A Three Inch Adorable Wife Hidden in the Sleeve of the Chu King

Chapter 80

The Yin Yang Office, a government agency specializing in handling supernatural cases, was situated across from the Ministry of Justice to provide convenience for the people.

It had been nearly half a year since the Crown Prince proposed the establishment of the Yin Yang Office and the proposal was passed.

However, the Yin Yang Office had yet to operate normally.

Not for any other reason, but due to the difficulty in recruiting personnel.

Unlike other government agencies that selected talents through civil and military examinations, the Yan Country had no institution dedicated to teaching occult arts until now. Therefore, to recruit, they had to look elsewhere.

Truly capable masters of the Profound Sect generally did not wish to enter officialdom and be bound by rules.

This was also the reason why the Crown Prince appointed Dean Gu as the Person in Charge of Yunzhou, yet Dean Gu had been struggling to recruit anyone.

Although the office had not officially opened, the facilities within the agency were mostly prepared.

When Xie Xun took Jiang Xiaoxiao there, the National Master Bai Cheng also happened to be present.

Those cultivating slowed their aging process compared to ordinary people. Already nearing fifty, Bai Cheng looked merely in his early thirties, composed and scholarly, in the prime of his life.

Upon seeing the two, Bai Cheng first bowed to Xie Xun, then shifted his gaze to Jiang Xiaoxiao, momentarily stunned before smiling warmly.

"I have heard from Zhu Yan about how you defeated his Qimen Formation in Yunzhou with your prowess, little girl. Upon seeing you today, I am indeed amazed."

After all, judging by her appearance, she was but a delicate girl who easily evoked a desire to protect her.

Bai Cheng considered himself well-versed in judging people, yet today he truly understood the saying "one cannot judge a book by its cover."

No wonder Fengmian always said this girl was interesting.

"Welcome to the Yin Yang Office, Miss Jiang." Bai Cheng's tone was sincere. "From now on, you will be the leader of the Yin Yang Office."

Jiang Xiaoxiao asked, "No need for further exams?"

Dean Gu had mentioned that the National Master would set another test upon their arrival in Yanjing.

Bai Cheng chuckled lightly, "By breaking my disciple's Qimen Formation, you have already achieved a perfect score on the best test."

"Oh." Jiang Xiaoxiao nodded, then said, "The Yin Yang Office belongs to the Crown Prince, but I am under the King of Chu. Can you let me, the King of Chu's person, lead it?"

Bai Cheng corrected her, "The Yin Yang Office does not belong to the Crown Prince, nor the Emperor, nor myself, but to the people of the entire Yan Country. We need those truly capable of alleviating the people's burdens, not those seeking to use the Yin Yang Office for power and profit."

Upon hearing this, Xie Xun looked at Bai Cheng, his eyes filled with profound disdain.

Bai Cheng avoided Xie Xun's gaze. "Your Highness, if you have no objections, this humble one will accompany Miss Jiang to familiarize her with the office's environment."

"No need." Xie Xun refused coldly. "I will take her myself."

Bai Cheng cupped his hands, "Then I shall leave it to Your Highness."

The front courtyard was the main hall. Xie Xun took Jiang Xiaoxiao for a tour before heading to the back courtyard.

Apart from offices for Jiang Xiaoxiao and her capable subordinates, there was also a dedicated cultivation room.

Bypassing the corridor, there was a small garden to the west with a frozen pond.

Xie Xun intended to lead Jiang Xiaoxiao to the pavilion by the pond when he suddenly heard voices behind them.

He turned around to see five or six young men approaching.

Upon noticing Xie Xun and Jiang Xiaoxiao, they paused briefly before hastily bowing, "Greetings to the King of Chu, greetings to the Director of the Yin Yang Office—"

Their voices rang with youthful vigor in unison.

Xie Xun roughly guessed their identities. "You are all Bai Cheng's disciples?"

"Yes." The one in the lead was polite and refined. "We have passed the examination and will henceforth serve in the Yin Yang Office. We hope for the King of Chu and the Director's guidance."

Qin Fengmian was the last to appear, walking up cheerfully to introduce them to Xie Xun and Jiang Xiaoxiao. "The one who spoke earlier is my Seventh Senior Brother, Qiu Hong."

"And this..." He pointed to the man behind Qiu Hong. "This is my Sixth Senior Brother, Yu Tianlang."

Xie Xun interrupted him, "No female disciples?"

"Er..." Qin Fengmian explained, "There are already few female disciples in the Profound Sect, let alone those who can pass the additional screening to join the Yin Yang Office."

Xie Xun frowned.

In such a large Yin Yang Office, apart from Xiaoxiao, there would be only men!


Xie Xun pulled Jiang Xiaoxiao to her feet. "Forget it."

Jiang Xiaoxiao looked puzzled. "Why?"

With her innocent nature, devoid of worldly attachments, explaining would likely be futile.

Xie Xun stated directly, "They have enough people without you."

"Oh." Jiang Xiaoxiao didn't say anything further, allowing him to lead her away.

"Hey, hey, hey?" Qin Fengmian hurried to block their path. "But we agreed, didn't we? Your Highness...ah, Master, how can you change your mind like this?"

Xie Xun was expressionless. "Back then, you also didn't mention the Yin Yang Office would have only my Xiaoxiao as the lone girl."

Jiang Xiaoxiao seemed to understand why Xie Xun had suddenly changed his mind.

"It's fine." She said, "I didn't see them as people anyway."

Qin Fengmian: "..."

Xie Xun refused to agree no matter what.

Even finding the mastermind behind the theft of the Dragon Qi or reclaiming the Dragon Qi itself could be figured out later, but he could not leave her alone in this den of wolves.

Seeing Xie Xun's firm stance, Jiang Xiaoxiao pondered for a moment before suggesting, "Then how about I come to the Yin Yang Office, and you accompany me? I go out on cases, and you come with me. Would that work?"

"Alright." Xie Xun agreed immediately.

Qin Fengmian's eyes widened. "But doesn't the King need to attend court?"

Xie Xun scoffed, "I heard there are rumors spreading that I am unruly and uneducated?"

Qin Fengmian swallowed hard.

It seemed to be true.

Not only that, due to the recent broken engagement with the Kingdom of Ning, this King of Chu's reputation had become downright foul, with all sorts of insults hurled at him.

However, recently it seemed that because of a portrait, the King of Chu had transformed into the dream lover of the capital's young ladies.

What was once called unruly and uneducated, those deluded women now called having character.

Indeed, in the face of beauty and charm, everything else faded into insignificance.

Appearance blinds wisdom!

Xie Xun was unaware that Zhang Junyi's portrait had already caused his reputation to make a comeback. He merely looked at Qin Fengmian and raised his brow slightly.

"To clarify, it's not just a rumor that I'm unruly and uneducated, I'm also indulgent in pleasures of the flesh. Attend court? What nonsense!"

Qin Fengmian: "...Got it, as Master pleases."

"Also," Xie Xun said, "Tell your master that Jiang Xiaoxiao must have at least three days off per month, and those days must be consecutive."

"This..." Qin Fengmian looked troubled, "The Yin Yang Office allows a seven-day purification break once a month, which amounts to about four days already."


"Okay, okay." Qin Fengmian conceded, "I'll try my best to convince my master."

Facing Xie Xun's icy gaze, he cleared his throat and quickly corrected himself, "No, not try my best, I will definitely ensure that our Dean allows Jiang Xiaoxiao at least three consecutive days off every month."