Surprise Resignation of Female Substitute Secretary

Chapter 29

His apology finally earned Su Tao's gaze, but it was only a fleeting glance before she averted her eyes.

"Mr. Xie, you're the investor and platform provider. You have the power to easily acquire any resources I want. How could you make any mistakes? Any mistakes are my own fault. If there's anything I did wrong, tell me and I'll change."

Xie Jin felt his breathing become labored again. His long lashes fluttered as car lights flashed by, illuminating the dampness in his dark eyes and the slight hoarseness in his voice.

"I promise I won't threaten you again. I respect your thoughts and won't force you to do anything. I was really wrong."

The rain grew heavier outside, pelting loudly against the car window and stirring up a mist. Xie Jin's words sounded weak and submissive beneath the roar of the rain.

"Scold me, little peach. Don't talk to me like that. I'm afraid."

He feared her disappearing again. He truly wouldn't have the courage to go on living if that happened.

Silence fell over the car again briefly before Su Tao's calm voice, tinged with sarcasm, responded. "Don't you like it when I'm obedient? I'm being so obedient. What are you afraid of?"

"No, I don't love you because you're obedient. Please don't disappear on me again, okay?"

Su Tao turned her head away, no longer looking at him. She dropped the mocking tone from her voice and said lightly, "I'll still have to rely on you in the future. How could I possibly let you not find me? Get out of the car, Mr. Xie."

Although Xie Jin didn't want to get out of the car, looking at her cold expression, he reluctantly opened the door and got out.

He didn't immediately head to the hotel awning. Instead, he stood by the car door, his clothes instantly drenched. His hoarse voice was swallowed up by the loud rain.

"I'll listen from now on, okay?"

Su Tao didn't seem to have heard him. She leaned forward and firmly shut the car door, driving off without the slightest hesitation, like a leopard speeding away.

Xie Jin chased her to the roadside but could only watch helplessly as the red taillights disappeared into the torrential curtain of rain.

After returning to his apartment, Xie Jin had a high fever that wouldn't go away. He became seriously ill but refused to take any medicine.

Jin Chuanwen and Wu Xieyu worried themselves sick. They called Su Tao, but only received a cold reply: "I'm not a doctor. I can't make him take medicine if he doesn't want to."

The two men paced anxiously around the room. What if the boss was determined to see Su Tao before he would take medicine?

But their worries didn't come true. After hearing Su Tao didn't care about him, Xie Jin surprisingly cooperated and took the medicine. He even followed the doctor's orders diligently, eating bland food and drinking plenty of water, striving to recover from his illness as quickly as possible.

She wasn't here, so who would see him sick?

He had to get better first before he had the strength to go find her.


In the Jingyang Entertainment third floor office, Su Tao was absorbed in looking over a work report while Sun Xiaojie sat across from her.

Su Tao's expression gradually changed from mild to cold, and her brows furrowed slightly. But when she raised her head, she hid her emotions and calmly said, "You plan to continue getting variety shows for Tong Mengxin? And connect three in a row?"

Sun Xiaojie nodded, not seeing any problem.

Su Tao put down the report and looked directly at her. "What's your positioning for Tong Mengxin?"

Sun Xiaojie blinked, seemingly not understanding her words. She thought for a moment then said, "Positioning...she's an idol artist."

"No, from your plan I see you want to turn her into a variety show celebrity." Su Tao bluntly stated.

Sun Xiaojie was confused for a moment, then explained, "The second season of Sea Wave has already started airing. Looking at the data, Mengxin's popularity is rising rapidly. We have to seize this opportunity and hurry to..."

"Hurry to consume her popularity?" Su Tao coldly interrupted her.

Sun Xiaojie opened her mouth, wanting to refute, but swallowed her words under Su Tao's frosty gaze.

"Tong Mengxin's popularity isn't high right now. She needs variety show exposure but can't appear on them frequently. Her work focus should be on film and TV. Your main direction now should be doing your utmost to select suitable film and TV resources for her, then strive for audition opportunities. Understand?"

Sun Xiaojie silently rolled her eyes. Were film and TV resources that easy to compete for now? Tong Mengxin wasn't famous yet, getting decent roles would be so difficult!

Seemingly seeing through her thoughts, Su Tao continued scolding, "Xiaojie, an artist becoming popular could be due to just one drama or variety show. As their agent, you must always be one step ahead, your abilities surpassing theirs, so as to not drag them down."

Sun Xiaojie clearly felt resentful and unwilling, but remembering Su Tao's previous words "Don't say it's impossible before you've even started," she didn't dare refute and could only nod.

"I'm returning this report to you. Redo it and submit it to me before you get off work tomorrow."

After Sun Xiaojie left with an ugly expression, Yang Qing came in.

Yang Qing was Xue Xinzi's executive agent. Xue Xinzi was a newly debuted singer discovered on a campus singing competition by Liang Ke. She had been signed to the company and was now under Su Tao.

Xue Xinzi had graduated from a music conservatory. She wasn't well-known at school and was a little chubby, but her vocal skills were truly too good. She also had a good attitude, wasn't competitive, and was hardworking.

Within a year she had slimmed down to 95 pounds. It was like she had completely transformed into a different person, a girl with huge potential that Su Tao thought very highly of.

To Su Tao's surprise, Yang Qing handed over two proposal documents.

"Boss, this is what I'm currently capable of doing. This is what I think is ideal but I can't achieve."

Su Tao raised her brows with interest and approvingly nodded while looking over both proposals, her voice much more genial. "You did very well!"

Hearing Su Tao's praise, Yang Qing's whole body relaxed. She hadn't been in the industry long. After the last meeting, she had actually been a little afraid of this boss who seemed younger than her but had an overpowering aura.

She had worried before coming that Su Tao would criticize her.

"First, your ideal proposal shows you understand Xinzi very well, and have planned a very clear and correct developmental path. Although you feel it's impossible, you still made the proposal, which is great."

Yang Qing's eyes reddened. She had always worked diligently and silently. Nothing moved her more than her boss's affirmation.

Su Tao's smiling expression gently caressed Yang Qing's fragile, somewhat sensitive heart. She suddenly felt sour and full, brimming with endless confidence. "Boss, then, can I try one item from the ideal proposal?"

Su Tao's smile deepened as she gently pushed the proposal back to her and asked, "Which one?"

Yang Qing seemed to have already thought it through. She didn't look at the proposal and directly said, "A singer variety show."

Su Tao nodded for her to continue.

"Singer variety shows generally only invite top stars to participate. But I researched the selection criteria of the production team. They give one spot to some new artists with skill but no fame. But there are too many new artists like this, so the competition will definitely be intense. But I want to give it a try."

Su Tao nodded approvingly. "Good. Excellent thinking. But your current achievable proposal is also very good, like this talent competition show. Xinzi can fully participate in the competition and accumulate some popularity, then apply for next season's singer show. What do you think?"

Yang Qing's eyes lit up. She hadn't expected her conservative plan to also be useful. She instantly felt enlightened, understanding how to plan promotions.

"I understand now, Boss. I can predict the outcome if she participates in the show, then take the initiative to strive for resources for the next step. I'll redo the proposal right away."

After Yang Qing left the office, Sun Xiaojie deliberately walked over, seeing Yang Qing's red-rimmed eyes. She pulled her to walk towards the cubicles, complaining as they went.

"Is Su Tao even human? She made such an honest child like Qingqing cry. She talks so casually, telling us all to strive for higher resources. If I had that capability would I be working under her? She can't even handle things herself yet tells us to charge ahead."

Yang Qing usually went along with them reluctantly to avoid conflict. But this time, she shook off Sun Xiaojie's hand. "Su Tao didn't scold me. She affirmed my plan. I feel she has a lot of insight. I learned a lot from her."

Yang Qing then ignored them and went back to her seat, brimming with passion as she redid her proposal.

Sun Xiaojie scoffed and contemptuously pointed at Yang Qing, then at her own head, saying to the other colleagues, "People with poor brains are easy to brainwash."


After busy morning, Le Xuan brought lunch in for Su Tao. Su Tao asked her to eat together but was declined.

Le Xuan, with her short, no-nonsense bob cut, grinned foolishly. "Boss, every time we eat lunch together, you end up talking work with me. I won't fall for it again. Eat slowly, I'm heading out."

Su Tao silently glared at her as she opened the lunchbox. She looked at the date—only two days until the "auspicious day" Jiang Qi had mentioned.

She looked at the contract in the folder, then took out her phone to message him.

[Su Tao: What are you doing?]

[Su Tao: Are you still on your sister's drama set?]

[Su Tao: We're still good for signing the contract right?]

[Su Tao: Where should we meet the day after tomorrow?]

Su Tao habitually sent a flurry of messages then went back to her work. Because Jiang Qi usually only replied with one message after a long time.

Sure enough, ten minutes later, Jiang Qi finally replied.

[Jiang Qi: Asking eight times a day.]

Su Tao twitched her mouth at the distaste conveyed in his words. She patiently replied.

[Su Tao: I'm just afraid you'll forget!]

[Su Tao: So if you would just sign with me sooner, I wouldn't bother you.]

[Jiang Qi: You have nothing else to say to me except to sign, right?]

Su Tao was used to his cold words and attitude. She nonchalantly stuffed a mouthful of rice in and slowly chewed while tapping on the screen.

[Su Tao: You're not my artist yet. If I don't talk to you about signing, what else can I directly discuss about work?]

[Jiang Qi: You have nothing else to talk to me about except work?]

[Su Tao: What else is there to talk about?]

[Jiang Qi: Nevermind if you don't want to talk.]

Su Tao suppressed her irritation with the young master's temper and swallowed her food. She sighed, knowing she had to humor him since she hadn't signed a contract yet.

Su Tao: Xie Jin, have you eaten yet? Tell me what you'd like and sister will get it for you.

Jiang Qi: No, I haven't. How are you going to get it for me?

Su Tao: What would you like to eat?

Jiang Qi: Hot pot. How are you going to get it for me? I'm still in Nan Cheng, on my sister's drama set.

Su Tao: Just wait, I'll work some magic for you.

Jiang Qi: You came?

During a break in filming, Jiang Wan noticed her younger brother, who had been sitting lazily with his legs crossed looking bored, suddenly sit up straight. He looked around, then lowered his head to chat on WeChat. Then he stood up and walked forward a few steps, a look of anticipation flashing across his face.

"Little Qi, who are you looking for?" Jiang Wan followed and looked in the same direction.

Jiang Qi immediately drew back his gaze and shook his head. "No one."

Su Tao ordered a hot pot set for two people for delivery for Jiang Qi. After placing the order, she saw the messages Jiang Qi had sent.

Jiang Qi: Did you really come?

Jiang Qi: Where are you?

Su Tao: Where I am doesn't matter. Just wait half an hour, your surprise will arrive soon.

Su Tao felt she had made good progress in winning him over. She had even handled Jiang Wan's lunch. The contract was sure to be signed.

About half an hour after Su Tao finished eating, she remembered the food delivery. She checked the order status and saw it was being delivered.

Less than a minute later, Jiang Qi sent another message. Su Tao opened the chat happily, waiting for his excited thanks.

Jiang Qi: The surprise you mentioned is just a food delivery?

Jiang Qi: Can you be more sincere?

Su Tao was confused by the messages. This was a very good restaurant. The hot pot came with the stove for delivery, certainly not cheap. She had even paid extra for urgent delivery. How was this not sincere?

Not only did she not get thanks, he seemed unhappy.

Su Tao: The hot pot you wanted to eat is from the best restaurant I know. I ordered two portions, one for you and one for your sister. How is that not sincere?

It took a long time for Jiang Qi to reply. When Su Tao saw his message, her heart lurched and her breathing grew uneven.

Jiang Qi: Rui Qi made me a contract offer two days ago with better terms than you. I'm considering signing with them.

Rui Qi! Xie Jin!

Su Tao's blood boiled. Without reading the rest of Jiang Qi's messages, she immediately called Xie Jin.


After being sick for three days, Xie Jin had mostly recovered. He only had the occasional minor cough left that didn't affect his work.

In the apartment, the executives who had suffered under their recuperating CEO heaved sighs of relief for a brief respite. But after just two days of freedom, they were back in hell.

Everyone silently stared at their computer screens, seated around the conference table set up in the living room. It was so quiet you couldn't even hear them breathe.

In this peaceful environment, a cell phone rang suddenly, making everyone clutch their chests, unable to handle the shock.

Xie Jin frowned, about to lose his temper, but realized it was his own phone.

His long fingers picked up the phone. Seeing the name on the screen, his eyes widened in disbelief, thinking he was mistaken.

As if afraid the caller would hang up, he immediately answered. An angry female voice came through, as furious as boiling water.

"Xie Jin, you're poaching my client!"

Xie Jin was confused. "What?"

"Why is Rui Qi trying to sign Jiang Qi? Did you know him before I contacted him? Wasn't it after I approached him that you found out about him? You know how important this signing is to me, yet you've obstructed me again and again. And now you're directly poaching. Aren't you going too far?"

The angry female voice on the phone made everyone freeze like cicadas in winter, curious about who would dare speak to the boss that way. But no one dared make a sound, quietly waiting for the CEO's fiery wrath.

Yet Xie Jin just glanced at Wu Xie Yu and gently said into the phone, "I don't know about this. Let me ask Wu Xie Yu how this happened."

Wu Xie Yu: "..."

The boss sure knows how to pass the buck.