The Fake Heiress and Her Five Villainous Brothers

Chapter 101

Being trapped in the old world line is extremely dangerous now. Yuan Si is a terrifying controller. Several times, Yuan Luoyi almost got controlled by him, as if she had lost her sense of self.

Taking a deep breath to calm down, Yuan Luoyi asked: "System, why has the Time Travel countdown disappeared?"

[Due to the host's behavior, the #2 world line has tilted. The original Time Travel channel has closed.]

Yuan Luoyi's heart sank.

After so many Time Travels, she had gradually influenced this world. Every brother she encountered had changed, and the accumulation of these changes resulted in her inability to go back.

If she died here, she would truly be dead.

More importantly, she would never see the brothers on the other side again.

Yuan Luoyi asked anxiously: "How can I restart Time Travel?"

[Increasing the host's influence in the #2 world line can activate a new Time Travel channel.]

"What exactly is influence here?"

[Influence is the host's control over the world line.]

[In the #2 world line, the host can also gain influence, but cannot interfere with predetermined causality, or else the world line will tilt excessively, causing all world lines to collide and collapse.]

Yuan Luoyi digested the information.

In this world, the predetermined fate of all her brothers was death. Even though they had changed, the countdown to their deaths had never stopped.

Just like her eldest brother Yuan Ao, he had completely regained his senses at the last moment. He gave Yuan Luoyi freedom, but he still died.

Her second brother Yuan Fa, third brother Yuan Yong, fourth brother Yuan Si, and her fifth brother Yuan Rui whose whereabouts were unknown.

Did she have to watch them die helplessly?

It was too painful.

Letting out a long sigh, Yuan Luoyi suppressed her sadness first. She could only solve the current problem, and perhaps with the increased influence in the #2 world line, she could find a new way to save her brothers.

She asked: "How can I increase my influence here?"

[The more people you can control, the more influence you will gain.]

This was the same as before.

However, the current Yuan Si had too strong a desire for control. He wanted her to fall into darkness and would not let her go out and cheerfully participate in variety shows to increase her fan base.

Moreover, this would take too much time, and her brothers' death countdowns were nearing their end.

The more she thought about it, the more confused she became, and everything fell into a stalemate, anxious yet unable to move forward.

Looking out the window, a few moths were fluttering under the streetlight, repeatedly crashing into the bulb, making a faint collision sound. Their wing scales scattered, and before dawn came, they would die of exhaustion.

Pulling out a chair, Yuan Luoyi leaned on the table. Many things had happened today, so she should rest for a while.

Closing her eyes, her breathing gradually became even.

In her dream, Yuan Luoyi returned to her childhood.

It was sunset, and school was over. All the students were elated because they could finally go home. Only Yuan Luoyi was unhappy. She sat under the shade of a tree on the playground, avoiding the driver who came to pick her up. She couldn't fit in at school or at home.

She was always alone.

When the sun had completely set below the horizon, Yuan Si found Yuan Luoyi.

He had the appearance of a youth, with a strong gaze that seemed to peer into his sister's heart. He was the one in the Yuan family who could understand Yuan Luoyi the most.

Yuan Si asked: "Are you lonely?"

Yuan Luoyi didn't say anything because when the word "lonely" was spoken, she would feel suffocated.

Cold, large hands embraced Yuan Luoyi from behind as Yuan Si picked her up.

"Don't be sad anymore. From now on, Brother Four will help you eliminate this loneliness, and you will become a happy little girl."


"Yes, really. To you, I never lie."

Unfortunately, on the night Yuan Luoyi died, she was still lonely, and Yuan Si had not fulfilled his promise...

The next morning, Yuan Luoyi woke up feeling groggy.

Last night, she kept waking up after short naps, having dreams of various death endings in the 99th world, causing her to feel dizzy and nauseous.

Before, Yuan Luoyi mostly saw the daily life of the 99th world and learned many skills from it, benefiting a lot. She only occasionally saw death.

But now, the double-edged sword began to reveal its dangerous side...

Could her little mind endure it?

"Knock, knock, knock!"

After a series of knocks, the door opened, and Yuan Si walked in.

Today, he was still pale and thin, but when he saw Yuan Luoyi, his eyes showed a few hints of joy.

"Look! You're still here! You won't leave me!"

Yuan Luoyi didn't know how to respond. With the Time Travel channel closed, she indeed couldn't leave anymore.

Yuan Si noticed that the bed was neatly made: "You didn't sleep?"

Yuan Luoyi said: "I slept for a while leaning on the table."

His gaze fixated on Yuan Luoyi as Yuan Si smiled and walked up to her: "You're still afraid of me."

Yuan Luoyi's heart tightened. This feeling of being seen through and cornered step by step was unpleasant.

Yuan Si said: "But it's okay. Soon, I'll make you get used to me, and then you'll be able to sleep peacefully."

His bony hand fell on Yuan Luoyi's shoulder. Yuan Si's movements were light, yet they conveyed a strong sense of control.

The icy aura, the beguiling gentle voice, and the warm yet suffocating embrace.

For a moment, Yuan Luoyi felt like she was really getting used to his excessive closeness.

This was clearly a python strangling her rationality...

With her survival instinct kicking in, Yuan Luoyi struggled slightly. Yuan Si's fingers instantly tightened, gripping her painfully.

Yuan Si said: "You want to leave again. Well, staying in the room all the time is boring. There's a lake at the foot of the mountain. It's very beautiful. I'll take you there to clear your mind."

Yuan Luoyi was taken out, and she had no chance to refuse Yuan Si.

When they reached the lake, the morning mist had not yet dissipated, and the lake surface was shrouded in white fog.

The followers had set up tables and chairs, covered with white tablecloths, on which were placed delicious sandwiches and a cup of hot milk.

Yuan Si said: "You're still young, so you must have breakfast. Sit here and eat."

Under his gaze, Yuan Luoyi sat on the chair, holding the sandwich with both hands and taking small bites. Due to her extreme nervousness, she couldn't taste much.

She could be certain that if she didn't eat, Yuan Si would use other, worse methods to make her eat.

Finally, Yuan Luoyi finished the sandwich and drank the milk.

Yuan Si led her for a stroll along the lake, and they stopped at a flat spot where many fish were swimming under the rippling surface.

"I've been thinking, and I was too hasty. People your age are still in school, yet I demanded that you kill."

"Education should proceed step-by-step. You can start with smaller life forms."

"These little fish would be suitable."

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