Surprise Resignation of Female Substitute Secretary

Chapter 42

Su Tao watched Xie Jin put on her apron and run to the kitchen. She hurriedly called out to stop him, "It's okay, I also bought ingredients. I can make dinner for you."

Xie Jin poked his head out from the kitchen, looking incredulous, "You, make dinner for me?"

Su Tao nodded. She had already brought the ingredients into the kitchen. Seeing the steak that had been cooked into a lump of black meat, she instantly remembered her first time swallowing it and felt relieved that she had bought the ingredients and arrived in time.

"Weren't you in a meeting? Leave this to me. Go take care of your work." Su Tao was eager to chase him out of the kitchen immediately so he would stop damaging her cookware.

Xie Jin's eyes shone brightly as he gazed at Su Tao, his tone ambiguous but delighted, "Little Taoxi, why do you suddenly want to make dinner for me?"

"To thank you for helping me investigate Shangyu Technology." Su Tao said sincerely. "You really helped me a lot."

The smile at the corner of Xie Jin's mouth gradually widened as he laughed unrestrainedly, "That little thing was nothing to me. If there's anything else you want to investigate, just let me know anytime. I guarantee I'll find it out within three days."

The executives in the video conference all had ashen faces.

The entire tech department had been working non-stop, day and night, for three days straight. They had wasted three spies in the process. And the boss called this nothing?

When he returned to the video conference, the smile on Xie Jin's face was one they had never seen before. His deep eyes shone with warmth as he glanced at the kitchen from time to time. His gaze no longer had its previous sharpness, and he was much more tolerant of their reports.



"Alright, no problem."

Did they even deserve such tolerant treatment?

Xie Jin seemed to recall something. He said to the director of the intelligence department, "Your department was mainly responsible for investigating Shangyu Technology last time, right? Then I'll give you three days this time. Find that video within three days. Can you do it?"

The director of intelligence felt his eyes grow moist. "Thank you, Boss, for understanding. We will definitely complete the task."

In fact, they were only missing a part that was being held up in customs. They estimated being able to retrieve it tomorrow, and once they did, they could export the video.

He was moved at having kept his job and thanked everyone in his heart. He gave special thanks to Su Tao - she was truly an angel.

The aroma of food occasionally drifted out from the kitchen. Xie Jin ended the meeting early and stood outside the kitchen, watching Su Tao's busy figure. It warmed that cold spot in his heart.

In the past year, the chill in that house still gave him endless nightmares.

The standard four dishes and one soup were on the table - cola chicken wings, boiled fish, mapo tofu, and a vegetarian soup.

The simple, homemade dishes greatly stimulated Xie Jin's appetite. As he ate, he boastfully praised, "Our little Taoxi has learned to cook."

After dinner, Su Tao made Xie Jin a cup of bitter amomum tea to aid his digestion. They sat side by side on the sofa.

Xie Jin picked up the tea and took a small sip of the scalding liquid, smiling blissfully.

"If there's anything you need me to do, just say it."

Xie Jin choked on the tea he hadn't finished swallowing. He coughed violently several times before catching his breath again, coughing out tears. His previously blissful expression was completely gone. "What do you mean? Are you exchanging resources with me?"

Su Tao didn't think there was anything wrong with this. The industry had always operated on resource exchange - mutual benefits.

Seeing her bewildered expression, Xie Jin deflated somewhat. He gazed at her earnestly, "Little Taoxi, I can do anything for you that you can imagine or even not imagine. I can do it unconditionally. You don't need to feel indebted."

As Xie Jin looked at Su Tao's tranquil little face, he felt he was being a bit impatient.

One day, she would take his devotion for granted.

Ever since the airing of Tidal Wave 2, Tong Mingxuan had gained a group of fans with his handsome appearance. He was gradually gaining momentum to rise to secondary lead status. More resources had also started actively seeking him out.

When Su Tao arrived downstairs at Pinshu Film & TV and opened the car door, she received a call from Jiang Qi.

Before Su Tao could say anything, Jiang Qi anxiously cut her off, "Did you get the DG endorsement? And because of the vow I made, if you didn't get it, you would resign?"

Su Tao: "I..."

Jiang Qi: "Why did you do that? Why give up so much for me? You said you only have an agent-artist relationship with me?"

Su Tao, who hadn't gotten a word in edgewise, quietly waited for him to finish asking this series of questions before slowly opening her mouth. "Are you finished? Can I speak now?"

Jiang Qi: "Um."

Su Tao closed the car door again. Her tone was solemn, "Who told you I signed the DG endorsement?"

Jiang Qi didn't expect her to focus on this. He had asked her so many questions but they had all been pointless?

"My sister."

Su Tao's expression changed slightly. "Who did your sister hear it from?"

"Does it matter?" Jiang Qi felt she was just changing the subject. "Probably her agent. But first answer my quest..."

"Beep beep beep..."

Jiang Qi: "..."

Su Tao needed to calmly think this over, so she hung up.

The only person she had told about signing with DG yesterday was Le Xuan. How did the news reach Jiang Wan's ears? Who leaked the information?

She called Le Xuan, who was busy and didn't answer for a while. "Boss, I was just about to report to you. I've prepared all the documents, just need your signature to get the company seal.

Su Tao suddenly understood the key point. "Did you go to all those departments to prepare the documents?"

Of course, Le Xuan would have needed to explain the situation to prepare the documents. If it was true, then the news must have spread from within the company.

Le Xuan: "Finance, General Affairs, PR - I think just those three departments."

Su Tao: "Did anyone else know about this news?"

Le Xuan: "No one else. What's wrong, Boss?"

Su Tao: "I suspect someone leaked this news. It's possible they deliberately sabotaged it, but selling inside news is also a possibility. But I have a rough guess who it might be. From now on, don't reveal any more details externally. Just stay silent."

After Le Xuan quickly agreed, Su Tao called Li Yajie to explain the situation. Sleepless nights and wild dreams - she scheduled moving the contract signing date up to the day of Jiang Qi's finals with her.

Li Yajie also had her worries. "Can you guarantee Jiang Qi will win the championship then?"

If they couldn't guarantee he'd win, how could they sign another contestant instead of the champion?

Su Tao took a deep breath and slowly exhaled, tossing aside the tremendous pressure. She calmly said, "The finals are the day after tomorrow. I will definitely give you a definite result by noon tomorrow."

After hanging up, Su Tao adjusted her emotions and got out of the car, then entered the Pinshu Film & TV office building.

Su Tao had originally intended to go to the executive producer's office, but halfway there, she encountered a familiar face. Short in stature and wearing glasses, he looked surprised. "Oh? It's you!"

Clearly he might not remember Su Tao's name.

Su Tao had a great memory for people. She immediately recalled he was the one eating with Zuo You and Zhu Hang at the restaurant that day - Pinshu's boss, Wang Quanmin.

"Mr. Wang, hello, I'm Su Tao." Su Tao seamlessly picked up the conversation, saving Wang Quanmin from embarrassment.

Wang Quanmin smiled politely, "How is Mr. Xie?"

Su Tao knew they had misunderstood that day, but she couldn't directly clarify it on the spot either. After thinking about it, she gently said, "Mr. Xie should be quite well. If you see him, please help me convey my regards."

Su Tao's words actually left Wang Quanmin confused, but the astute man quickly understood what was going on - they must be keeping up appearances. So he had a knowing look on his face, "Sure, sure. What brings you here on business this time, Miss Su?"

Su Tao answered truthfully, "I have an appointment with Director Xu to submit my artist's information."

Wang Quanmin enthusiastically walked ahead, "It just so happens I'm free. Come, let me accompany you."

Unable to decline, Su Tao could only follow along.

When they arrived at the executive producer's office, Director Xu hadn't expected the boss to personally bring Su Tao, and they seemed quite familiar. After reading the situation, he immediately approved Tong Mingxuan for the role on the spot, even better than Su Tao had envisioned.

Director Xu also instantly became all smiles. He gave Su Tao a look like she was very important and he didn't dare offend her. He politely saw her out.

All the way down, Wang Quanmin escorted Su Tao out of the building. She didn't have a chance to refute anything.

Su Tao thought for a moment, and still said: "Mr. Wang, I have no relationship with Mr. Xie. You should look at Tong MingXuan's artists to find suitable roles."

Wang Quanmin still had a knowing expression. He made a shushing gesture with his finger to his lips, "I won't say anything if you don't say anything. Don't worry."

Su Tao: "..."

Now it seemed that no matter how she explained, he wouldn't believe her. Su Tao decided not to say anything more, lest she make more mistakes.

Wang Quanmin suddenly remembered something and clapped his hands: "Oh yes, we have a drama that we want to invite Jiang Wan to take part in. This drama won't start preparation for another two months. Do you think we should discuss with you directly or with her current agency?"

Su Tao's expression changed instantly. Her intention to sign Jiang Wan was leaked too?

She did mention this during a high-level company meeting, and the heads of several departments were present then. She really hadn't considered there could be leaks within the company.

She quickly thought through the major important tasks recently - it seemed that only these two matters were known within the company.

What a coincidence that both matters were leaked.

After some thought, Su Tao's expression steadied. She looked up at Wang Quanmin with her clear doe eyes, "Mr. Wang, I have a favor to ask of you."

Su Tao returned to the company. As she walked through the lobby, her gaze calmly swept past her colleagues, imperceptibly examining each person's expression.

They were perfunctory or friendly, insincere or sincere. Faced with Su Tao, they were all smiling.

Smiles could distinguish intimacy and distance, but could not discern character and self-interest.

Back in her office, Su Tao opened a window and stood there as the breeze blew in. She pondered clearly how to uncover the mole who leaked information.

Suddenly, a wail sounded from below. The mournful voice was somewhat familiar. Su Tao looked down to see Xie Jin's long legs suddenly stop. In front of his tall, aloof figure stood a woman in a pink skirt - none other than Qin Xuexi.

Her straight black hair was disheveled and messy, her pink skirt was also dirty and stained. From Su Tao's angle, she could see the bruises on Qin Xuexi's face.

She looked up at Xie Jin with tearful eyes, seeming to be pouring out her collapsed emotions to him in that previous wail.

Her mouth opened and closed as she sobbed, unable to get out complete words.

Su Tao watched her lips carefully. She seemed to be saying, "Save me..."

Qin Xuexi rushed forward, trying to grab Xie Jin, but he disgustingly dodged to the side. Qin Xuexi fell to the ground. Her already dirty skirt was now even more filthy. Her messy hair was strewn across her face. After not seeing her for a few days, she looked powerless and haggard, as pathetic as a stray dog.

A crowd had gathered around them. Xie Jin had originally wanted to bypass her and leave, but was suddenly caught by her hugging his leg. He shook his leg forcefully, and Qin Xuexi, like boneless soft flesh, was flung away. Yet she pounced back with extreme speed, clinging stubbornly to him again.

"Let go."

Xie Jin was finally angered. His icy voice not only made Qin Xuexi's body stiffen, but also made the onlooking crowd retreat several steps back.

Qin Xuexi's arms slackened slightly, and Xie Jin shook her off violently to the ground. His ruthless manner made people feel like he would stomp on her next.

Xie Jin unconsciously glanced up towards the second floor - luckily no one was by the window of Su Tao's office.

Suddenly, Xie Jin felt an indifferent gaze fall on him. He turned to look, and a slender figure entered his eyes. His heart skipped a beat, his footsteps froze in place, unable to move. His voice was stuck in his throat as he weakly called out:

"Little Taozi..."

The root cause of all his conflicts with Little Taozi was because of this Qin Xuexi. It had been so difficult for Little Taozi to allow him to hover around her again, he couldn't let her misunderstand again.

He hadn't figured out how to explain this melodramatic scene, but Su Taoqing's voice drifted over: "Let's talk in the restaurant next door."

In the private room, Xie Jin sat closely next to Su Tao, keeping a distance from Qin Xuexi across from them.

Su Tao took out a wet wipe and threw it to Qin Xuexi, her tone neither cold nor warm: "Wipe yourself."

Qin Xuexi didn't touch the wet wipe. She looked pitifully at Xie Jin, her voice miserable: "Ah Jin~ I beg you, please save me. I'm pregnant, that beast Jiang Qi suddenly came to find me, he punched and kicked me, and said he wanted to kill me. I really..."

From observation, Su Tao already understood her intention.

Her sudden appearance downstairs in this state must be because she encountered something. Using her own strange logic, she blamed it all on Su Tao again, in order to curse her with bad luck.

She just didn't expect to run into Xie Jin by chance. She quickly changed her mind about venting and seeking revenge, wanting to cling to him for help instead.

Xie Jin's knuckles bent as he lightly tapped on the table, looking at her with piercing eyes. Eventually it made Qin Xuexi unable to meet his gaze.

Xie Jin took out his phone. His slender fingers tapped on the screen a few times, then he held the screen up to Qin Xuexi. His gloomy expression was colder than an ice cellar.

On the screen was that photo that had become taboo.

"Explain the real situation in this photo clearly."