Surprise Resignation of Female Substitute Secretary

Chapter 1

The top floor of a fully glass-clad building in the center of Beijing's CBD was eerily quiet. In the office of the president of Tian Jin Group, employees were buried in their work, their typing and mouse clicks unusually soft, as if afraid of waking a sleeping demon.

Suddenly, the sound of high heels clicking on the immaculate black marble floor echoed through the room. As the sound drew closer, all eyes were drawn to a pair of long, slender, white legs. The delicate figure wrapped in a white shirt and a peach-colored pencil skirt was even more enchanting.

Su Tao paid no attention to the curious or mocking gazes of her colleagues. Since her first day at the company, she had felt that their eyes were not friendly towards her.

Without stopping, she walked straight towards the closed black door of the president's office, adding to its already cold and strict atmosphere.

As Su Tao disappeared around the corner beyond the black door, which led to the senior secretary's work area, her colleagues returned their attention to their work, avoiding any distraction.

Inside the office, the sudden ringing of the phone made everyone jump. Cheng Shu, the secretary sitting in front of the phone, answered it softly, "Hello, President's office."

After hanging up the phone, Cheng Shu's face turned pale. "It's over," she said, looking towards the black door with a look of despair. "The sales department's document was given to me yesterday, and I forgot to give it to the president."

Tian Yingying, one of the secretaries seated next to her, instantly understood the situation. With sympathetic eyes, she pointed to the phone and said, "Did they ask you to deliver it right now?"

"I'm going to die," Cheng Shu's chest heaved as she felt the weight of her mistake.

Tian Yingying nodded towards the black door and then raised her eyebrows at Cheng Shu. Cheng Shu understood and quickly grabbed the document, hurrying towards the president's office.

Directly opposite the president's office was a crescent-shaped reception desk. Warm white lights decorated the desk, making it look upscale and exquisite.

Sitting behind the spacious desk was Su Tao in her peach-colored skirt, her eyes focused on the computer screen as she typed on the keyboard. Her flawless, fair skin and delicate features were impeccable.

Her doe-like eyes were gentle and innocent, lacking any aggression. But if you stared at her for a while, you could sense a hidden power within her that seemed to pull you in, making you want to explore her deeper.

"Su Tao, please help me," Cheng Shu whispered, half-leaning on the desk. "The sales department director is in a hurry for this document. Could you help me deliver it?"

Su Tao glanced at the document in Cheng Shu's hand and asked in a soft, clear voice, "Why did they give you the document so late?"

"They're so unreliable," Cheng Shu complained softly. "The president is in a meeting, and I dare not enter. Su Tao, you're the best. Could you please help me?"

Su Tao nodded and took the document from Cheng Shu's hand, walking towards the president's office.

Su Tao's face remained calm, her clear eyes like a detector that could read people's hearts. She glanced at Cheng Shu and nodded, "I can help you deliver the documents, but don't delay next time."

Cheng Shu's face stiffened, and he awkwardly nodded and thanked her before quickly leaving the scene, feeling exposed by his lies.

Su Tao opened the file and quickly browsed through it, confirming that there were no issues. She stood up, straightened her peach-colored pencil skirt, and walked in her high heels towards the dark door.

A deafening noise from behind the dark door made everyone in the office tremble with fear.

Another document was viciously thrown to the ground, joining the mess of scattered papers at everyone's feet.

Behind the massive desk, a man leaned back comfortably in his chair with his arms resting on the armrests. His black designer shirt sleeves were rolled up to reveal a glimpse of his fair arm. With prominent knuckles, he tapped the files on the desk with his index finger in a commanding manner.

The rhythmic tapping sounded like a death knell, and everyone held their breath, afraid that if the sound stopped, it would be the moment of death.

His long, narrow eyes stared at the files on his hands, his dark face like the gloomy weather outside the window, with a chilly wind that made people shiver.

The tapping abruptly stopped, and everyone gasped in shock. But before the next wave of anger could erupt, they heard a soft knock on the door.

Even more terrifyingly, the door opened from the outside without the President's approval.

"Who let you in..." His eagle-like gaze swept towards the door, and his angry growl stopped abruptly.

Su Tao hesitated and took a step back, noticing that it was not the right time to enter.

As she was about to close the door and leave, a low growl stopped her in her tracks.

"Come in."

Su Tao obediently walked into the office, with all eyes on her as she walked towards the desk and placed the documents on it.

"Mr. Xie, this is the sales department's approval document, and it's urgent."

Did she just say urgent? Was this new senior secretary an idiot? She shouldn't have brought them trouble!

At that moment, everyone was screaming inwardly, trying to appear subservient.

Mr. Xie's eagle-eyed gaze suddenly became deep as he stared at the delicate girl in front of him and said in a low voice, "Why are you still standing here?"

Before anyone could react, his dark eyes turned towards the others, "Why don't you all leave? I'll treat you to dinner later."

After a second of silence, everyone woke up from their daze and rushed out of the black door.

As Su Tao turned to leave, a warm hand grabbed her cold fingers and pulled her towards him. "Where did you go just now?"

He had noticed she was not at her seat before the meeting.

The familiar scent of sandalwood lingered in her nose, and Su Tao turned her head to glance at the tightly closed blinds. She replied calmly, "I went to the information department. They were requesting to change their office area, and it was indeed quite crowded."

"Watched for forty minutes?" Xie Jin raised an eyebrow, his deep eyes filled with doubt.

Su Tao hesitated, looked straight into Xie Jin's deep gaze, and said calmly, "I also went to the restroom and tea room, so it took longer."

Xie Jin lowered his eyelids and rubbed her slender fingers. His turbulent and uneasy emotions were like a wild beast trying to break out of its cage. "Should we check the surveillance footage?"

Su Tao raised her clear eyes and glanced at him, then quickly looked away. She said expressionlessly, "Okay."

After speaking, she abruptly withdrew her fingers and turned to leave.

"Where are you going?" Xie Jin's expression turned serious.

"To check the surveillance footage." Su Tao's tone was flat, as if she was just carrying out his orders.

Xie Jin's face froze, his voice becoming gloomy. "I just want you to tell me the truth."

"Checking the surveillance footage will tell you if I'm telling the truth or not."

Su Tao's gentle tone showed no signs of displeasure, and Xie Jin's temper, like a violent storm, was gradually calmed by her softness.

"Don't make it hard for me to find you next time, be good."

Su Tao lowered her eyes. Her long, fluttering eyelashes and fair, almost translucent skin looked like delicate porcelain.

Xie Jin was satisfied with her obedience. His deep, forbidden voice was full of charm. "Let's go home early tonight."

She raised her clear, doe-like eyes and looked into his dark, handsome gaze.

She understood his implication and was silent for a moment before saying softly, "My period came early."

Xie Jin's expression remained unchanged. "It's okay."

Su Tao didn't argue and just pointed to the documents on the desk, indicating that he should sign them.

Xie Jin lazily picked up the pen and quickly scanned the documents before signing his name.

Su Tao took the documents and left the office under Xie Jin's burning gaze.


The end of the president's lecture made everyone feel relieved. They no longer had to worry about being affected, and the previously dead atmosphere in the president's office was gone.

In a corner of the office area, Cheng Shu and a few others were whispering to each other.

"Su Tao is really naive. She helped you deliver the package just because you asked her to?"

"Yeah, is she stupid? Before, I thought she was like Qin Xuexi, but now I see that she can't compare to Qin Xuexi in terms of intelligence and emotional intelligence!"

"Have you noticed? They both dress and carry themselves similarly. Does the president have a thing for Qin Xuexi? That's why he hired this secretary with no qualifications."

"Are you living under a rock? It's been talked about for a while now. And I heard that the boss has feelings for Qin Xuexi, but when she resigned, he refused to let her go."

Su Tao, hidden in the corner, felt a sharp pain in her fingertips as she pressed down on the folder too hard, causing her newly grown nails to break.

With a hiss, she startled them and had to reveal herself.

Several secretaries who thought they couldn't be overheard were suddenly stunned and dumbfounded as they looked at Su Tao, who appeared out of nowhere.

"Your documents," Su Tao said in her always gentle tone, which made the secretaries breathe a sigh of relief and feel that even if she had overheard them, it didn't matter.

Indeed, it didn't matter. Similar words were often heard by Su Tao ever since she was parachuted in as Xie Jin's secretary.

Cheng Shu immediately stood up and took the documents back from Su Tao's hands, feeling a bit embarrassed. After all, she had insulted Su Tao even though she had helped her.

Looking at the signature of the president, Long Fei Feng Wu, on the documents, Cheng Shu felt even more guilty and pulled Su Tao, saying, "There are some new snacks in the pantry, let's go eat together."

Su Tao's phone beeped with a WeChat notification, and she took a glance at it. It was a message from Xie Jin.

[Xie Jin: It's been ten minutes, where did you go?]

Su Tao put away her phone and said lightly, "No need, you guys go ahead and eat."

After Su Tao left, the heads of the secretaries huddled together again, and a cold remark slipped out like instinct, "Look at her, she wants to stick to him 24/7."


Back at her desk, Su Tao saw that the blinds of Xie Jin's office had all been raised. The entire glass wall allowed his office to be fully visible, and the surrounding work area as well.

As Su Tao sat down, several of the blinds in Xie Jin's office closed instantly, leaving only one facing her.

Su Tao looked at Xie Jin, who was staring at her with a slightly narrowed gaze, and sensed the warning in his eyes. She immediately took out her phone and replied to his message.

[Su Tao: I went to return the documents.]

[Xie Jin: I have a last-minute appointment tonight, so you can go home by yourself.]

[Su Tao: Okay.]

After seeing Su Tao's reply, Xie Jin withdrew his gaze and closed the remaining blind.

Su Tao breathed a sigh of relief. She used to feel safe with his controlling nature, but now that her feelings had disappeared, she couldn't bear it anymore.

It had been four years, and it was time to leave.