The Fake Heiress and Her Five Villainous Brothers

Chapter 16

Yuan Fa knew from a young age that he was not normal, and he also knew his four brothers were not normal either, but they liked to pretend to be normal people, while Yuan Fa did not like pretending.

Normal people would be scared when they saw blood, while he got excited.

Normal people would feel sympathy when they saw others in pain, while he felt nothing.

Normal people yearned for love and to be loved, while he did not know what love was.

Yuan Fa was very proud of this - he felt that heaven had bestowed him with unparalleled intelligence, and so took away his human emotions, which was very fair.

Of the five children, the eldest Yuan Ao was the best at acting. He could smile politely, respect his parents, and treat the weak in a graceful and gentlemanly manner. If he wanted, he could make everyone like him.

Of course, this did not prevent Yuan Ao from displaying his cruel nature. When Yuan Fa angered him, he would hold Yuan Fa's head under the icy cold river.

Yuan Fa's lungs filled with water, his throat full of the taste of blood. He was certain his elder brother would kill him, so he had better not provoke him again.

However, Yuan Ao suddenly changed, and the reason was that the Yuan family welcomed their sixth child, Yuan Luoyi, a girl.

At first Yuan Fa thought this girl would be like them, with extremely high intelligence and aloof emotions. However, the cry of the baby broke everything - she could cry, she had feelings.

Mother Yuan handed Yuan Luoyi to Yuan Ao, saying: "This child is very fragile, you must protect her well."

From then on, the dimness in Yuan Ao's eyes gained light. He could even smile naturally. Occasionally Yuan Fa felt that Yuan Ao seemed to have normal emotions.

That baby was like a medicine, specially made to cure them, these problem children. Yuan Fa was very curious about this, but Yuan Ao did not allow him to get close to Yuan Luoyi, so Yuan Fa stole her away.

She cried very loudly, annoying Yuan Fa.

Soon, Yuan Ao followed the sound and found them. It was the closest Yuan Fa had come to death.

Yuan Fa thought he would never be able to get close to his sister again, but heaven soon gave him a chance.

Yuan Ao had to go abroad. Three-year-old Yuan Luoyi still did not understand what separation meant. She smiled and raised her little hand, grabbing the hem of Yuan Ao's clothes, but Yuan Ao forcibly broke free. He pulled his suitcase and left decisively.

Evening came, and Yuan Ao did not return on time. Yuan Luoyi started looking for him everywhere, but to no avail. She sat at the door and started waiting, until it got dark and she was still in the same place.

Yuan Fa approached her, "Don't wait anymore, he won't come back."

Yuan Luoyi's eyes brimmed with tears, "Why?"

"No why, he's just not coming back. You've been abandoned."

"Eldest brother would not abandon me."

"But you have been abandoned. From now on I will take care of you."

"I don't want you."

"You don't have a choice."

Yuan Luoyi cried loudly. At three years old her body was very small. She curled up into a ball, trembling, like a soft pillow.

Yuan Fa looked at her coldly, without a ripple in his heart. His human emotions had disappeared very thoroughly, Yuan Luoyi could not cure him.

In the days that followed, all Yuan Fa could do was feed Yuan Luoyi on time, confirming she was still alive. The rest of the time Yuan Fa did his own thing.

The little girl's crying never stopped, she was still looking for Yuan Ao everywhere.

However, Yuan Fa felt things were developing in a good direction - for example, he had gotten used to the crying, it did not make him irritated anymore. He could tolerate this emotional little creature now.

Yuan Fa decided to give himself a break. He left Yuan Luoyi with the maid and went out to play for five straight days, coming and going as he pleased. If it wasn't for the occasional crying he heard at night, he would have forgotten Yuan Luoyi's existence entirely.

Compared to Yuan Ao, he certainly was not a good brother.

One night, Yuan Luoyi started crying again, sadder than usual, with human emotions Yuan Fa could not understand.

He tossed and turned, unable to sleep. Growing irritable, he got up and strode to Yuan Luoyi's room, pushing the door open.

He stood silhouetted against the moonlight, "Can you stop crying?"

Yuan Fa thought his sudden appearance would scare his sister, or make her cry even louder. But she didn't. Her large eyes gazed at Yuan Fa. Stumbling, she ran to him and threw herself into his arms. Her little body trembled.

Choking back sobs, Yuan Luoyi said, "I thought you weren't coming back either."

That night, Yuan Luoyi got her snot and tears all over Yuan Fa's shirt, but for the first time ever he resisted the urge to push her away.

Good news - some humanity still remained in him, the heat he suddenly felt in his cold heart was real.

Bad news - his vacation was over. Without him, this messy little sister might cry herself dry and die.

Yuan Fa suddenly understood Yuan Ao a bit better. Being depended on like this by such a pure life was certainly a beautiful thing.

After taking care of Yuan Luoyi for a while, Yuan Fa discovered that his third brother Yuan Yong had also started becoming interested in Yuan Luoyi. He lingered around, looking for a chance to get close.

Without hesitation, Yuan Fa beat him up. They both knew they were heartless people, but Yuan Fa felt he was more suited to looking after their sister, Yuan Yong was not qualified yet.

Clearly Yuan Yong thought the same, he not only did not give up, but tried to defeat Yuan Fa.

Unfortunately, after turning thirteen, Yuan Fa shot up in height, while his third brother remained small. He could not beat Yuan Fa at all.

After this fight, Yuan Fa understood why Yuan Ao had beaten him mercilessly in the past. It was pure instinct. Yuan Fa had also beat his third brother ruthlessly, completely unable to control his strength.

Yuan Fa even kindly dragged his third brother to a corner to beat him, deeply afraid that seeing it would leave psychological scars on his sister.

Ah, having a sister really made him more and more benevolent.

When Yuan Luoyi started looking everywhere for him, her voice tinged with tears, Yuan Fa stopped beating his third brother. He dusted off his white shirt and left, holding Yuan Luoyi.

As long as he held Yuan Luoyi, she immediately quieted down and stopped crying.

This point, Yuan Fa quite liked.

Now, eleven-year-old Yuan Luoyi was curled up in Yuan Fa's arms. Her large eyes gazed at him, the same as when she was three. There was a delicate emotion in them that continued to attract Yuan Fa, occasionally stirring up some tenderness in him.

But strangely, Yuan Luoyi did not quiet down like before. She still trembled, as if she was about to be swallowed by darkness.

Yuan Fa carefully examined her face, but could not decipher what she was thinking.

He decided to use the simplest method to calm Yuan Luoyi down. His large hand covered her face, her thick lashes brushing his palm.

Yuan Fa said, "Sleep, I will watch over you."

Yuan Luoyi said, "What if I have nightmares again?"

Yuan Fa said, "Then I will enter your nightmare and make everything frightening become lovely. You know, I'm a pretty good magician."

"When you were little, after someone left you thought they had died, and would cry nonstop. So I often hid, and when you thought I had died I would come out again, and you would laugh happily."

"Maybe in your nightmare, I didn't die, just hid. This time when you fall asleep, I'll come out and see you."

Yuan Luoyi said, "Like magic?"

Yuan Fa said, "Yes, like magic. All sadness is just paving the way for a happy ending."