She Picked Up an Emperor on the Road of Refuge

Gu Jiuyi accidentally time-traveled to ancient times, which was already quite inconvenient, but then she also encountered a great disaster. With no other choice and to survive, Gu Jiuyi had to cling tightly to the benefactor's leg. Following her young benefactor, she fled the famine without panic. How to deal with disease, hunger, wild beasts, and evil people all at once? Bring it on, let's showcase our ten all-around abilities, plus the system space, everything can be crushed (Xie Zhan: You can't even cook properly, yet you claim to have ten all-around abilities? Where's your face?). We can even lead everyone to prosperity and enjoy royal provisions.

When Gu Jiuyi was enjoying the happiness of being a single wealthy lady, her young benefactor cornered her against the wall: Come with me to the palace, I'll make you my consort.

What the heck? I don't want to engage in palace intrigues!