The Fake Heiress and Her Five Villainous Brothers

Chapter 29

However, Yuan Luoyi's existence brought some happiness to Sen Junxuan's life. From then on, Yuan Luoyi often followed behind him.

Occasionally, Sen Junxuan would feel repulsed by her. Her presence constantly reminded Sen Junxuan of how wonderful it was to be cared for, making it even harder for him to bear the coldness at home.

But more often, Sen Junxuan desperately needed her.

He walked arrogantly ahead, but in fact, he deliberately slowed down every step, hoping Yuan Luoyi would catch up with him soon.

Over time, he naturally accepted Yuan Luoyi's dedication, frequently getting angry and blaming her for not doing enough. Seeing Yuan Luoyi trying her best to make him happy gave him a morbid sense of relief.

Sen Junxuan gradually realized that he had become just like his father.

After his features matured, he became the popular school heartthrob. He lied incessantly, disregarding Yuan Luoyi's feelings as he wantonly accepted the admiration of other girls.

He was losing control, becoming the very thing he despised most - his father's influence had never disappeared.

He began to feel sorry for Yuan Luoyi.

You're really unlucky to be stuck with a scumbag like me.

However, Sen Junxuan benefited from this transformation. He could now coexist peacefully with his parents, no longer feeling any pain.

The logic was simple - once you become a demon, demons can no longer hurt you.

After isolating Yuan Luoyi in Class A, Sen Junxuan felt triumphant. He could act more wantonly now, as this girl also desperately needed him.

What Sen Junxuan didn't expect was that Yuan Luoyi had changed - she suddenly stopped paying attention to him.

Perhaps he had gone a bit too far when he pushed the caring Yuan Luoyi to the ground in front of everyone.

There, he saw Yuan Luoyi cry for the first time, and he awoke as if from a dream.

Ah, the girl who constantly asked if I was in pain was actually in pain herself.

Things gradually spiraled out of his control. He was unfriended, his tactics for bullying Yuan Luoyi became ineffective, and he saw her laughing and joking with that scumbag Yuan Hua, making him jealous and furious to the point of sleepless nights.

Now he had to get Yuan Luoyi back!

On the sports field of Xinghang Middle School, Sen Junxuan lay on the grass, with Yuan Luoyi standing beside him, the black muzzle of a gun pointed at his chest.

Sen Junxuan took a deep breath: "There are some things I should have said long ago. I'm sorry, I shouldn't have pushed you down that day. You can only deceive those who truly believe in you, and only hurt those who truly care about you. I did something stupid by not cherishing you. Please forgive me."

Yuan Luoyi looked down at Sen Junxuan and sighed.

Back in elementary school, seeing Sen Junxuan suffering alone, she really wanted to help him. But her constant giving made Sen Junxuan become worse instead.

As she grew up, she genuinely liked him, but ended up being hurt even deeper. Sen Junxuan had completely become a scumbag.

Now, she was reverse pick-up artisting Sen Junxuan, and after just a few days, he had already started reflecting seriously on himself. One really can't be too kind, it seems.

Yuan Luoyi said, "Congratulations on improving a bit."

Hope flickered in Sen Junxuan's eyes. "Will you forgive me?"


Yuan Luoyi pulled the trigger, the paint bullet hitting Sen Junxuan at close range. It felt like a heavy punch to the chest, making him wince in pain.

Yuan Luoyi lowered her gun. "No forgiveness."

She walked over to the PE teacher. "Teacher, I took them all out."

The burly PE teacher laughed heartily. No wonder she's Yuan Yong's sister. At first glance, with her round, chubby face and bright eyes, he thought she was a frail little girl. Little did he expect her to be so decisive and intelligent.

More importantly, she didn't use the gun like a baseball bat.

A gold medal engraved with a tiger pattern was placed on Yuan Luoyi. The PE teacher announced loudly, "The ultimate winner of this battle royale is Yuan Luoyi from Class D!"

The cameras focused on Yuan Luoyi as the number of comments suddenly increased, densely covering the screen.


"So powerful! Defeating the many with the few, I'm becoming her fan from today!"

"Even adults can't shoot better than her. That strategy, that composure - she's truly a student of Xinghang Middle School!"

"This adorable loli has 100% critical damage, love it!"

"That final shot hit me right in the heart! A new fan is born!"

The reaction from Xinghang's students wasn't as enthusiastic as the comments. The sullen Xu Xun had participated as well, and Sen Junxuan was still writhing in pain, unable to get up. The other contestants were also dyed black by the paint.

But a few students were captivated by Yuan Luoyi's charm, their eyes shining as they gazed at her. They wished they could applaud her victory, but feeling self-conscious under their classmates' scrutiny, they could only secretly rejoice for Yuan Luoyi.

Many Class C students were conflicted. They knew Yuan Luoyi was an evil descendant of the Yuan family who got Ma Lei expelled, but they couldn't help but admire her.

At this moment, Yuan Luoyi wasn't interested in what others thought of her. She was fully focused on listening to the system's voice.

[Ding! Host influence reached 60, Retrace program activated]

This was what Yuan Luoyi wanted most - to see who the real culprit was.

Yuan Luoyi put the gun back in the case. "Teacher, may I leave now?"

The PE teacher said, "Sure, as the sole winner, you can do whatever you want!"

Yuan Luoyi replied, "Thank you, teacher."

She jogged over to her third brother Yuan Yong, who opened his arms, smiling to welcome her triumphant return.