A Three Inch Adorable Wife Hidden in the Sleeve of the Chu King

Chapter 44

Everyone saw what happened on the stage.

The attendants who had previously mocked Jiang Xiaoxiao for talking nonsense were dumbfounded.

"Did any of you see how that girl made her move just now?"

"We didn't see clearly, boss. She was too fast."

"Was it an illusion? The master used the Qimen Divination Technique, yet she managed to dodge it. How could she be so fast?"

"If it was an illusion, the master wouldn't have been injured. But now, the master has already broken three ribs, and that girl hasn't even lost a single hair!"

The more they talked, the angrier they became.

Zhu Yan was the chief disciple of National Master Bai Cheng, the Qimen Divination Technique master. If word got out that he was beaten by a yellow-haired girl and had three ribs broken, where would National Master Bai Cheng's face be?

Zhu Yan also thought so.

He had worked hard day and night for many years, seeing himself about to rise above. Yet, as the chief examiner, he was actually punched and made to spit blood by a girl of unknown origin!

If his master found out, all his efforts would be in vain.

No, he didn't believe it!

Just a yellow-haired girl, how could she break through his Qimen formation and cause him serious injuries with just her speed?

Even if his Qimen Divination Technique was not yet mature, the other party was just a girl of about ten years old!

"Whoever you are, today you won't escape alive from my hands!"

Zhu Yan sneered, sitting up again, ready to use all his spiritual power to break Jiang Xiaoxiao's defenses.

Dean Gu watched with trepidation, constantly looking back at Xie Xun.

Xie Xun kept his eyes on the stage, his gaze dark, not saying a word.

Dean Gu sighed. If he had known that Zhu Yan was like this, he wouldn't have implicated Jiang Xiaoxiao.

How could the personal disciple of National Master Bai Cheng be easily defeated?

However, Yang Ershun suddenly stood up, cheering for Jiang Xiaoxiao while waving his little claws, "Jiang Jie-jie is the best, Jiang Jie-jie can do anything, Jiang Jie-jie, beat him to death!"

The attendants nearby gritted their teeth, intending to throw this brat out, when they heard commotion from the stage.

Obviously, Zhu Yan also wanted to break Jiang Xiaoxiao's speed using his own speed. His attack was extremely fast.

For a moment, the forces of wind, fire, thunder, and water, corresponding to several kinds of Bagua, kept appearing alternately.

A huge vortex, dyed with the colors of natural forces, formed on the stage, and the people below couldn't see what was happening inside the vortex.

Seeing this scene, the attendants felt relieved.

To push Mr. Zhu to this point, that girl had some skills.

However, she could only go this far.

Once she died at Mr. Zhu's hands, even if Dean Gu went out and told everyone that Zhu Yan was seriously injured by a girl, no one would believe him.

The vortex on the stage became stronger and stronger, and the residual power of natural forces even affected the audience.

Dean Gu himself felt the oppressive feeling of not being able to breathe.

But Xie Xun remained silent, not saying a word.

Dean Gu couldn't sit still anymore, standing up and angrily shouting, "Zhu Yan! As a disciple of National Master Bai Cheng, you've gone back on your word. Do you know that from the moment you used the Qimen Divination Technique, you've already lost?"

"So what if I can die in my hands? It's an honor for this girl."

Within the vortex, Zhu Yan's cold laughter echoed.

Originally, a few days ago, he had been simmering with jealousy over the symbols painted by Jiang Xiaoxiao. Today, he finally encountered her, only to be knocked down with just two punches.

And Jiang Xiaoxiao still had a blank expression on her face.

That look seemed to mock him with a high posture, as if saying, "After cultivating for so many years, what's the use if you can't even withstand a girl's fist?"

The calmer and more composed Jiang Xiaoxiao appeared, the more Zhu Yan hated her for not being able to kill her!

Dean Gu couldn't believe someone could be so shameless.

He completely disregarded any sense of righteousness, as a senior, actually using all his strength to deal with a junior.

"Your Highness, Miss Jiang is in danger."

Dean Gu knew the power of the Eight Trigrams Formation.

The fact that Zhu Yan could still fight even after breaking three ribs proved his strength. Even if his skills were not refined, using his full strength was terrifyingly lethal.

Continuing to stalemate would not benefit Jiang Xiaoxiao in any way.

Dean Gu was somewhat afraid, afraid that the young girl's life would be lost just like that because of himself.

He had experienced the pain of losing a child and knew the gut-wrenching feeling.

If something really happened to Jiang Xiaoxiao, her parents would be heartbroken.

Xie Xun finally spoke up, but it wasn't to answer Dean Gu's words. Instead, he shouted to the field, "Xiaoxiao, fight seriously, and I'll cook you something delicious tonight."

Hardly had he finished speaking when cries of pain from Zhu Yan echoed, one more pitiful than the other.

Dean Gu: "..."

Zhu Yan's followers: "..."

Zhu Yan himself: "@#&%¥#@"

As Zhu Yan's cries of pain grew louder and louder, the flashy vortex on the field finally stopped.

The scene where the vortex completely dissipated was Jiang Xiaoxiao pressing Zhu Yan's head with one hand, forcing him to kneel on the ground.

There was blood on her hand.

Xie Xun finally couldn't sit still, hurriedly got up and walked over, pulling Jiang Xiaoxiao's hand, "Are you hurt?"

As he spoke, he took out a handkerchief to bandage her.

Jiang Xiaoxiao said, "It's not my blood."

Zhu Yan's blood?

That's even more disgusting.

Xie Xun didn't care about the commotion on the field and onlookers, he just took Jiang Xiaoxiao directly to the edge of the pool, wet the handkerchief, and kept washing her hands.

He washed them over and over again until his hands were almost red.

Jiang Xiaoxiao didn't say a word throughout, quiet and obedient.

When the smell of blood finally disappeared, Xie Xun lifted her sleeves to dry them for her.

"I was too hasty. I shouldn't have involved you so early."

Xie Xun was somewhat regretful.

He hadn't stopped worrying for a moment while sitting on the sidelines.

The path of the Yin Yang Office might be much more difficult than he had imagined.

But Jiang Xiaoxiao asked him, "You said just now, you'll cook me something delicious tonight, is that true?"

He hadn't been so enthusiastic when he spoke earlier.

Xie Xun: "Um."

By the time they returned, Zhu Yan had already been carried back to his room by his attendants.

The state where he was barely breathing made the doctors tremble.

Jiang Xiaoxiao could have easily killed him, but she was afraid that doing so would cause trouble for Xie Xun, so she left him a breath.

As a cultivator, Zhu Yan could still slowly recover with this breath in the future.

He held on with all his might, not allowing himself to lose consciousness, even as he watched Jiang Xiaoxiao approach.

Zhu Yan now regarded Jiang Xiaoxiao with the eyes of someone facing a fearsome monster.

He knew better than anyone else what had transpired on the battlefield earlier.

Jiang Xiaoxiao stood within the formation, personally altering his Qimen tactics, which resulted in his subsequent attacks rebounding onto himself.

"Who are you really?" Zhu Yan's heart brimmed with unwillingness. Even now, he refused to acknowledge that she was merely a girl of around ten.

Jiang Xiaoxiao gazed back at him. "Can I take over as the leader now?"

Her words felt toxic, as if with each utterance, she inflicted another wound upon him. With only a breath left in him, she still dared to come forward?

"You!" A spurt of blood, and Zhu Yan was overcome by dizziness, succumbing to unconsciousness.