'll ostracize me?"

He Ya arrogantly raised her head, "That's right!"

Su Xun retorted, "Did you ever think that I'd be glad if you ostracized me? Who wants to mix with a bunch of brainless girls like you?"

These words stunned everyone, including Yuan Luoyi.

This Su Xun had really let loose after transferring to Class C, not pretending to be a lady at all.

He Ya's face flushed red with anger, "You've already lost your popularity, what are you being so arrogant about? I'm going to beat Yuan Luoyi and take first place in the future!"

Su Xun rolled her eyes so dramatically they nearly rolled into the back of her head. "Dream on! With your behavior, how are you qualified to compete with Yuan Luoyi on the same stage?"

He Ya was enraged, "Why wouldn't I be qualified!"

Su Xun mocked, "Let me give you an analogy. If Yuan Luoyi is a bird soaring in the sky, then you're a maggot crawling in the dirt. We're already 11 years old, you need to have a clear self-awareness instead of dreaming."

He Ya's face turned beet red with anger, "How dare you speak to me like that! Sure, my He family may not be a prestigious clan, but I'm still a talented and beautiful young lady! How am I any worse than Yuan Luoyi? My family might even become more powerful than the Yuan family in the future!"

Su Xun spread her hands and shook her head with a sigh, looking at He Ya with an expression full of pity.

Well... everyone has a responsibility to care for the intellectually disabled, no need to get angry or agitated, just maintain a calm attitude and not nitpick with them.

As Su Xun tried to leave, more girls surrounded her, refusing to let her go. The mean-spirited girls deliberately pulled Su Xun's hair, causing her to wince in pain. She was angry, but outnumbered.

From the side, Yuan Luoyi casually passed by saying, "Ahem! Ahem!"

Those two fake coughs startled the girls from Class C, who saw Yuan Luoyi and immediately froze, looking terrified.

He Ya stammered, "G-Good morning, Yuan Luoyi."

Yuan Luoyi nodded coolly, "Mm."

He Ya felt flustered, she loved talking big, but when actually facing Yuan Luoyi, she still felt a bit scared.

Su Xun also noticed Yuan Luoyi, immediately realizing she had come to help. This made Su Xun incredibly angry, her pride unable to accept this.

Su Xun slapped away the obstructing He Ya and walked up to Yuan Luoyi, questioning her, "What are you doing here?"

Yuan Luoyi said, "Just happened to pass by."

Su Xun retorted, "Just happened to? Hmph! By the way, you were right, there's no need to pretend to be a lady, it's really tiring. I'm much happier now. I still have the qualifications to compete, and I'll defeat you next time!"

Su Xun strode forward, brushing past Yuan Luoyi's shoulder and shooting her a sharp glare.

He Ya was completely stunned, the gentle lady Su Xun had suddenly become aggressive and venomous, something she could barely accept. What she found even harder to accept was that despite Su Xun's provocative behavior, she still only viewed Yuan Luoyi as a competitor.

In the small group, a girl with a ponytail stared at Yuan Luoyi, her eyes shining brightly, looking extremely happy.

He Ya grew even angrier, roughly tossing her backpack to that girl, "Li Xin! You carry my bag today!"

Li Xin caught it in a panic, nearly dropping the bag on the ground.

He Ya warned, "Be careful! This bag is valuable, your parents couldn't afford to compensate me for it."

Li Xin silently lowered her head.

Yuan Luoyi recognized this girl, from their previous bus ride where all the students were afraid of her, except for Li Xin who greeted her, and even bowed to her once unexpectedly.

Yuan Luoyi took the bag from Li Xin's hands and handed it back to He Ya, "Since it's so valuable, you should carry it yourself."

He Ya froze, taking a few seconds to process before realizing she couldn't refuse Yuan Luoyi, reluctantly taking the bag and slinging it on with an awkward laugh.

She told the group of girls, "Let's go!"

The group hurriedly left, deeply afraid of Yuan Luoyi causing them trouble.

Li Xin remained, excitedly saying, "Thank you for helping me! You really are my guardian angel, always protecting me!"

Yuan Luoyi tilted her head in confusion, "Hm?"