The Fake Heiress and Her Five Villainous Brothers

Chapter 1

What is a normal family like?

Yuan Luoyi did not know.

Because after the ancient Yuan family had given birth to five insane boys in a row, they finally welcomed a girl, Yuan Luoyi, and were surprised to find that she was the only normal person in the Yuan family.

As an assassin, Yuan's Mother was the happiest. She had barely put down the milk bottles for her previous five wicked sons before they started killing each other. She could only take out her flying knives to educate her sons.

Fighting was allowed, but they were not to kill each other.

And her little daughter Yuan Luoyi would laugh and cry, liked plush toys, and would sweetly call "Mommy" to act coquettishly, which melted the assassin heart of Yuan’s Mother. She just wanted to dote on her daughter every day.

As an arms dealer, Yuan’s Father held a cautious attitude towards his little daughter. She was too normal, too fragile. She was already three years old but still couldn’t even lift a cannon. Her survival skills were worrying.

The five brothers were very curious about their sister. They prowled and peered, trying to get close while holding plush toys.

They were all handsome in appearance with extremely high IQs. But unfortunately, they were not normal people and were inherently cold-blooded and bloodthirsty.

When gazing at Yuan Luoyi, they were like venomous snakes staring at a little hamster, quiet, overbearing, and with piercing chill...

And they absolutely could not tolerate each other, often fighting fiercely to compete for the right to raise their sister.

One day, the third son Yuan Yong found the second son Yuan Fa.

Yuan Yong said, "I'm twelve years old now."

Yuan Fa said, "So?"

Yuan Yong said, "So you selfish jerk should leave our sister immediately! It's my turn to raise her now! I can stand on my own as her brother now!"

What greeted Yuan Yong was the fierce and merciless slap that sent him crashing into the wall with his head buzzing.

Yuan Fa dramatically spread out his arms and taunted, "Just that? Stand on your own as her brother? I could slap you down to hell in a second. If you don't have the ability, don't waste my time, okay?"

Yuan Yong was very dissatisfied. He pounced to fight a death match but suddenly froze.

Not far away, the three-year-old Yuan Luoyi was hugging her plush bunny toy. She looked at the two brothers with big, confused eyes.

"Brothers, what are you doing?"

There was an unwritten rule in the Yuan family that everyone had to hide their dark side in front of Yuan Luoyi.

Because after being frightened, she would stop eating and sometimes even develop a high fever.

The two brothers thought in unison:

Ah, my weak three-year-old sister who can't take care of herself must not be frightened again.

They both concealed their murderous aura.

The third brother, Yuan Yong, clenched his fists and bowed his head to suppress his own turbulent killing intent.

The second brother, Yuan Fa, forced the corners of his mouth upwards into a twisted smile. And despite his physiological disgust, he affectionately put his hand on his brother's shoulder.

"Oh, my dear sister, we're just having a friendly chat while exercising our limbs. I heard the apples in the manor seem to be ripe. Go help your second brother take a look."

Yuan Luoyi tilted her little head and asked, "What does ripe look like?"

"Hahaha, what an adorable question. They’re ripe when they all turn red."

"The same red as the dots on Second Brother's clothes?"

Yuan Fa looked down at his own clothes.

He had gotten blood on his white shirt again. He was really careless and would have to improve his technique of beating his brother.

"About the same shade. And just to clarify, this is red paint, okay? Go on now!"

Yuan Luoyi hugged her plush bunny toy and trotted away. She had always been an obedient good child.

At the same time, Yuan Yong erupted. He threw a punch at Yuan Fa’s face, trying to break his handsome nose bridge and ruin his good looks.

With murderous rage filling the air, the two pummeled each other with fists and feet.

Yuan’s Mother, who had just completed an assassination mission, happened to walk by. She glanced at her two sons and airily said, "Yuan Fa, don't kill your brother. He's younger than you after all. You have to go easy on him."

Yuan Fa reluctantly loosened his arms and stopped strangling his brother.

Yuan Yong softly collapsed on the ground, breathing heavily to regain the hard-won fresh air.

Defeated again! Starting tomorrow, I have to eat half a catty of beef every day. I must get taller and stronger!

In the Yuan family, the weak get beaten. Even my sister has no right to get near me!

By the time Yuan Luoyi was five years old, she was no longer as easily fooled as she was at the age of three. She knew that the red was not paint but blood.

Her brothers were trying their best to hide their dark sides, but after all they were not normal people.

Most of the time, the siblings got along peacefully. But occasionally they would lose control and reveal their cruel side.

When this happened, Yuan Luoyi would be unlucky. Like a hamster caught by snakes, it seemed she could only pretend to be dead and endure her fear while waiting for them to regain their usual demeanor.

After being frightened again and again, Yuan Luoyi gradually alienated herself from her brothers.

She would often sit alone daydreaming in a corner of the garden. She had a lot of joy but no one to share it with.

The feeling of loneliness was really awful.

Hopefully she could make some friends in the future.

So when three girls in her class surrounded Yuan Luoyi, her heart was pounding with excitement.

A chance to make friends!

The girl asked, "What brand are your clothes?"

Yuan Luoyi said, "I don't know, it doesn't seem to have a brand."

"What do your parents do?"

"Mommy has a lot of knives that can cut meat very fast. Daddy likes large-caliber cannons and occasionally disappears for months at a time."

"What are you talking about? What about your house?"

"It's quite big. It takes five minutes to walk from my room to the dining room."

"You're lying! If your clothes don't even have a brand, how could you possibly live in such a big house! My house is the biggest in the whole school!"

"Then do you want to come see my house?"

The girls laughed. They were going to expose Yuan Luoyi's lies on the spot and reveal their own identities as wealthy young ladies to shock this poor girl.

When school ended, they each got into their family’s cars and came to the Yuan residence gate.

After arriving, Yuan Luoyi happily invited, "Come on, let's go inside and play! I have a lot of snacks to give you all!"

The car door slammed shut loudly.

The girls were in a panic, not daring to get out of the car at all. The driver violently spun the steering wheel, stomped the gas pedal, and raced off.

The reason was they had seen the Yuan family totem at the gate: a double-headed snake.

Yuan Luoyi used to think it was an exploding little twisted doughnut, until Yuan’s Mother told her it was a noble double-headed snake.

That day, five-year-old Yuan Luoyi understood two things.

First, everyone was afraid of the Yuan family.

Second, she might not be able to make any friends.

Seeing the dejected Yuan Luoyi, Yuan’s Mother distressfully rubbed her little head.

"Baby, it's okay. Life is long. You will meet a lot of people in the future. Eventually there will be someone who understands you and appreciates you and wants to be your friend to share joy, anger, sorrow and happiness together."

Yuan’s Mother took out a new Lu Ban lock she had bought: "Today mommy will play with you. Let's unlock it together!"

Taking the Lu Ban lock, Yuan Luoyi's little hands nimbly moved it around and opened it in just a few tries.

Yuan’s Mother was pleasantly surprised: "Wow, baby you are so awesome. It took your brothers a whole minute to open this when they were little!"

Yuan Luoyi did not speak. She would occasionally have strange dreams where she was in different eras, speaking different languages, with different skills.

In last night’s dream, she was a craftsman during the Warring States period who was very good at making Lu Ban locks. Unfortunately she went with the monarch to his grave at a young age.

In a sense, she was not so normal either.