A Three Inch Adorable Wife Hidden in the Sleeve of the Chu King

Chapter 60

After finishing the meal, Jiang Xiaoxiao sat on her "little stool," waiting for Xie Xun to take her down.

After Xie Xun had cleaned up the dishes, he took her out to the courtyard for a walk to aid digestion.

When Jiang Xiaoxiao grew tired, she climbed onto a stone table and looked up at him, "Xie Xun, when are we going to Yanjing City?"

Xie Xun stretched out his hand, and with his fingertips, he gently brushed her hair that had been disheveled by the wind.

"Once we enter Yanjing, you will be inseparably linked to me, and what dangers we may encounter in the future are unknown."

Xie Xun's gaze was focused on her small face, "If you want to regret it now, it's not too late."

Jiang Xiaoxiao hummed, "Is it as dangerous as Zhu Yan?"

"Perhaps even more so."

Jiang Xiaoxiao seemed to understand, "Then I will sharpen my kitchen knife. If I encounter people, I will chop them. If I encounter ghosts, I will chop them too."

Xie Xun: "......"

After being taken care of meticulously for three days, Jiang Xiaoxiao finally returned to her normal state.

Dean Gu and Su Hai were banned from visiting their home.

Now, it was only Xie Xun who could go to them. He went straight to Dean Gu's house.

When he arrived, he found that Dean Gu was directing people to move things out.

Xie Xun stepped forward, "Professor, what is this......"

Dean Gu stroked his beard, his face full of joy, "The things in the house, those that should be sold are sold, preparing to follow His Highness to Yanjing City."

Afraid that Xie Xun would think too much, Dean Gu explained, "The Luming Academy was just something I took over when I was disheartened with the court, to avoid the world. Although I have managed it for over ten years, compared to His Highness, these are nothing."

Xie Xun said, "Once back in Yanjing, the professor might not be able to live as before."

Dean Gu was once a Grand Scholar of the Wen Hua Hall, not only was he heavily used by Emperor Hongtai, but he was also a renowned scholar in Yan Country.

Because of the issue with the Third Prince, he resigned.

Now going back, naturally, he won't be able to regain his former glory.

Hearing this, Dean Gu just gave a light smile, "Wealth and rank, they are all external things. If there's anything left to desire in my life, it would be to find His Highness and personally send him back to Yanjing."

And to do everything possible to clear His Highness' name.

The last sentence, Dean Gu did not say it out loud.

Although he has this ambition, he also knows his abilities are limited.

Since his abilities are limited, then he would first do what's within his power.

Hearing Dean Gu's statement, Xie Xun hummed in response, not preventing him.

At this time of his return to Yanjing, he needed help, and the professor could assist him a lot.

Thinking of this, Xie Xun asked again, "Approximately how long does it take from Kaihe County to Yanjing City?"

He was calculating the time.

If it takes more than a month, that means Jiang Xiaoxiao would transform again during the journey back to Yanjing, he needs to find a way to reduce the time, he can't expose any flaws on the way.

Dean Gu, like Xie Xun, hasn't left Kaihe County since he arrived over ten years ago, let alone return to Yanjing.

Letting out a sigh, Dean Gu said, "Your Highness might as well ask Su Hai, he should know better than me."

Xie Xun did not go to find Su Hai personally, Su Hai came to him on his own.

As a shadow guard, he always treated his master's words as an iron command.

Three days ago, when Xie Xun told him not to come for three days, he didn't come for three days.

On the fourth day, right on schedule, he appeared outside the small courtyard, still starting with the familiar opening remark, "Your Highness, if you plan to return to Yanjing City, please inform me as soon as possible, allowing me to make arrangements."

Xie Xun glanced at him indifferently, "How long would it take to return?"

Su Hai responded, "If we hurry, around twenty days, otherwise, over a month."

Xie Xun chuckled coldly, "Why do I recall that you made it last time in just half a month?"

Su Hai was shocked. The Third Prince knew about their departure time from the city?

Of course, Xie Xun knew.

Jiang Xiaoxiao had mentioned that as soon as he broke the seal, the person in Yanjing City would know immediately.

Murong Yuan certainly wouldn't sit still; he would either send someone to fetch him or send someone to kill him.

But regardless of the former or latter, Murong Yuan would have to act within three days.

In the face of Xie Xun's cold gaze, Su Hai lowered his head, "Your Highness, we had traveled day and night when we came."

Day and night?

As he had anticipated, Murong Yuan could not remain idle.

"When you sent me away from the city that year, you rushed like fleeing for your life, and now you rush to bring me back, day and night. Back then, someone didn't want me to stay in Yanjing City, and now who can't do without me? Interesting!"

Xie Xun's words were filled with icy mockery.

Su Hai dared not speak.

All of this was according to the Crown Prince's wishes.

As the only Crown Prince in Yan Country who could make the statue of the Imperial Deity Temple manifest, Murong Yuan's popularity in Yan Country even surpassed Emperor Hongtai.

Murong Yuan's requests were generally granted by Emperor Hongtai.

And this time was no exception.

Su Hai still remembered how, one day last month, the Crown Prince had hurriedly run to Jianzhang Palace and said this to Emperor Hongtai.

He said, "Father, the common people are speaking ill of the Third Prince. He is of royal blood and should not endure such humiliation. Even if he committed any crimes, it's been fourteen years.

I don't understand why people harbor such resentment towards the Third Prince. He was just divorced, and they are digging up the past. I can't bear to watch."

When Emperor Hongtai asked him what he wanted to do, the Crown Prince appeared regretful and self-blaming.

"It's my fault. These years, I have been busy with state affairs and forgot to send someone to visit the Third Prince. As his elder brother, I failed him. I implore you, Father, to issue an edict to bring the Third Prince back to the city. From now on, I will take care of him myself."

So Emperor Hongtai issued the edict.

Su Hai didn't have a good impression of the Crown Prince.

He couldn't understand why everyone only remembered Murong Yuan when it was the Third Prince who had lit up the statue of the Imperial Deity Temple for a night.

According to Su Hai, it would take about twenty days to reach Yanjing City at a normal pace.

Xie Xun was even less anxious. He either took Jiang Xiaoxiao to the tea house to watch a play or got a fishing rod to fish, but he never mentioned going back to the city.

Su Hai was anxious inside, but there was nothing he could do.

While Xie Xun was not in a hurry, Murong Yuan, the Crown Prince of Yanjing City, was so anxious that he couldn't sleep for several nights.

That night he even had a nightmare. He dreamt that Murong Xun had returned, snatching away the dragon aura from him, causing him to fall into hell overnight, being cursed by thousands of people.

When he woke up in fright, Murong Yuan found himself covered in cold sweat.

He took a sip of cold tea, beckoned a servant in, "Go check if the teacher is resting. If not, ask him to see me."

Murong Yuan had deliberately arranged a courtyard in the eastern palace for the man in the black robe, for easy access to him whenever needed.

A quarter of an hour later, the man in the black robe appeared in Murong Yuan's sleeping chamber.

Murong Yuan sat under the light, draped in a large cloak.

The light from the lamp cast a glow on the cold sweat on his forehead.

The man in the black robe found a round chair to sit on, "Having nightmares?"


Thinking of the scene in his dream, Murong Yuan was somewhat emotionally shattered, "When can we seal Murong Xun again?"

As long as the matter of the seal was not settled, he wouldn't be able to sleep peacefully.

The man in the black robe took a sip of tea, and said indifferently, "The person who is supposed to fetch him has not returned yet."

Murong Yuan said angrily, "If I had known, I would have arranged for my people to fetch him."

Su Hai was originally sent by his late father to protect Queen Xie specifically, so he would naturally have a sense of compassion for Queen Xie's son.

The man in the black robe smiled, "Your Highness is overthinking. Regardless of whether the Third Prince enters the capital early or late, the result will be the same. He will be sealed again."

Seeing Murong Yuan still frowning, the man in the black robe added, "Your Highness, you don't need to worry about the Third Prince. What you need to consider now is the thing in the tomb of the late empress."

Murong Yuan was slightly taken aback.

His teacher told him that the Purple Gold Dragon Qi light illuminating the statue in the Imperial Deity Temple didn't have any substantial effect.

In the hands of the late empress, there might be something that could allow him to inherit the power of the founding emperor from a hundred years ago.

But this thing, his teacher had been looking for it for a long time. It was not in the palace, so it could only be in the tomb.

The founding emperor, he was a god-like figure.

If he could inherit his power, from then on, not to mention the citizens of Yan Country, even the whole world, would have to bow at his feet!